How to make Fondant Ladybugs

I like ladybugs… in fact they’re about the only bug I would ever call “cute.”  And they are extra cute stylized and used in decor.  I like using simple fondant ladybugs as decorations on cupcakes in the spring and summer.  Although I do usually try to add a ladybug on just a portion of the cupcakes on a platter, so it doesn’t look like a whole swarm  =)

These simple fondant ladybugs are a perfect project for “fondant beginners” because it is quite simple, but adds such an adorable touch.

Earlier this year I prepared a whole party for my youngest daughter, Joy around a ladybug theme (posted HERE– it was a pretty cute party if I can say so!).

Give these cute fondant ladybugs a try and use them to dress up cupcakes for a garden party, red hat society meeting, or any spring or summer get together.

How to make a fondant ladybug ~

1.  Prepare fondant in red and black (see my Fondant 101 post for handling and coloring fondant).  Now I will add that although you can color the fondant yourself, I usually use pre-colored fondant specifically for red and black.  Those two colors are extra difficult to get nice and vibrant if you are coloring it yourself.

2. Roll a small red piece of fondant into a ball, then flatten slightly into an oval.  Use a toothpick or “boo-boo stick” (as shown) to create a line down the center of the red body.  Roll a tiny ball of black fondant and stick it onto the red body.  I can usually just stick the fresh fondant directly to the red and it will adhere and once dry will be stuck together nicely.  If you are having trouble sticking the fondant head to the body, you can use a teeny, tiny bit of water or corn syrup to act as glue.

3.  Once your ladybug is dry (after several hours or overnight), use a black edible marker to draw some black spots on the lady’s back.

Use your cute ladybugs to dress up cupcakes, cakes and even as a 3-D feature on cookies.

Happy Decorating!

 *Shopping note- I bought the ladybug print mini cupcake liners in a specialty store about 5 years ago, and have since called the store, then contacted the company, and as far as I know they are no longer available, sorry!


  1. Hi! I love the ladybugs. That is the theme I’m doing for my daughter’s 3rd birthday soon. However, I’ve never used fondant. Where did you (or can you buy it)? This project looks fairly simple to start. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. So cute!!!! I’ve called by baby girl “ladybug” since shortly after she was born, not sure why, maybe it’s her big, bright eyes.. at any rate, I am now obsessed with anything “ladybug” I can find for her… 🙂 We are having family over for her 1st birthday party next week, and as usual, I’m planning it last minute.. lol….

    So…wanting a little ladybug touch, without going all out.. this is exactly what I was looking for , sounds easy enough, that even I can do it on short notice…. I’m so excited to try it (and of course, I love it anytime I can pull off something darling to impress my in-laws) 😉


  3. hi ! i was wondering since we have to leave the fondant out over night …. does that mean not to put it in a plastic bag (sorry im new to this)

  4. Love your ladybugs, of course, as well as all your work that I’ve seen so far. But the burning question for me is: how is it that your cupcake liners retain their colors & prints afte baking?? Or are you baking them in plain liners and then putting them in the colored/printed ones *after* baking? If so, they certainly fit amazingly well. I’ve tried to do that, but it never seems to work for me in that the new liners don’t hug the cupcakes closely enough. The liners are already splayed open due to the way they’re packaged (except for those in the center), so they never fit snugly enough around the baked cupcakes.

  5. These are so cute! I was wanting to make some to go with the roses I made tonight for my sisters' birthday cupcakes 🙂 I will give these a try! They look nice and simple

  6. These are perfect for my daughters baby shower, the theme is lady bugs! The instructions seem very easy, wish me luck.

  7. I really like it. So I put an article on my french blog about it.

  8. Cute indeed and colorful!

  9. I love the picture of the cupcakes on the cake stand with the black and white polka dot table cloth! Super cute! Love you and miss you!

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