Banana Bread Coffee Cake

Banana, walnuts, cinnamon... this Banana Coffee Cake is flavorful and delicious!

If you like Banana Bread and you like Coffee Cake… then you’ll surely LOVE this Banana Bread Coffee Cake!

Of course when you combine bananas, walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon… you know it’s going to be delicious!

I shared a few slices of this with my girl’s teachers and let’s just say I saw lots of good grades coming home this week! =)

Ok, I’m kidding a little… I did share some with their teachers and they did say they loved it, but I’m pretty sure any good grades were earned.

I will say it wasn’t only out of generosity that I shared some of this cake… it was because I needed to get it out of the house before I ate it all!  =)

This moist and flavorful cake is perfect for a special breakfast or brunch, but is equally delicious any time of day!

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Two favorites in one, Banana Bread & Coffee Cake!

I created this recipe in partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market and California Walnuts.

I fall more in love with Sprouts every time I visit (which is usually a couple times a week)!

I always find something new to try, and so many quality baking staples.  I generally start in the bulk bin section… my girls start there too and they know I generally let them pick out one bulk bin snack of their choice.  So while I stock up on my favorites, like these California Walnuts, my girls select a trail mix or snack or their choice.

I love baking with walnuts because the added texture and flavor really adds another dimension to baked goods!

And when I know that walnuts are packed with heart healthy Omega 3’s and that researchers have learned that walnuts may play a role in not only heart health but also brain health, weight management and more, there are just so many reasons to add delicious walnuts to my recipes!

Some of my own aunts and uncles are California walnut farmers… so I guess you could say my whole family is nuts for walnuts!  =)

Banana Bread Coffee Cake Recipe

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