Jeweled Pumpkin Cookies

As we head toward the weekend I’ll leave you with one final Halloween cookie idea.

Last year I made some pretty Jeweled Pumpkins for decorations, and this year I thought it would be fun to turn them into cookies!

If you’d like to make some cookies like these you’ll need…

A batch of cookies made from my Sugar Cookie Recipe, and a batch of Royal Icing.

Prepare one bag of orange icing in a medium/flood consistency.  One bag of brown, thick/piping consistency icing, and one bag of black, thick/piping consistency icing.

Outline and flood segments of the pumpkins with orange, doing every other segment first.  After those areas have set (about 1 hour), come back in and flood the other segments (as I did with THESE pumpkins and is shown step by step on Sweet Sugar Belle).

Add the pumpkin stem with brown icing, using a zig-zag to create some texture.

When the pumpkins are totally dry (about 8 hours), add black dots in a swirl pattern (of your choice).  While the black icing is still wet, sprinkle with disco dust (as shown) or white sanding sugar.

Prop note- Orange candle holders from glassybaby.

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  1. These are so delicious and stylish!

  2. How glorious, I love the Jeweled Pumpkins!

  3. Lovely:) I admire so much your amazing talent, you made me obsessed with baking and especially sugar cookies as i have 2 toddlers and we enjoy so much baking and decorating:) my problem is that at the end they only eat the plain cookies and leave all the lovely decorated ones, they find royal icing too hard they don’t like it 🙁 is there a solution.

  4. Ciao, your ideas are always so nice!

  5. You are so talented. They are gorgeous.

  6. so beautiful and elegant!!! Love them! (see you soon!)

    • Thanks Lizy! I know, can you believe we get to meet!! I’m so excited!! And I just popped over to your blog, looking for a photo of you so I have something to go off of =) and your new site design is beautiful!!! See you very soon!!

  7. Beautiful! I love how elegant they are:)

  8. Love your fancy pumpkin cookies, Glory!

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