Snowflake Ballerina Party {A look back}

Last December I planned and put together a really magical birthday party for a good friend’s little girl.  The birthday girl loves ballet, and since her birthday is in December we created a winter twist on a ballet theme… a Snowflake Ballerina Party.  I posted the photos in one of my very first blog posts (in March of this year), and since I’ve gained a few readers since then (actually more than a few… thank you all!!), I thought I would post a little reminder to go enjoy the photos of the party if you haven’t already.  
Please enjoy,
Bailey’s Snowflake Ballerina Party 

All of the details, recipes, etc. are in the original post, HERE


  1. We were so lucky to have you do that beautiful party for us Glory, thank you again!!!

  2. You make the most beautiful cookies! And every thing else is very pretty and creatve. I'm so impressed!!!

  3. Wow! Love it all! The cookies are amazing!! Kerri

  4. WOW! You did a fabulous job! Great party.

  5. Love this party theme, Glory-Bee! I wanna be you when I grow up, seriously!

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