Margarita Cookies {Decorating How-To}

Last week I went out to Mexican food with a great group of girlfriends.  We were having a farewell dinner for one of the ladies in the group, who will be moving to Germany this month.  This may be the last time she enjoys Mexican food for a while!

I wanted to make some special cookies, and Margarita’s seemed the perfect choice.  I baked up a batch of my Sugar Cookies, but wanted to add some lime flavor, so when I made the royal icing (Recipe and instructions HERE), I replaced some of the water with lime juice (I used the kind from the little lime shaped bottle- I’m sure fresh would be even better).  The result was delicious!

I was flattered that many of the ladies opened up and enjoyed their cookies right after dinner (I often have to twist peoples arms to make them eat my cookies… they say they’re too pretty to eat, but at some point I’m going to get a complex!).  I love to see people enjoy my cookies!

Want to make some Margarita and Lime shaped cookies?

~ How to make Margarita shaped Cookies ~

1.  Outline the cookie with white thick consistency icing (think traditional toothpaste consistency), using a #2 tip.

2.  Fill in the stem of the glass with white flood consistency (about the consistency of corn syrup, or shampoo), using a #2 tip.  Fill the top portion of the glass with “Margarita”, using flood consistency light green icing.  Set cookie aside and allow to dry fully (6-8 hours, or overnight).

3.  When the base icing is fully dry, add a line of thick consistency white icing around the rim of the glass (as shown above), and then immediately sprinkle with white sanding sugar.  Shake off excess sugar, then allow cookie to dry (about 2 hours) before packaging.

~ How to make Lime shaped cookies ~

(also could be adjusted for lemon or orange slice cookies)

1.  Outline the cookie in a green moderate consistency icing (somewhere between thick and thinned).

2.  Fill in cookie with light green flood consistency icing.

3.  Immediately dd white lines with a medium/flood consistency icing.

4. Add green dots for seeds, and drag a toothpick from the middle of the dot toward the center of the “fruit” just a bit to create a seed shape.

I packed the cookies as special favors for each guest at dinner.  I’ve posted directions on packaging cookies as shown above HERE.


  1. These are SO stinkin' cute! Love them!! Maybe I should be one of your friends. Your cookies ARE beautiful, but trust me when I say, I wouldn't have a problem devouring one! 🙂

  2. Very cute indeed!! I wish I could have one with a real margarita!

  3. These are adorable! I love your clean and simple they look! The packaging is amazing too!

  4. These were VERY yummy and of course, gorgeous as always!! Thanks Glory for making great memories for Dawn.

  5. Those cookies are so beautiful and all perfect. I can imagine how nice the lime flavour tastes.

  6. these are so cute. I love the colour and love the gorgeous packaging.

  7. These are awesome. I am going to have to try these. Have a great time in Chicago.

  8. Buonissima ricetta!!
    Carina la forma del biscotto… buona idea anche per le feste dei bambini…
    Aspetto con ansia il tuo prossimo post, baci Silvia

  9. Wow, they're so cool! And thanks for the tutorial :o)

  10. Send me one, PRETTY PLEASE! They are beautiful. Blessings

  11. Send me one, PRETTY PLEASE! The cookies are beautiful. Blessings

  12. Beautiful cookies!
    And never mind, you might even find a mexican restaurant in Germany, so… Where is your friend gonna live?
    Greetings from Germany!

  13. i love the packaging glory!!!!

  14. VERY CUTE, Glory!!! I made some that looked exactly like yours; so fun! I put lime juice in the icing as well, plus I grated some lime zest into the cookie dough.

  15. They were good. Avery and I ate them the next day. I think James was right, if you remember his feedback, Avery disagreed. Regardless – they were super cute and it was sweet of you to make that night happen for Dawn.

  16. Those cookies are AWESOME! Thank you so much for the tips. I'm going to give them a try. I just love the little lime ones.

  17. Oh my flipping heck…how cute!
    I love these!

  18. Love, Love, Love!!

  19. Glory, I get so happy when I see a new post from you! Especially when it is about cookies…and now you throw margaritas in the mix? Aaahhh- happy overload!

    These are perfect-o! And what a great idea to flavor the icing. Thank you for sharing how you made them.

  20. These are perfect! I think I might just have to throw a cinco de Mayo party next year to make these the star!!! Thanks for all your fabulous ideas and beautiful work!

  21. your cookies are the cutest I've ever seen !!!

  22. Absolutely fabulous! You are extremely talented!

  23. These look great, such a wonderful job!! Thank you for showing us how you make these wonderful cookies!!

  24. I LOVE the limes and your packaging is darling!

  25. Adorable! LOVED meeting you and being on your team at Wilton!

  26. These are super cute! They are so bright and cheerful! Love it! The favors are so beautifully wrapped to, you are so talented!
    Love you!

  27. I love your margarita cookies! I have made these before but yours look much better. 🙂 It was so nice to meet you at the Wilton Workshop this past week. Hope you made it home okay. Also, love your step by step photos.

  28. Like your take on the limes. 🙂

  29. This is the the cutest idea for a summer party! I absolutely bookmarked this for the future… =)

  30. I love your cookies! They are so perfect! I have the cutters and hopefully with the help of your "how to" I can make mine look half as good as yours this weekend! I should call myself the "cookie challenged" LOL!
    Love your blog!

  31. These are awesome! My mother-in-law and I love both lime and margaritas, so I'm gonna try making these soon. I might even try flavoring the icing with non-alcoholic margarita mix and see how that turns out! Your packaging is great too. Thanks!

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  34. these are too cute! i am going to try them out as lemons and lemonade! love the idea. thanks for sharing 🙂

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  36. Where is this cookie cutter from? All the ones I’ve found are tiny! This margarita glass looks much bigger.

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