4th of July Cupcakes in a Jar

Ever since my recent success with cupcakes in a jar, my mind has been spinning with all the desserts I want to put in a jar!  I’ve created a special 4th of July version of cupcakes in a jar as my monthly contributor’s post over on The Tomkat Studio.  Head over to The TomKat Studio to check out the full post and get the free (gotta love that!) printables I used to dress them up.

Happy Birthday America!


  1. I love these! SO cute and festive! I’ve been wanting to do a dessert in the jar and have been putting it off– but now, I’m going to go get myself some jars and do it!
    xoxo seajayscupakces.blogspot.com

  2. So glad I came across these on Pinteret. I was looking for the perfect dessert for a welcome home gathering I am having for my husband when he comes home from deployment…these are perfect. Thank you!

  3. @Barbie- I found them in the kitchen department, near baking pans, etc. My store has a about a 1/2 aisle of canning supplies. I've also seen these kinds of jars at different grocery stores.

  4. Glory in what section in Wal-mart do you find the jars. I couldn't find them. I'm not sure maybe they just don't bring them here in PR.

  5. @Barbie- I bought my jars at Wal-mart, but I've also found them at the grocery store.

  6. Where can I get these jars for "cupcakes in a jar"

  7. LOVE this idea!
    So many ideas, so little time.

    Now, off I go to get a dozen or 2 mason jars.
    Thanks for sharing!

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