Cute and Creative Cookie Packaging Ideas

Cookie decorating is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy!   But the activity of baking and decorating cookies can be quite time intensive.  If I am going to spend several hours decorating special cookies, I think it’s worth a little extra time and investment to package them in a way that really shows them off!  Some thoughtful packaging can turn a few small cookies into a really beautiful gift.

I often package cookies in cellophane bags, as I’ve shown HERE and HERE, but today I wanted to share a few other options.  I’ve included links to each of the different elements I’ve used, and I hope these ideas will spark a few of your own as well!

(Above, left)- Mini cookies in an 8 oz. mason jar (I usually buy the jars at Wal-Mart, but there are several on-line sources, such as Kerr,  The Jar Store, or Specialty Bottle).  I used a cupcake liner (flatten slightly with my fingers first) on top of the jar lid, then screwed on the jar ring.

(middle)- Mini cookies in small red gable boxes (similar available from Kara’s Party Ideas), finished with paper ribbon from Paper Jacks, and a free printable label from Shindig Parties (as featured on Lil Luna).

(right)- Mini cookies in a small jar (from Wal-Mart), finished with bakers twine (from The Twinery).

(Above)- Cookies in cookie boxes from BRP Box Shop.  I was happy to be included as a “cookie expert” to help advise BRP in designing boxes just for cookies.  The end results are boxes that I think you’ll find lots of uses for!  The box shown above is the 7″x 4 1/2 ” size, perfect for a small gift.  Normally, I would put the cookies in small clear bags before arranging them in the box, but if the cookies are going to be enjoyed right away, then laying them directly in the box (on some crinkle paper) should be fine.

(Above, left & right)- Mini cookies in 8oz. mason jars (as described in an above photo).

(middle)- Mini cookies in a polka-dot favor box (from Shop Sweet Lulu).

(Above)- These cookies are from previous post, Smiling Sunshine Cookies, in a box (from Garnish), and Easy Snowball Cookies, in a jar (from Wal-Mart).

A couple of my cookie friends have some beautiful packaging ideas too…

I love these boxed Christmas Cookies from Cookie Artisan (the first “cookier” I saw using flat/stationary type boxes- brilliant!)

And these Apple Cookies in a Jar from Sweet Sugar Belle are just so cute!

Happy Packaging!


  1. such inspiring ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. My question is regarding the mason jars. How many cookies do each size hold? I make these amazing (I’ve been told) chocolate chip cookies. I want to use your packaging idea with the masonary jars. I love it. From your experience do you know how many cookies fit in each size?
    thanks again for sharing. If you have a newsletter I would love to follow all you do.
    Have a great day. I look forward to hearing back from you

  2. Beautiful work, they all look so good I would feel truly spoiled to receive such a gift!

    Just wondering how the cookies in the box work? Do you ‘fix’ them in the box in some way so they don’t move about? Or do you pack in enough so they stabilise that way? Thanks!

    • Hi Arlene, For the cookies in a box I add a layer of paper shred and add the (individually bagged) cookies on top. The shred gives a nice cushion so you can press the lid down and the lid holds them in place pretty well. If I were to ship the cookies in these boxes I would likely add one layer of bubble wrap on top of the cookies before closing the lid.

  3. Such a cute idea. I would like to make mason jars like these for teachers appreciation for my kids teachers. Is this a regular size cupcake liner or jumbo. I’ve tried the standard ones and they don’t hang over the edge like yours do. Where do you buy your liners from? Thanks!

  4. Congratulations! I love your web! All you do is so fantastic and inspirate me.
    Greatings from Spain!

  5. These are wonderful! I especially love the sunflower cookies, and the back to school cookie boxes! They are works of happy art!

  6. Oooopsss… the ideas are lovely but this is not Angie’s blog….. sorry…
    anyway, i love it and use it!!!

  7. these are lovely ideas. i will use it to make gifts for our new year in 3 weeks!
    thank you Angie!

  8. Love the beautiful packaging..and all the pretty treats inside! Thanks for such wonderful ideas. 🙂

  9. Really love the cupcake liner idea! A will be using that whenever I bake in a mason jar. But all the packaging are wonderful. Your cookies are just adorable. TFS

  10. I’ve always wanted to try the mini-jars, but…if you are packaging in jars or gable boxes, how do you keep the oil from the back of a cookie from leaching onto (and then ruining) the icing on another cookie.?

    • I usually package the cookies just before I plan to give them away. At that point, the cookies may be 1-3 days “old”, meaning they have had time to dry just a bit and are not overly oily. Bottom line is, it’s possible some of the cookies may pick up a bit of oil. Depending on how you layer them in the jar (or box), most of the cookies should be perfect.

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