{Cookie Decorating} How To Make Pretty Luau Cookies

Sunday I posted photos from a luau party I recently helped set up for a friend’s birthday.  I promised I’d be back to show you the how-to’s on the cookies I made for the party, so here I am.

First, you’ll need to make a batch of sugar cookies, HERE is the recipe and instructions.

Then, if you’re new to cookie decorating, you may want to look at THIS post, and THIS one, to give you a few more pointers.

Now, we’re ready to decorate.  First up is the shell.


With a bit of luck, and practice your finished shells will look something like this.

Next up, pineapples.

Now you’re ready to party, Luau style!

For those of you saying “Wait, what about the flip flops?”  I don’t have step by step photos for you, but I can give you a quick overview.  Outline and flood your cookies.  Then I used the “wet-on-wet” technique by adding either dots, flower shapes or lines of another color, while the base coat was still wet.  Once those base colors are dry I added the “strap” by piping rows of little dots, using a stiff consistency icing with a #2 tip.  I finished them off with a small fondant flower (you could also add a royal icing flower, or no flower).

 Happy Decorating!


  1. Those look beautiful! I love the seashells! And the pineapples are so cute too. And the flip-flops! Oh my, I like them all 😀

  2. Virginia- Thanks for your comment. The original class I took that really set me on fire for learning about decorative baking was just a one night class through my local parks and recreation department. After that, I began taking more decorating classes through the parks and rec. and started pouring over books and the internet to learn more.

  3. Thank you for sharing all this information. You are being a great inspiration.
    Somewhere in your blog you mentioned you took a cookies decoration class. Can you tell me where was that?


  4. Nikki- The royal icing I make is made with meringue powder, water, and powdered sugar, just as you mentioned. I use Wilton brand meringue poweder which does have some vanilla flavor added. I guess the taste and smell is a matter of opinion. I actually think it smells really good, and I like the taste too. I think most people like the taste, but I have heard of a few people who don't care for royal icing. I've seen cookies that are decorated with a corn syrup glaze, you may want to do a bit of searching and try that kind of recipe.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Beautiful. 🙂 I notice you use royal icing a lot & I love the way it looks. However, every time I've made royal icing it just doesn't taste good to me and it smells like..hmm … sort of like raw eggs. I use a recipe that calls for meringue powder, water, and powdered sugar. How do you make royal icing taste good??

  6. Thank you, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and fantastic tips! So kind of you. Mwah!

  7. Thank you again for sharing! Keep doing what you're doing. x Valentina

  8. Thank you again for sharing! Keep doing what you're doing. x Valentina

  9. These are so cute! Especially the flip-flops!

  10. Great job! These are so cute!

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