Hot Cocoa Cookies

Hot Cocoa Cookies... chewy, chocolaty and oh so delicious!!  -

As I promised earlier this week, I’m sharing the delicious recipe for the Hot Cocoa Cookies I brought to my friend Bethany’s Cookie Exchange Party.

Normally, if I was invited to a cookie exchange I’d make some pretty decorated cookies… but I knew Bethany had that covered.   I looked for something new to try, and boy am I glad I did!  These Hot Cocoa Cookies are my new favorite cookie!  They’re chewy, chocolaty and cute too!  You could use different sprinkles for different holidays, or to match a color theme… easy peasy!

Hot Cocoa Cookies... chewy, chocolaty and oh so delicious!  -

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Hot Cocoa Cookies

Yield: Makes about 50 (small) cookies

Rich, chocolaty and delicious, these are a perfect cookie for Christmas, or any time of year!


For the cookies-
1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter
12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate
1 1/2 cups flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cups brown sugar
3 eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

25 (apx.) large marshmallows

For the icing -
2 cups powdered sugar
4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup hot water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Assorted sprinkles


Make the cookies-
1.) In a medium saucepan (or in a microwave safe bowl, using 50% power), melt the butter and chocolate, stirring frequently. Once melted, set aside to cool slightly.
2.) In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt.
3.) In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat the sugar, eggs and vanilla on low speed until well combined.
4.) Add the cooled chocolate mixture and blend until just combined.
5.) While mixing, add the flour mixture slowly and blend until just combined.
Scrape down the sides of the bowl, then cover the dough and refrigerate about 1 hour. If making the dough a day ahead, let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before shaping.
6.) Preheat oven to 325*F. and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper or a silpat type liner. Use a tablespoon (or a tablespoon sized cookie scoop) to scoop the dough, then roll the dough in your hands to create balls. Arrange the balls about 2 inches apart on your baking sheets, then flatten slightly.
Bake cookies about 12 minutes.
7.) While the cookies bake, cut the large marshmallows in half (crosswise). When the cookies have baked, remove from oven and press one marshmallow half (cut side down) into the center of each cookie. Return the cookies to the oven and bake another 2-3 minutes. Allow the pan of cookies to cool a few minutes, then transfer cookies to cooling rack.
8.) Prepare cookie icing by combining all ingredients in a medium bowl and mixing together with a whisk. Place wire cooling rack (with cookies on it) over a baking sheet (to catch any excess icing). Spoon a small amount of icing onto the top of each marshmallow, and use the back of the spoon to spread it a bit. After icing just a couple cookies, top with sprinkles before the icing dries.
9.) Allow icing to set up about 30 minutes before serving.

Cookies can be stored in an airtight container up to 2 days. Change the sprinkles to coordinate with various holidays.

Recipe source- Cookie base adapted from Rachael Ray, final cookies by Glorious Treats

Hot Cocoa Cookies... chewy, chocolaty and oh so delicious!! -

This is the perfect recipe to add to your holiday cookie trays, or bring to a cookie exchange… just be sure to save a few for yourself!  =)

Happy baking!


  1. Mmm… these look amazing! Thank you for sharing! These have made my “must try” list this year. In the first ingredient for the cookie, should it be 1/4 cup or 1 stick of butter? Thanks again for sharing this recipe!

    • Thanks Tricia, they really are so good!! Sorry for the mix up, thanks for mentioning it, I’ve made the adjustment now, the correct measurement is 1/2 cup (or 1 stick) =)

  2. These look amazing! Definitely going to try them.

  3. These look SO yummy! And I loved your cookie exchange party … I’m hoping to have it together enough next year to throw one of those!

  4. Does the icing set enough to stack the cookies?

    • Hi Amada, I would say yes, or almost yes =) The icing does set so that it is dry to the touch, but it does not set overly hard, and since there is a marshmallow below, I wouldn’t want to stack them too much, or they may get a bit smashed. All that to say… you could “gently” stack them =)

  5. Oooohhhhh! I just may have to make these to take to our office Christmas party! YUM! Thanks, Glory! ! !

  6. These are so beautiful and look so yummy! I already planned to make this for the holidays and these photos are such an inspiration!

  7. Hi I was just wonder something. Why can they only be stored in a container for 2 days? Do they get soggy? Or spoil?

    • Hi Emily,
      No, they will not get soggy, or spoil really… but just like most any baked good they are best when they are fresh. After a couple days the cookie may start to dry out a bit. I’m sure they would be perfectly edible for several days or even a week, I just prefer to serve things as fresh as possible.

  8. Such a festive looking cookie and who doesn’t love chocolate around the holidays (or anytime for that matter). Perfect treat during this Christmas Season.

  9. What perfect winter-time cookies Glory! So festive and fun! Pinned :)

  10. I just made a batch of these cookies to take to an event tomorrow afternoon. Wow!!! They taste as good as they look. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe!

