Simple Yogurt Parfaits

It’s a new year.  Many of us have big plans and aspirations for the year in front of us.  Certainly, I am no expert on diet or health… but I wholeheartedly believe that life without an occasional treat is no life at all!

Throughout the year, as I am busy making cookies, cupcakes and other sweets, I enjoy sharing those treats with family and friends.  A batch of cupcakes disappears quite quickly when my husband takes them to work!   And then, I can continue doing what I love… baking and creating, without a full batch of treats sitting around the house.

If you are working on adjusting your eating habits a bit, beautiful presentation can add to the appeal of healthy food choices.  A beautiful table setting, pretty dishes, or a fancy little garnish can add to the enjoyment of any meal.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying simple yogurt parfaits for breakfast, or as an afternoon snack.  The combination of creamy yogurt, fresh fruit, and crunchy toppings, come together to create an easy, and delicious “treat”.


Experiment with different combinations of fruits, nuts and granola.

If you’d like to make your own granola to add to your parfait, here are a few delicious looking options…

Homemade Granola, from Ina Garten

Apple Cinnamon Granola, from Two Peas and Their Pod

Lemon Ginger Granola, from Haniela’s

Prop note-  The dishes (and spoons) shown are a set from Pier 1 (also available from Bed Bath and Beyond, I believe).

How to Make Simple Yogurt Parfait

Simple Yogurt Parfait

Creamy yogurt, layered with fresh fruit and crunchy toppings create a delicious and healthy treat.
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine American


  • Vanilla yogurt

Topping suggestions

  • granola store bought or homemade
  • raw nuts sliced almonds or walnuts are my favorites
  • toasted coconut
  • raisins
  • dried cranberries
  • diced dates
  • banana
  • kiwi
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • blackberries
  • pomegrante seeds
  • peach


  • Fill a bowl with yogurt and top with fresh fruit of your choice, granola, and/or nuts.
  • If you'd like to prepare the parfaits ahead of time, layer the fruit and yogurt and refrigerate (up to one day), then add the granola (and/or nuts) right before serving.


I like to mix plain greek yogurt with (sweetened) vanilla yogurt to reduce the sugar a bit.
Keyword yogurt parfait
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    All the best to you

  2. What type of granola did you use?

  3. Hey! Where did you get the dishes the parfait was in? Gorgeous!

  4. I love these bowls! Where did you get them??

    • The bowls are either from Pier 1, or Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’ve gotten some small dishes at both places, and can’t remember for sure which place I bought these. =)

  5. I like yogurt and granola in hot weather. THese look very pretty, but I go for hot tea and a scone or cheese toast over cold things. I usually use pomegrate arils in salads only – I want to remember to try them in yogurt or hot cereal. THanks for the idea.

  6. These are gorgeous enough that I could even convince the munchkins to try them!!

  7. Sounds yummy! I also use plain yogurt. To sweeten it, I add some of the toddler mashed fruit such as ‘Happy Tot’ Banana, peach & mango fruit pouch

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