Beautiful Butterfly Cookies {Decorating How-to}

Butterfly Cookies
My mom is an incredible gardener. Over the years my mom has transformed several drab front yards, and rocky/hilly/untamed backyards into gardens worthy of a magazine cover. 
My mom loves flowers, butterflies, and birds, and has spent thousands of hours creating gardens full of all of these. 
Late last summer my mom (and dad) hosted a backyard BBQ and asked if I could bring a plate of cookies to share.  I gladly agreed, and it took very little time to decide on the designs.  Bright flowers and vibrant butterflies seemed the perfect fit.
I have since made these designs for a few other occasions, and they are always well received.   The colorful palette is perfect for a birthday, get well and most any spring or summer party.
Decorated Butterfly Cookies
Would you like to make some pretty butterfly cookies?
Let’s get started!
You’ll need some baked and cooled sugar cookies, using my PERFECT SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE.
You’ll also need a batch of royal icing, using my ROYAL ICING RECIPE & INSTRUCTIONS
To make this set of cookies I mixed icing in colors of…
bright pink, yellow and orange (thinned to about the consistency of corn syrup), black (thinned the same as your main colors), and accent colors of yellow and bright green (in a stiff consistency).
How to decorate butterfly cookies
Step 1.  Pipe black icing around the edge of each wing.
Step 2.  Fill in with the color of your choice (bright pink shown)
Step 3.  While the icing is still wet, drag a toothpick from the edge of the wings, toward the center of the wings (as shown). Set cookie aside and dry fully (6-12 hours).
Butterfly Cookies Tutorial
Step 4.  When the icing on the wings is completely dry, add black icing down the center of the butterfly to create the body.

How to make butterfly cookies

Step. 5.  While the black icing (body) is still wet, cover with white sanding sugar (if desired).

Step 6.  Add dots of an accent color toward the edges of the wings.

Allow to dry, then share with someone special.

Happy summer and happy cookie decorating!


  1. Hi there!! I love your cookies. This is a pretty old post but I wanted to let you know this: If you google your post as beautiful butterfly cookies, you’ll find your photos, I found them that way anyways. Congrats on your skills!!!

    • So glad you found me! Yes, that is always my hope that google images directs people to my site! =)
      Thanks for the sweet comment!

  2. Can you please post the picture again?

  3. Awsome so pretty my sis is having a bday in dec and she loves butterflys so going to make these cookies for her thank u so much

  4. These are so gorgeous – perfect for summer!!

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