Chocolate Mint Chip Cupcakes {in a jar}

Chocolate Mint Chip Cupcakes {in a jar} - by Glorious Treats

Summer is the perfect time for easy, portable treats!  These yummy Chocolate Mint Chip Cupcakes in a jar are a fun option for picnics and BBQ’s.

I started with my favorite Chocolate Cupcakes, and added a luscious mint frosting.

For the full post, head on over to Skip to My Lou where I’m guest posting today!

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Chocolate Mint Cupcakes {in a jar} - by Glorious Treats

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  1. I really love mint cupcakes, although they are my 5th kind of “favorite” cupcake kind. When I tried it out, it came out great! When my family tasted it, they said it was AMAZING! Why don’t you check my blog? Just go to Have a great day!

    – Sadhvi

  2. oh my god !!!!! your cupcake mint chip seem to be verry savoury ! i’m dying to taste !
    keep on that way

  3. Omg I don’t like mint that much but now I think I luv it. This looks soooooooo good!

  4. I’ll be using the “Jar” idea all summer long for desserts, salads, and side dishes outdoors….love the combination of mint and chocolate!

  5. Cute! Looks so minty cool and refreshing!

  6. These look to die for!

  7. a combination like choc and mint always goes down well and this looks fab! 🙂

  8. Mmmmmm. Looks so god. =)

  9. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe, Glory! I am reeeally glad you did it and I’ll make this as soon as possible, ’cause it looks delicious :p

  10. that looks sooo good, i look like a child now.

    Blog da Sandra Costa

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