Pineapple Tree Centerpiece with Fruit Monkeys

In my last couple posts I’ve mentioned a big Luau party my family has the pleasure of attending every year.  For almost 10 years we have enjoyed friendship with a family that is not only kind, generous, and talented… but they know how to throw an amazing party!

The decorations and elaborate preparations that go into the Lange Luau are always stunning!  This year, Shelly (the party hostess), added a new showstopper… an amazing fruit display with a tall pineapple ‘tree’, adorned by the most adorable fruit monkeys!  Shelly saw a tree like this on a recent cruise and took a photo.  Then she got to work and re-created it just for her party guests to enjoy!

To assemble this beautiful display, Shelly enlisted her handy hubby (Steve) to make a metal base, with a thin metal pole to skewer the pineapples onto.  This was the main support structure.  Alternatively, a wooden dowel, secured into a base would work as a support too.  The pineapple “tower” will be quite heavy.  Make sure the base is nice and wide.  The base could also be clamped to the table for added support.

Once the pineapples were stacked (skewered onto the pole), then the work of attaching the pineapple tops (the tree “leaves”), as well as the kiwi “coconuts” began.  All of the fruit and tops were secured with bamboo skewers.

For the monkeys, Shelly assembled the head (made of an orange, orange slice ears, lemon mouth, radish slice and 1/2 of a grape for eyes), and used bamboo skewers to attach it to the body (a papaya).  Then, with some help from friends, the monkey’s body is held in place on the tree trunk, while bananas were added as arms and legs.

One of the monkey’s got a few girly upgrades… eyelashes and lipstick (drawn with a marker), raffia “hair”, and a little flower lei.

As a little bonus to the fun fruit centerpiece, Shelly is allowing me to share a few images of her gorgeous yard.  For more photos of this incredible yard, you can see my 2010 Luau Party post.

The yearly Luau party is held a hill side back yard, which is divided into layers with several beautiful decks and patios.  The yard has been designed, landscaped and built into the showpiece it is today by the homeowners, Steve and Shelly.  Every square inch of the limited space has been beautifully though out and put to use.


Now, who’s ready for a Luau?


  1. Really great idea.

  2. Well I have jumped on board this bandwagon because I luv it… So I went to Home Depot and walked around trying to figured out the base and boom it hit me umbrella base and PVC PIPE it will not move at all. So when I make my creation I will truly share. So for those of you out there get that umbrella base + PVC pipe and use it.

  3. I am having a lua for b day party and my dad Is making one of those not being mean coping but love it

  4. Love your creation

  5. I am having a Luau graduation party for my daughter who just graduated high school and I am making this monkey pineapple tree, however, I am only going to try mastering one monkey. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when they see it.

  6. This is amazing, very colourful, I will have 2 try this

  7. Hi I am making this decoration for a retirement party on saturday , My question is what are you using to hold the bananas in place ?? Thnak you for info.

  8. OMG!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I am making one for my granddaughters birthday. She has a monkey theme!!!!! how very cool!!! I also wonder if you take out some of the pineapple meat before assembling!!!! Thanks a ton!!!

  9. my niece wants me to male a pineapple palm tree for her wedding reception. Question do you cut out all the meat? or just just cut enough out of center to put post through? Do I need to put skewers to hold pineapples together> She is having post with base and a tray made to put more fruit on.

  10. love this idea, making one tomorrow for my brothers birthday but only half the tree….thanks for this wonderful post

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