Hydrangea Cupcakes

Hydrangea bushes are in full bloom all over my neighborhood right now.  I love all varieties of hydrangeas, but my favorite is this traditional shaped, blue-purple color.  I picked a few this weekend and brought them inside as inspiration for cupcakes.  I’ve seen cupcakes that resembled hydrangea flowers before, but I’ve never given it a try.  It was much easier than I’d imagined and I was very happy with the results!

Hydrangea Cupcakes

~ Directions ~

I made a batch of my favorite chocolate cupcakes and delicious vanilla cream cheese frosting.  Then I colored half of the frosting blue, and half purple (mixing a few shades of blues and purples to get a good color match to the real hydrangeas).  When making the frosting, use very little cream (less than 1 tablespoon), because the coloring will add some liquid, and you need the frosting to be pretty stiff to hold a nice shape.

If you’d like to match other hydrangeas, you could certainly use other color options, like light blue and medium blue, or two shades of pink.  But I do think that frosting these with two colors (instead of just one) really added to the effect.

I filled my piping bag with the two colors of frosting, side by side.  Once your bag is filled (1/2 to 2/3 full), you may want to just squeeze some frosting into a bowl, until you see both colors coming out.

Then, using a Wilton 2D tip (a large closed star tip), I piped large, loose star shapes around the edge of the cupcake, and then filled in the center.  If the frosting starts getting too soft (no longer holds a nice shape), then put the whole bag of frosting in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to let the frosting to firm up a bit.

Now I want to plan a pretty tea party just so I can make these again!


  1. Great!VThey look hard though….
    Where do you get the Wilton 2D nozzle?

    Wish I could do that!

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  6. Hi Glory,

    Love your hydrangea frosting. This was requested by a couple on their wedding. I would like to ask on your recipe of cream cheese frosting, approximately how many cupcakes can be covered with this design. Thank you so many much.

  7. Hey
    I love these flowers amd cupcakes.
    Good job glory. I subscribed a long time ago neveractually looked at a your baking very pretty.

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  10. I finally attempted these today for my son’s preschool teacher…I had been too intimidated previously. And I’m so pleased with the results! They, of course, don’t look as nice as yours, but as long as I don’t pull up your blog to show people my inspiration while they’re eating them, I think I’ll be okay 😉

    Thank you for continuing to provide such gorgeous treat ideas and easy to follow explanations Glory!

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  14. I realise this is an older post for you now but these are quite possibly the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen. These are totally amazing. Kxx http://katevista.com

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  17. Oh wow, these are the most beautiful cupcakes I’ve ever seen! What a great idea for decoration, very inspiring. Will definitely try to make.

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  25. Where did you get the little butterflies you added to the top?

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  27. I didn’t have a 2D tip, so I used a 224. It’s a much smaller star. I covered the whole cupcake in all little blue flowers, then did the 1/2 blue and 1/2 purple. This gave the hydrangea a lot of depth. These were a big hit. Thanks for the instructions!

  28. Thank you so much for the step by step instructions. You made it so easy! I got pretty close to your colors using Wilton Violet and Wilton Royal Blue I just went very slowly adding little by little til I got it right.
    I don’t think i had as pretty petal centers as you did. Every time I picked up the tip to make a new petal I couldn’t get it to look like yours. It looked a little ragged in the center, not smooth like yours. Any tips are appreciated for next time!

  29. I made these and couldn’t believe how easy the flowers were to pipe on the cupcakes and I’m not a baker! I used Wilton sky blue and plain purple and they looked just like Glory’s. I did find that I had to practice piping the flowers and I found if I made larger petals they looked better. I’m making these for my daughter’s Graduation party, can’t wait to hear all the compliments. Thanks Glory! Oh and the chocolate cupcakes were wonderful!

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  33. Question: what frosting tip did you do for the frosting?

  34. They are too pretty to eat. Georgeous!!

  35. May I ask what the tip name is for the Hydrangea cupcakes…they are just lovely!

  36. These cupcakes are beautiful 

  37. Beautiful!! Can’t wait to make!! 🙂

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  40. Absolutely beautiful job

  41. What tips do you use to make the husky cupcakes and what do you make the tongues out of. Thank you so very much for the information.

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