Samoa Cupcakes

So INCREDIBLY good!!  Chocolate cupcakes topped with caramel buttercream and toasted coconut... inspired by Samoa Cookies.

Chocolate, caramel and coconut… these Samoa Cupcakes have all of my favorite flavors in one amazing cupcake!

Inspired by Girl Scout Samoa cookies, these cupcakes start with my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, then are topped with salted caramel frosting, toasted coconut and a finishing drizzle of caramel.

I shared these cupcakes a few families at (my girls) school and I’m pretty sure I’ve sealed our friendship for life!  =)

These Samoa cupcakes are so INCREDIBLY good!  Chocolate cupcakes are topped with salted caramel buttercream and toasted coconut... amazing!

These Samoa Cupcakes start with my favorite Chocolate Cupcake Recipe <– click for recipe

Top the cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting (recipe below), and then finish with toasted coconut.

To toast the coconut, spread about 1 and 1/2 cups sweetened, shredded coconut onto a baking sheet and bake in a 350* oven for 3-8 minutes.  Check after 3 minutes and stir, then check (and stir if needed) about every minute after.  The coconut can burn very quickly, watch it closely!

Garnish the finished cupcakes with a drizzle of salted caramel.  I used Trader Joe’s Salted Caramel Sauce (labeled Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce) in the recipe and for the drizzle and it’s my favorite store bought caramel ever!  Feel free to make your own caramel sauce (I have a delicious recipe in my book), or choose a high quality brand of your choice.  It’s important to chose a salted caramel sauce (or add a bit of good quality sea salt), or the recipe will be overpoweringly sweet.

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Salted Caramel Buttercream

Yield: Frosting for 24+ cupcakes or an 8"-9" (two layer) cake

This amazing frosting is perfect for chocolate cupcakes... or simply by the spoonful!


1 cup (2 sticks) Challenge unsalted butter
4 oz. (1/2 block) Challenge cream cheese
1/2 cup good quality salted caramel sauce
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 cups powdered sugar


1. Allow butter to set out at room temperature about 15 minutes (you can gather your other ingredients in the mean time).
2. In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat butter until smooth.
3. Add cream cheese and continue to beat until fully smooth and well incorporated.
4. While slowly mixing, pour in caramel sauce (should not be warm).
5. Add vanilla.
6. Continue slowly mixing and add powdered sugar, one cup at a time, allowing the sugar to blend a bit before adding each additional cup.
7. Scrap down the sides of the bowl and then blend the frosting an additional 30 seconds or so. The frosting should be fluffy, and all ingredients fully incorporated.
8. Frost cupcakes or cake.

Notes - I used Challenge brand butter and cream cheese, but feel free to use a quality brand of your choice.

I used Trader Joe's Salted Caramel sauce, feel free to use homemade salted caramel sauce, or a good quality brand of your choice.

In warm weather, you may need to put the frosting in the fridge for 15 minutes or more to firm up a bit before piping onto cupcakes.

Recipe source - Glorious Treats

These Samoa cupcakes are so INCREDIBLY good!  Chocolate cupcakes are topped with salted caramel buttercream and toasted coconut... amazing!

These Samoa Cupcakes are simply amazing!  My husband has already requested I make another batch of these for him to share at work.  I’ll be happy to fulfill that request… and I’ll be sure to keep one (or two) aside for myself!  =)

Love caramel?

Here are a few more recipes for caramel lovers…

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So INCREDIBLY good!! These Samoa cookie inspired cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes topped with salted caramel buttercream and toasted coconut!


  1. Best looking cupcake. Ever!

  2. I’ve never heard of the Samoa Girl Scout cookies, but holy moly I want one of these cupcakes! They look incredible Glory 🙂

    • OOh,you’re missing out on Samoa cookies… on the other hand, I think these cupcakes might be even better! Samoa cookies are a shortbread type cookie covered in chocolate and caramel and topped with coconut. They’re only available in the spring, when Girl Scouts sell them. Luckily, you can make these cupcakes all year round! =)

  3. yummy ! I pick you the recipe my boyfriend would love it ^^

  4. Caramel buttercream.. Yummy! These cupcakes look incredible!

  5. **** these look amazing! the richness of the chocolate really stands out. and the frosting is just immaculate!

  6. Hi Gloria, I went to Trader Joe today and I bought the caramel but it is NOT salted. They said, they don’t sell it salted. I did purchase the caramel sauce anyway. Can you please advise how much salt and what kind to add to the jar or a serving size? That would be most helpful. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Maria,
      Sorry for the confusion! Looking at my jar now, I can see the confusion… the caramel is labeled “Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce” Fleur de Sel is French sea salt. You have the right stuff =) I’ve added that note to the recipe as well to help others. So glad you’re going to give the recipe a try! Enjoy!

  7. Glory, you just keep outdoing yourself! These look absolutely divine!

  8. These look amazing! I’m studying in Germany right now and left right before my samoas came in 🙁 I’ll just have to try and make these to make up for the loss!

  9. you make me want to bake cupcakes, and I don’t really like baking cupcakes, but I feel the need for a samoa cupcake ASAP

  10. Best cupcake flavor ever, OBVI. Pinned!

  11. hmm, yummy, best looking cupcake 🙂

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  13. These are de-LISH! I highly recommend making them. I subbed regular caramel sauce for salted since that’s what I had on hand. My only issue was that the frosting got a bit melty when left out (an issue I’ve never had before with your frostings)….maybe my caramel sauce had a higher liquid content? They piped great, but when I came back from running errands, they weren’t as fluffy and we’re starting to slide a bit. Oh well….they’ll still be devoured!!

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  16. Glory , you never fail to impress me. Every recipe of yours I make is always greeted with wonderful comments…the piña colada cake is a particular favourite at the dental office where I work. I am defiantly going to be making these in the next few days. Thank you so much for all your sharing and caring. Xox

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  18. I just made these cupcakes for a baby shower. I used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. Can you say YUM!!!? I also made them mini cupcakes. Just baked them for 12 minutes. And the frosting is delish too!

  19. I just made them and they are sooooo delicious!!!! You are right the chocolate cake is VERY good. I think next time I will also add coconut to the batter. I also had the issue with the icing. I added more than 4 cups of powder sugar and it is still too soft and sliding.

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