Party Popcorn Snack Mix

Simply the BEST Party Snack Mix!

Sweet, salty, crunchy and delicious… this Party Popcorn Snack mix is simply perfect!

This recipe has been my go-to party snack mix for years and EVERYONE loves it!

This pretty snack mix is super easy to make and  I’ll tell you from experience…. this stuff is addicting!

One of my favorite things about this sweet and crunchy mix is that it can be adjusted to match any holiday or party theme.

Mix and match with sprinkles and candies of your choice to create a custom snack mix!

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Perfect Party Snack Mix - Sweet, salty, crispy... AMAZING!

For this particular mix I included popcorn, corn chex, square mini pretzels, M&M look-a-likes from Party City (because I love the colors), and plenty of cute sprinkles!  I used Ghirardelli brand white melting chocolate disks for the coating.

Of course feel free to mix and match ingredients to your heart’s desire… I’m just sharing what I used.

Easy and delicious SNACK MIX RECIPE!

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