{Pretty Places} The Ribbonerie, San Francisco

While we all spend the week eating celery (oh happy day!) I thought I would start off the year with on of my favorite calorie-free indulgences… Ribbon!

After spending many years as a floral designer I became accustomed to having racks and racks of ribbon available to me.  Now that I’m no longer working in a flower shop, I’ve gathered my own personal collection that easily rivals that of any upscale store!  I buy ribbon at craft stores, fabric stores, scrapbooking stores, Costco, Wal-mart, and anywhere else I can find it!

When my friend Sharnel and I were planning our shopping adventures in San Francisco last fall, one of the stops on our list was a store called The Ribbonerie. (Read about a few of our other stops HERE and HERE).  The name alone sold me, but after a bit more research I knew this was no ordinary store.  With expectant hearts, Sharnel and I entered the store and there it was… rows and rows of ribbon… dots and stripes, satin and grosgrain, new and vintage, every shade of every color you’ve ever imagined!

We had walked into ribbon HEAVEN!

We spent the next hour just taking it all in, enjoying simply being surrounded by such beauty.  Not only is the ribbon itself incredible, but the ribbon is all displayed in the most beautiful and unique antique ribbon racks and shelves.  If you are ever in San Francisco, The Ribbonerie is certainly worth a special stop.

Above is gorgeous Sharnel, (proof that I knew her before she met Oprah!) among the beautiful ribbon.

We were both in our happy place here!

All images by Glory Albin, taken (with permission) in The Ribbonerie, San Francisco, California.


  1. Hi hope this is a good day for you , I like to know how to order from this store Thank you

    • Hi Rosa, I don’t think this store has an option for shopping on-line, but I would recommend calling them to confirm. I don’t have their number handy, but if you google “The Ribbonerie San Francisco” I’m sure you can find it. Happy shopping!

  2. oh how I wish you had a shop in the UK. I would love to spend hours looking and buying.so when are you going to open one?.good luck anyway.

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