Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops

It would be pretty easy to argue that most any sweet treat is extra cute when put on a stick.  These delicious chocolate chip roll out cookies are topped with simple butter frosting and sprinkles, and with the addition of a lollipop stick they make extra adorable Valentine’s or sweet party favors.

Traditional chocolate chip cookies spread or puff far too much to be used as cut out cookies, but this roll out version is just as delicious as the beloved chocolate chip cookie, but holds it shape quite well, and strikes the perfect balance between delicious and cute!  Because this recipe contains mini chocolate chips, it would be difficult to cut the dough with intricate shaped cookie cutters.  Simple shapes, such as hearts or circles work great!

Chocolate Chip Roll-Out Cookies

1 cup (unsalted) butter

1/3 cup (granulated) sugar

1/2 cup light brown sugar

1 egg yolk

2 teaspoons vanilla

2 1/3 cups flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/3 cups mini chocolate chips


In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat butter until smooth.  Add sugars and cream together.  Add egg yolk, then vanilla.  Beat until fully incorporated, and light and fluffy (30 seconds).  Add salt, then add flour, one cup at a time.  Add chocolate chips, and mix until just combined.

Pre-heat your oven to 350*F.

Form dough into two large balls.  Put one ball of dough in a bag in the fridge, while you roll out and cut the other dough as desired.  Use remaining dough from fridge once you have used the first ball of dough.

Bake cookies in a pre-heated oven on parchment or Silpat lined baking sheets for 10-12 minutes.

Recipe source-  Sugarbaker’s Cookie Cutter Cookbook

If you’d like to make the cookies into cookie pops (as shown) follow the directions below…

Roll out the dough onto a lightly floured surface, cut with desired shape (a small heart in this case).  Turn the cookie over and press a lollipop stick (these are 6″sticks), into the dough slightly.  Use a bit of extra dough to cover the stick.  Press the dough around the stick as best you can.  Turn cookies back over, press down onto baking sheet slightly, and bake as directed (10-12 min at 350*F).  The baked cookies will be nice and flat on the back, and should show no signs of the added dough.  Cool completely before decorating.

Decorating your cookies…

These cookie pops actually look quite cute plain, and I was tempted to leave them as is… but it seems to me most anything is extra cute with pink frosting and sprinkles!  These cookies could certainly be decorated with Royal Icing, but I wanted something extra simple, so I used my Simple Butter Frosting Recipe tinted pink, and spread it on the cookies with an off-set spatula.  Top with cute Valentine’s sprinkles and you have an adorable and delicious treat!  The butter frosting does not dry as hard as royal icing, but will dry enough to be packaged in cellophane bags.

Happy Valentine’s treat making!


  1. So cute! I've had mixed results with cake pops, but cookie pops are doable!

  2. These are so great! I'd love to try your butter frosting recipe! I even have mini chips in the cupboard!

  3. I now have an idea for treat day this week! Awesome

  4. Love..Love..Love!! I am a big fan of pink as well! These are adorable..and I love your photos. :)

  5. These pretty cookie pops are perfect for any occasion. These are a tasty delight for kids to give and receive. Thanks for guiding us to the best chocolates chip cookie pops that you could find.

  6. They're so lovely, very cute!
    Have a nice week

  7. I love the way u decorated it!! sooo cute! thanx for sharing!! hugs from spain! :)

  8. I love the way you have put them in the glasses with the sweets – so pretty and creative (as usual!)

  9. Love – love – love them!!!!
    Hugs – Natasha!!!!!

  10. What a fabulous idea!! They look delicious and I'm sure will go down a storm with the kids.

  11. Oh yum! I love roll out chocolate chip cookies!

  12. I started my business first with cookie pops! And so I am in total agreement…EVERYTHING is cuter on a stick.
    Even dinner. Seriously. My kid won't eat chicken and broccoli…but if I put it on a stick, suddenly it's a treat!

    Maybe I should put my laundry on a stick, because right now, the huge pile isn't looking too cute!

  13. Hi, I'm from Indonesia, and I want to ask you something that I don't know about your measurement of flour, butter, and anything that using "cup". Example: 1 cup all purpose flour. I don't know what kind of cup that I should use, because in Indonesia, we usually use "kilograms or grams". So, could you tell me about the measurement of using "cup"? Because I love your blog, and your cakes are so cute. I really want to try your recipes :) Thank you 😀

  14. These look scrumptious. Lee x

  15. I never bake a roll out dough for a chocolate ship cookie, I always made the classic with the spoon.
    I like this option because you can cut as you want. And making hearts is so lovely.

