Chocolate Valentine’s Heart Cupcakes

No matter how many cute, or fancy, or delicious treats I bake… chocolate cupcakes are always on my list of favorites!  Whenever my husband requests a treat to bring into his work, or for a special occasion… it’s almost always chocolate cupcakes!

And when you top a delicious chocolate cupcake with rich chocolate cream cheese frosting, you have a chocolate lovers dream!

Once you have the yummy part… adding a bit of cute never hurts!  These little heart decorations are easy and fun to make!

Since I love cute and delicious treats… I thought they were the perfect thing to bring along while I visit over at My Baking Addiction today.  If you don’t know Jamie of My Baking Addiction, you are missing out on a treat… in fact LOTS of beautiful treats!

Head on over to My Baking Addiction, where I’m sharing all the details on these cupcakes, and the easy heart toppers.


  1. Thumbs up for a lovely blog. Your recipes look so yummy and promising. Just want u to confirm if I can use this same recipe for a 9” cake.

  2. Such I didn’t try yet. I prepared for the husband such:
    Very tasty. I will prepare also such. Thanks

  3. Hi! Its great. I’ll try them soon. Can u plz tell me about the water, as u said we have to add boiling water in it, it should be hot or at room temperature.
    Plz reply soon , i cant wait to make these sexy cupcakes. 🙂

  4. i love it ! i like cupcake,but they have really good air

  5. These are such lovely ones…It goes into my inspiration list to try..

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