Baby Shower Cookies

This past week I made some cookie for a baby shower a friend was hosting.  The baby to be is a little boy, who will be named Caige.  The colors of the shower were sage green, cream and brown.  I designed these simple, classic cookies to coordinate with other treats the hostess would be serving.  I think the general designs could be used to coordinate with any color scheme, and would work equally well for a birthday, by simply changing the word baby, and maybe including the number of the birthday. 

I love the simple little dot cookies, these were about a 1.5 inch circle.  I created custom colored sanding sugar by adding one drop of food coloring (in the desired color) to a small jar of white sanding sugar.  Just shake, shake, shake, and voila!
My friend took the photo above of my cookie with a few other treats that were served.  (And don’t ask where you can buy that beautiful ruffled stand… because I already have!  It’s an antique from her grandmother).
My sugar cookie recipe is HERE.
And some decorating how-to’s to get you started are HERE.


  1. I love your cookie set!! Would you mind sharing which food color you used to achieve the sage green color?


  2. Thanks for each of your sweet comments!

    Kerri & Maria- The dots are made by flooding the cookie in one color (in this case the sage green) and then using another color of icing, also in a flood consistency and adding a drop of icing for a dot. It will make a perfect dot on its own. So simple, but I always love the look of polka-dots!

  3. LOVE these! And they looks so cute on that antique stand!

  4. Beautiful!!!!
    Quick question…how do you make the polka dots so perfect and neat??

  5. Beautiful!!!!
    Quick question…how do you make the polka dots so perfect and neat??

  6. Cookies are like the best food, and in my fav… colors..


  7. Those look fantastic! Simple yet showstopping! I love that you showcased cookies that can easily be replicated for any occasion that still look beautiful and delicious!

  8. These cookies look so yummy and adorable at the same time. You did such an AMAZING job! You are so amazingly creative. Great choice of colors! Absolutely love them!

  9. Your cookies are simple and beautiful! Love the dots…how do you do that?!

  10. Absolutely beautiful, xx

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