New candy party photos…

For those of you who may have been wondering if in fact there were any people at Grace’s candy party (since there were none in the photos), I now have proof that there were!  An incredible photographer friend, Nathan Chilton took photos at the party, and I got them today.  I’ve added several gorgeous new photos to the candy party post.  Please go take a look at all the sweetness!
Grace’s Candy Party


  1. Andrea- Thanks for the comment. I was worried about the amount of candy too, of course I wanted to have enough, but also didn't want to buy too much, and just be wasting money. In general, I think you have to error on the side of ordering too much. I'm sorry, at this point I really don't remember how much was in each jar. One thing I did that was very helpful was to go to the grocery store and just buy a big bag of skittles or something similar. Then fill your jars with that and you'll see how many pounds it takes to fill each jar you have. Obviously, things like large gumballs take up more space in a jar than M&M;'s or something. The smaller the candy, the more you'll have to order (in most cases).

  2. your party pics are wonderful – admiring your creativity and decorative talents! trying to gauge candy amounts for a candy buffet – how many pounds are in the large jars for your party?


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