{Free Printable} French Party Labels

In the next few weeks, I’ll have several delicious recipes to share, a pretty princess party and a few other fun things!  For today, I’ll share with you the file for the labels I designed for my Desserts in Paris party.

Click on the title below
I recommend printing the file onto white cardstock. 
(It may work best to download the file, then print it from your file)


  1. I can’t print unless I purchase the download??

  2. je partage les liens des sites que j’aime sur Pinterest et je viens d’en créer un vers ce post… merci pour le partage… http://pinterest.com/lemondedis/ )

  3. Those labels truly symbolize the spirit of simplicity and romance in Paris. Actually, when I saw these tags, I imagined smelling the buttery scent of croissants, which is my favorite French pastry.

  4. I'm really glad you liked it Glory! Needless to say, your work is wonderful too!!! Thanks for visiting Petite Marie!

  5. Très chic!
    French-inspired parties have been on my mind lately (my sister is spending her junior year year in France) and it's always nice to see it well done…If you'd like some more on that, check out the Sweet 16/Goodbye Party I threw for my sister: http://www.petitemarieblog.com/2010/08/oh-la-la.html
    And congrats on the blog!

  6. hello Glory; just leaving those sweet words of praise and encouragement for you, am loving your blog so much, I will have to come up with an excuse for a party just so I can use these… Jane:)

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