Brownie Strawberry S’mores

Brownie Strawberry S'mores | Rich fudge brownie, fresh strawberries and toasted marshmallows... YUM!

Brownie Strawberry S'mores | Create the best s'mores treat ever with fudge brownie bites, fresh strawberries and roasted marshmallows... YUM!

S’mores might be one of those classic pairings you’re not supposed to mess with… but I’m pretty sure I just came up with a combo that’s even better than the original!

This Brownie Strawberry S’mores could be considered the grown up version of the original campfire treat.

We recently purchased a backyard fire pit and we’ve been enjoying s’mores most every weekend.  In fact my girls can’t seem to get enough!  One day this week I got a good amount of house cleaning out of my girls with the promise of roasting marshmallows at night. =)

Needless to say, when Campfire® Marshmallows sent a big box of marshmallows to our house for me to “play” with, my girls thought it was the best mail day ever!  The challenge was to create a roasted marshmallow treat that beats the classic graham cracker and chocolate combo.  I know this may be bold to say… but I think I did it!

Rich fudge brownies, fresh strawberries and gooey roasted marshmallows… my whole family fell in love with this delicious combo and I think you will too!

Create the best s'mores treat ever with rich brownie bites, fresh strawberries and roasted marshmallows... YUM!

This is a perfect recipe to enjoy with family and friends on a cool summer night!

You can prepare the brownie bites and strawberries ahead of time, then add the final ingredient… fresh, warm, gooey, roasted marshmallows!

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