Red Velvet Cake {Recipe}

Last week I posted some Red Velvet Cupcakes with fondant ribbon roses… here is the cake version.  When I post cupcakes I’m often asked if the recipe would work well for a cake as well… so I figured I’d try both and you can choose your favorite!  This recipe is moist and flavorful and worked beautifully for both the cake and cupcakes.

 Here is the link for the Red Velvet Cake (or cupcakes) Recipe

This cake is frosted with my favorite Cream Cheese frosting (also included in the recipe linked above).  I frosted the outside as smooth as reasonably possible, added a few swirls of texture on the top, and finished the cake with some red fondant roses.  I have a full tutorial for How to make Fondant Ribbon Roses (here).  The outside of the cake is also adored with a thin red ribbon.  After the cake was frosted and chilled, I simply attached a piece of ribbon to the back of the cake with a dab of icing, wrapped it around a couple times and ended in the back again.


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  1. Beautiful! Red Velvet is one of my favourite types of cake!!

  2. This looks so good!! I really want to try it. 🙂

  3. That ribbon is a beautiful touch! Gorgeous work as usual, Glory! Thanks for sharing. :o)

  4. Beautiful! Love the ribbon 🙂

  5. this is such an elegant cake! what size pan did you use?

  6. That's just so beautiful! Sadly, I can't let myself make cake too often. I don't know how to not eat the whole thing!

  7. So sweet and pretty! The fondant roses and red ribbon add a touch of elegance to the cake. And it looks absolutely PERFECT.

  8. Truly beautiful. I'll have to try this one of these days. It looks really good and moist.

  9. Very elegant, love the ribbon!

  10. I would love to try this as long as I didn't have to make it! BEAUTIFUL!

  11. So beautiful! Very elegant!!! Thank you!

  12. Beautiful cake – it looks really lovely. Will have to try this soooon! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. What a stunning cake!! This is just gorgeous. I bookmarked to make and to post later today on craft gossip :).

  14. Hi,so beautiful and pretty,i love it,

  15. Almost to pretty to eat.

  16. Almost to pretty to eat.

  17. So beautiful and elegant!!

  18. your blog is great! I recently used your cream cheese icing recipe for my blog, it was amazing!

  19. I hope I can find the time to prepare this cake this week. Looks really delicious. I'll just have it in 2 layers though. Thanks for sharing.

  20. the cake is beautiful but the cream? oh god i think i just died!

  21. Okay. The ribbon around the cake? Gorgeous!!

  22. Can just see this as a charming Mother's Day cake, too!

  23. Wow! Just Beautiful!

  24. Beautiful!!!! And Perfect!!

  25. Gasp! So incredibly pretty! So simple, but such an impact.

  26. These look amazing! I love red velvet and the roses are so cute!

  27. Beautiful and delicious! Love the consistency and flavors in there. 

  28. Red velvet is my favorite! I always say, when I get married…I'm gonna have the best red velvet cake at my wedding 😀

  29. Glory… I think I gained a couple of pounds just looking at this cake. 🙂 your token male reader.

  30. This cake is so beautiful! I love Red Velvet <3

  31. LOVE the cake…it is beautiful. Simple,elegant and perfect 🙂 RV is one of my favourites.

  32. Thanks for the red velvet cake recipe. This really looks very professionally done.

  33. Just Beautiful! As I have found the extreme designed Cake from this source. It's basically looking one of incredible designed cake for me. I am highly impressed to see the massive outlook of that one. Thanks for sharing.

  34. thanks for this recipe….i tried it and the cake turned out perfect.

  35. Hi Glory,

    I have been having trouble opening the link for this velvet cake – it continually redirects me to your latest blog page. i was able to access the cupcake one, and was wondering if you gave seperate instructions on cutting the cake to make layers and what not, or if i just improvise with the cupcake instructions.

    Love your stuff by the way! Delicious and Beauitful.
    Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Elise, Yes, the cupcake recipe is all that’s needed for this cake. The cake shown is a 6″ cake (3 layers). This recipe would work well for a 2 layer 8″ or 9″ cake.

  36. also – one other question please, are the quantities the same for cupcakes and this high 3 layer cake?
    do i need to double the recipe?


  37. This looks beautiful. I want to try it for my daughters 16th and add fringing on for a 1920’s themed party. But the link does not work for me – it takes me to hydrangea biscuits??? Can ou help and send me the link to the recipe. Many thanks.

  38. Thanks for this recipe. I made it today. It was a bit dry for a red velvet, what can I add to make it a little bit moister? It was amazing though!

    • Hi Ira, Glad you gave the recipe a try and enjoyed it! If you found it a bit dry I might suggest baking it just a few minutes less, that may be the problem. Also, once you take the cakes from the oven, cool them just a bit, them remove from the pans, wrap in plastic wrap and put the in the freezer. This will help lock in the moisture while they cool, and help them firm up so they’re easier to frost. Happy baking!

  39. wow, it’s beautiful red valvet 🙂

  40. Hey, what an amazing recipe. I made the cupcakes and they turned out phenomenal for my fiancés birthday. It is now my mother in laws birthday and she has requested the same recipe but in cake form. For your recipe you said it could make 3, 8″ layers, but in your comments you mentioned the one pictured above is a 3, 6″ layered cake. Which one would be best? I don’t want to disappoint her and I’m a novice baker hoping to impress the in-laws again!

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