3-D Easter Bunnies

A few weeks ago, when I made a set of pastel Easter cookies, I wanted to see if I could make the hopping bunny shape (like above) really appear to be “hopping”… by making him (or her) 3-D.

I cut a notch out of the bunny, and also cut an extra cookie shape to act as grass for the bunny to jump over (and to hold him up).  I’m pretty happy with my first 3-D cookie experiment…

~ 3-D Bunny Directions ~

1.  (Before baking) Cut a notch out of the bunny shaped cookie (slightly wider than you think you’ll need, since the dough may spread a bit as baking).  Also, use a knife or rectangle shaped cutter to cut a shape like a strip of grass.

2. Outline and flood both the bunny and the grass and allow to dry completely. (Complete the bunny ear and tail too-as show in THIS post- I just took the photo too early).

3.  Slide the grass cookie into the slot on the bunny cookie and use some thick royal icing to act as glue.  Embellish the grass as desired (adding some flowers could be really cute too).

The links to my Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipes are HERE, along with the full set of cute Easter cookies.

‘Hoppy’ Easter!


  1. What an original idea! Very nice work. Love everything you do. Love them

  2. I miss a lot when I go to bed early!!! Precious! And I love the idea of adding flowers!!! I hope I have time to make these for Evan's class!

  3. adorable! and a great idea, good thinking 😉

  4. Oh fun! What a great idea 🙂


  5. Fantastic!! They look so cute. You could add a few sheep for the insomniac bakers.

  6. So cute!! Such a great idea!

  7. Fun idea, but when you made the stand look like grass, I am IMPRESSED. Fabulous touch! theenchantedoven.blogspot.com

  8. Beautiful Glory! I love the soft colors! I haven't tried 3-D cookies yet, but they look fun!

  9. these are adorable! so fun for adults and kids! i want one!

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