  11. Gorgeous! And yummy. Your photos are so pretty!

  12. What type of chocolate did you use? Does it need to be baking chocolate or can it be semi sweet chocolate chips?

    • Hi Jessica, I think either baking chocolate or chips would work well. If using chocolate chips I’d try and chose a high quality brand, such as Ghirardelli or Guittard.

  13. What kind of flour do you use? In belgium for example we have like 5 different types of “flour”. Is it self-rising flour, just plain white flour or liquidflour? Thx for the great recipes!

    • I used All Purpose Flour, which I believe is the same as plain flour outside the U.S. It should not have any extra ingredients (other than wheat) or leavening.

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  17. Made these tonight for a ladies get together. They came out GREAT!!!

  18. A little crushed candy cane instead of sprinkles…just like hot cocoa with a peppermint stir stick!

    • What a smart cookie you are! =) I was actually thinking of something similar myself… I’ll have to file that away for next year!
      Happy baking!

  19. My daughter made these, but she didn’t put the icing on top. They were fabulous, I requested them for our family Christmas. Helps keep the calorie count down, a little.

  20. I just finished making these…beautiful and delicious WOW! Thanks for the recipe

  21. I have made a similar ‘surprise’ cookie the last few years. It’s a Martha Stewart recipe and guess what …. your recipe is so much better! Two of your recipes now grace my cookie plates. I topped half with sprinkles and half with Andes peppermint crunch chips. YUM!

  22. this is the most delicious christmas cookie_ sooooo gooood! thank u so much! :)

  23. I think i messed up somewhere but i dnt know how
    My dough looks more like thick cake mix any suggestions

    • Hi Trista,
      Without being in the kitchen with you it’s a bit hard to know what the issue may be. I would suggest reading back through the ingredients and directions and seeing if you missed anything. Also, as noted in the recipe, the dough needs to chill for one hour (or more). It will firm up quite a bit in the fridge.
      Happy baking!

  24. Wish you put grammes for us UK bakers

    • Hi Gwen, If you do a google search for a conversion chart you should be able to find one easily. I might suggest just printing it out and keeping it on hand to convert U.S. recipes.
      Happy baking!

  25. Does it matter if your cocoa powder is sweetened or unsweetened?

    • Hi Hannah, Yes, it would make quite a difference! As noted in the recipe, you should use unsweetened cocoa powder. I would always recommend buying the best quality you can find.

  26. Awesome! Just what this chocohaulic was looking for as a perfect treat.

  27. So happy to see this recipe resurface…my mother made these every Christmas 60 + years ago. They were always a favorite and we would often come home from school and these would be our treat.
    Thank you.

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  29. Can these cookies be frozen?

    • I have not tried to freeze them. Feel free to experiment. I would suggest to freeze the cookie without the marshmallow and glaze, then add that when you are closer to serving them.

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  31. Can you make these but skip the marshmellow?

    • Yes, you are welcome to leave off the marshmallow. I have had several readers mention the just made the chocolate cookie and enjoyed it very much.

  32. 12 oz of semi sweet chocolate what??

    • 12 oz of semi-sweet chocolate. Usually baking chocolate (large bars) are sold in either 4oz or 8oz bars, or wrapped individually in 1oz squares, so you’ll have to look at what you store carries and see how much to buy. You are also welcome to use chocolate chips, but I would recommend to buy a higher quality brand such as Ghirardelli or Guittard

  33. Hey so I’m making these right now and doing a half recipe because I do not have enough ingredients for a full one but there was still to much dry ingredients compared to wet ones and the dough was more like fluff. So I added in milk to get the proper consistency is that alright? Also there seems to be a lot of dough even for a half recipe is that normal?

    • Hi Jillian, I would first suggest to look back through the recipe and make sure nothing was left out. The batter should be like a thick cake batter, then it firms up as it chills in the fridge.

  34. These are delicious. But mine came out flat. How can I prevent this??

  35. These cookies are delicious and I’m sure will be a big hit this Christmas.

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  37. These cookies are amazing! Made them the first time for a “Cookie Walk” at a local daycare, and making them again for family. They taste delicious, are easy to make, and adorable to look at! Thanks SO much for the great recipe.

  38. I made these and included them in boxes with 6 other types of cookies for holiday gifts for friends and family! This cookie was the star of the box. I had most of the people say this was their favorite and ask for the recipe:-) Thank you for sharing all of these amazing treats!! This one is definitely going in the “make again soon” file!!!

  39. I made these for my cookie trays this year. These are awesome cookies!. They were my family’s favorite overall. My daughters were fighting over them, and I was told I need to make more! Delicious, thank you for sharing the recipe.