  16. These are so cute for V-day! I just made chocolate cookie pops for the first time last weekend. Fun fun!!

  17. @Liana- I use U.S. measurements (such as cups), so I'm not sure off hand what the equivalents might be, but I'm sure you could do a little google search and find the measurements you need.

  18. These are super adorable. While I agree that treats on sticks is the cutest, I am not a fan of making sugar cookies on sticks. These might be the perfect fix for me!

  19. Super cute! I LOVE that first shot you took!

  20. love, love love these they are adorable!!! and yummy, chocolate chip :)

  21. So cute I love your ideas

  22. These look deliscious!!! I love the way the frosting looks on them! And they would make a PeRfEcT favor!!!

  23. Thank you 😀
    Your blog is so lovely :)

  24. I can't wait to try this recipe … super cute and super simple — my kind of holiday treat! Love your props too, especially the double row of hearts ribbon! 😎

  25. These are adorable! I love your blog, too! I have a question: I love the way the cookie hearts on a stick look in the little glass of M & Ms. I found a 2 oz plastic shooter at our local party store, but it seems a little small. Any suggestions?
    Nicole from Kansas

  26. @Nicole- The small glasses are 5oz. juice glasses I found at my local grocery store. I wish more stores sold something similar… bigger than a shot glass, but still small scale. Hope you can find something similar!

  27. So cute!! I love all your ideas. You´re fantastic!!

  28. Sooo SOOOOOO gorgeous! I totally love the cuteness of this. I'm going to try them for valentines day! I'm so rubbish with cookies, they always morph into crazy shapes!!!


  29. Hi just wondering why you use unsalted butter? Could I use salted butter? Found you on pinterest then you blog and then FB looking forward to following you..

  30. What an adorable V-day treat! Simply cute :)

  31. What an adorable V-day treat! Simply cute :)

  32. Choco chips in roll-out dough…that's one I haven't tried yet. Thanks for the tip!

  33. Perfect Valentines day treat!

  34. You're right; Everything is extra cute on a stick! Love that top photo!

  35. Very sweet! Maybe I'll make these for my girls for v-day! Love you!

  36. A healthy recipe perfect for kids! I love the simplicity of this recipe. This is on my agenda for the weekend.

  37. These are so cute Glory and I love your creativity at putting them in a cup filled with valentine colored M&M;'s! Super cute! I just made this recipe for my son and his friends the other day and I added peppermint to the dough and extra mini chocolate chips. My son said that they tasted like his favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream! He loved them! Very fun!

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  39. Awwww these are so cute. I am definitely making them for Valentines day :)
    I was just wondering what size cookie cutter you'd recommend? Is 5cm/2'' too small or big or perfect? Thanks :)

  40. Such a great birthday or Valentine's treat for the whole family.

  41. The cookies are adorable! And I love the presentation of the pops in the shot glasses filled with candy… beautiful photo!

  42. So they hold their shape when baking?
    Also…Do you think I can make these into white chocolate macadamia nut cookie pops instead?
    Thanks! I can’t wait to try them!

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  44. These were a huge hit at our Valentine’s Day playdate – thanks so much! Next time I would add a bit of water or some other liquid since they were a little dry when rolling out and cutting, but otherwise these were just perfect! Blogged about it here:

    Have a great day!

  45. Hi! My 2 year old and I made these for her to give out to her cousins. They turned out great and tasted even better. But in the process of making these cookies my dough was dry and crumbly prior to rolling them into 2 balls. I pretty much mushed the dough flat so we can cut out the hearts and then had to use a spatula to transfer them to the cookie sheet as they were so fragile to handle. I really wanted to make the cookie pops but the hearts kept breaking when I would flip them over. As I said they did turn out delish but what did I do wrong in the baking process? Or is that how the dough is supposed to be? I’d like to make these cookies again for Easter!!

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    Thanks xo

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  53. Hello!!! This is an easy and delicious recipe!!!
    My dough is very dry….. Is that how is supposed to be?
    They crack when handling…
    I added a little of milk… And still… What should I do?

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