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  42. I just made these for the first time today. Yummy!! But I was a little disappointed in the glaze. It was very watery and never did harden/set. Any ideas what went wrong? I was in a hurry and didn’t sift my powdered sugar like I normally do. Think that was it?

    • Hi Jamie, Sometimes it’s hard to tell what went wrong without me being right next to you in the kitchen. I would double check the ingredients list. I’m guessing you may have omitted the butter, or added too much water. You do not need to sift the powdered sugar (unless it is unusually lumpy). Happy baking!

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  44. Hi!
    Could you please tell me how much butter we need for cookies in grams or ounces? I”m not from the US, that’s why I don’t really understand what your “cup” means in grams/ounces)) (and sticks of butter may be different too)))

    • Hi Julia, I am only familiar with U.S. measurements, but feel free to use google to find a good conversion chart and you should be able to easily find the conversions you need. Happy baking!

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  47. Hi!
    Do the cookies really only last 2 days in an airtight container?

    • As with any fresh baked good, they are best when eaten as fresh as possible. I prefer to enjoy them (or serve) them when they are fresh, but I’m sure they would be perfectly edible for at least 4 days (or more, but they will likely dry out a bit).

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  50. I made these today and they are wonderful! I ended up making them without the glaze because they have plenty of chocolate on their own. I will be making these again and again!

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  53. Why do the cookies only two days in a covered container.I want to make them but I was hoping I could make them ahead of time. Thank you for the recipe!

    • As with any fresh baked good, they are best when eaten as fresh as possible. I prefer to enjoy them (or serve) them when they are fresh, but I’m sure they would be perfectly edible for at least 4 days (or more, but they will likely dry out a bit).

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  56. i definitely want to try this recipe…it looks amazing. Do you think I could press the dough into a jelly roll pan and make bars instead of cookies?

  57. I made these last night for a cookie swap today and they turned out beautifully! Now I’m just trying to keep from eating them all so that I have enough left for the party :) Great recipe and thanks for sharing.

  58. These were a big hit last year at my office. Getting all the things together to make again this year! They are soooo yummy!

  59. Anyone have any ideas on a cute way to package these for a cookie swap?

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  61. I made these cookies they are AMAZING!!!!!

  62. Made these this weekend for a Christmas party and they were a HIT! Tasted delicious, Soft, and rich. Pinterest win and highly recommend. :)

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  64. these cookies looked so festive and delicious I had to make them for the Hollidays to take to my up coming Christmas cookie exchange and party’s at Christmas to share with family and friends!!! They are very good and well worth making!!!!

  65. Oh my goodness! Just made these wonderful cookies and they are not only so cute but delicious, too. They are almost like a little cake. Can’t wait to serve them at my annual Cookie Swap party on Saturday. Thanks!

  66. I just made these tonight for a cookie party im attending tomorrow. They are SO good! A little labor intensive hehe, but good for the holidays.
    I did have a problem with the icing, i had to add a 1/4 cup extra hot water to thin it out. i used 2 c icing sugar, 1/4 cocoa, 4 tbls melted butter, and the vanilla extract … im not sure why it was so thick! Like batter!
    Other then that, it was fabulous, and i will make them again!
    Thanks for the recipe

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  68. W.O.W.!!!!! I made these cookies last weekend for Christmas on my side of the family, and am making them again this weekend for my husband’s Christmas! They are so fun and YUMMMMMMMY!!! Thank you for the delicious recipe!

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  70. i want to make these with my kids for Xmas and I have a question, do u use light or dark brown sugar?

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  72. Thanks for sharing!

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  74. These are adorable! Making these today to put in our goodie boxes for the neighbors. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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  78. I just made a batch of similar cookies this morning. We have had the recipe for 40 years. We got it from a baking contest put on by the Washington Wheat Growers Association. They called them Cuckoo Cookies. One of our favorites.

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  80. I just mixed up a batch of these and the mix is more like batter than dough. Can that be right? I reread the list of ingredients and did it right.

    • Hi Sandy, Yes, when you first mix the batter it will be more of a batter than a dough. Be sure to follow the recipe and chill the mixture for an hour, and it will set up and be firm enough to form into balls.

  81. I just made these and they turned out very nice, but I haven’t made glaze yet I found them to be very very sweet, especially with the marshmallow on top. I used nestle semi sweet chocolate chips for the dough, and I think the sugar was almost unnecessary. Next time I’ll try using dark or bitter chocolate instead, or maybe omit some/all of the sugar if I’m using the semi sweet chocolate. Fun to make though! :)

  82. I found my cookie for my 2015 Cookie Exchange! Easy to make, but look like hours spent creating. This recipe is better than bakery cookies, fabulous.

  83. I made these last year and they turned out great!!! I just tried making them again and they turned out super flat! :( Do you know why this happened? I don’t remember what the batter was supposed to look like, but mine resembled thick frosting. So sad…I was craving these cookies.

    • Hi Helen, Be sure to follow the recipe and chill the dough for an hour before forming into ball and baking. Keep the dough that you are not working with in the fridge while the first few batches bake. Hope you have success again! These are one of our family favorites!

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  85. Just wanted to let you know I tried this recipe over the holidays and it was delicious!! A big hit at my annual cookie exchange! So good, in fact, that I mentioned it on my new blog that I’m creating –

    Happy New Year!

  86. These look incredible. I feel like baking now. I actually have some baking to do this week so I might squeeze these in. Thanks.

  87. Am I blind or are the eggs not listed on the ingredient list? I can’t find how many eggs this recipe calls for….

  88. I was in a christmas-y mood today so I made these and they turned out way better than I thought! I made them gluten-free (cloud nine cup-for-cup blend) and they are delicious and look exactly like the pictures :) so happy they turned out, will definitely make them again!

  89. I thought these looked so good. I’m in the process of making them and 1 1/2 cups of flour is not enough. I can’t believe these comments are real. I could use them for syrup on pancakes.

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  94. Saw this recipe last week and made them today (no deviations). OMG…amazing! These very well may be the most beautiful and delicious cookies I’ve ever made. My family is already proclaiming these as a new annual tradition of ours, and they typically aren’t huge marshmallow fans. Thank you for sharing such an incredible recipe.

  95. Can I use the melted dark chocolate to replace the icing part? It is the fastest way to get cookies done. Thank you

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  97. I think these would be a great addition to our list for Christmas. Do they freeze OK with the marshmallows?

  98. Just wanted to let you know I made 5 different types of cookies this year and this was one of them and EVERYONE tells me they absolutely love these! They are so delicious!

  99. I made these this weekend. I used Nestles chocolate chips, Nestles unsweetened cocoa and used the recipe as written. The batter is definitely less viscous than cookie batter usually is, but after an hour in the refrigerator, it was more like fudge. The cookies came out perfect and very delicious! I will make them again!

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  101. I thought these were wonderful! I just wish I did not put the icing on them; they stole from the richness and deliciousness of the cookie. Otherwise the cookie was awesome!! With the marshmallow of course. I will make next time without icing, maybe just a little hard shell so sprinkles can make an appearance :-) easy cookie to make though, thanks!!

  102. Hi there,

    I refrigerated the cookie dough overnight and I took it out and let is sit for 30 mins, as indicated in the instructions. It has been close to an hour no and the dough is still rock hard. I can’t scoop anything out. Any advice or should I just toss it out and try again?

    • Hi Erika, No, you certainly should not have to toss the batch. I might use a strong metal spoon to dig into the dough a bit and see if it’s hard all the way through. It’s possible the top dried a bit? It’s hard to know for sure without being with you in the kitchen, but I have refrigerated the dough overnight and still be able to bake it the next day. Depending on how cool your house (and/or fridge) is, it may need to sit out a bit longer than 30 minutes. Best of luck! They are really delicious cookies once you can get them baked!

  103. These cookies turned out incredible, the frosting is some of the best I have ever made and the taste of the cookie is a perfect cocoa flavor. Definitely recommend as a holiday treat.

  104. Also, Erika, the recipe reads to leave it in the fridge for an hour, not overnight. You could still try waiting though, and see what happens. Good luck!

  105. I just won “Best Cookie” at my Christmas Cookie Exchange with this cookie! I have not baked cookies in years, but this looked fun and I wanted to give it a try. I’m so glad I did, these are amazing! Everyone raved about them all afternoon! Thank you!!! Merry Christmas!

  106. We had to find a cookie recipe for a culinary class to make 250 cookies and these were the prime of the class

  107. I made the dough last night around 10 without reading it needed to chill at least an hour and took them out of the fridge this morning at 6:30 am and everything has separated. I’ve had it out on the counter for over an hour and it’s still hard as a rock. Any suggestions on how to get it to be more dough like?

  108. I should also note that I made this last year (giving myself enough time to make them all at once) and they were amazing! Which is why I’m so disappointed that I feel like I messed them up this year. Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Alley, They should still be fine. Let it sit out a bit longer if needed. Depending on how well it was covered, you may have a firm, dry layer on the very top of your bowl. Use a strong metal spoon to scoop down and bit and I bet you’ll find you have lots of perfectly usable dough.

  109. I’ve made this recipe a couple times and love it, but if I wanted to halve it, do you have any recommendations about the eggs? Should I just try to do 1.5 eggs or would it be better to use 1 or 2?

  110. These cookies are so good! This comes from  a person who doesn’t really care for marshmallows.  In the winter I decorate with blue and white snowflake sprinkles. For camping or summer outings I turn them into smores of sorts….skip the icing and press a few graham cracker crumbs into the hot marshmallow with a glove or bottom of a glass. Yummy!

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