Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

Simply the BEST vanilla cupcake recipe!

This week I’ve made 6 batches of vanilla cupcakes and a vanilla cake.  I feel like my oven has been on for 42 hours straight!  =)  What are all these cupcakes for, you might ask.  Well, for me… and for science, and for you too.  Confused yet?   I’ll explain…

  I have been on a search for a perfect vanilla cupcake recipe for several years.  I have tried Martha’s, Magnolia’s, Billy’s and Amy Sedaris’.  I’ve read the Cake Bible from cover to cover (really!).  I’ve googled until I can’t google anymore!  Some of the recipes were good, just not perfect.  I’ve considered just giving up… maybe my expectations were to high.  I wanted a vanilla cupcake recipe that was as light and fluffy as a box mix, but without all the funny chemicals.  I wanted a cupcake that was flavorful and moist.  And I wanted it to be almost as easy to make from scratch as from a box.

This week, I wasn’t going to stop until I found what I was looking for.  So I baked and baked… then went to the store for more butter and sugar, and baked some more!  I tried recipes with butter, oil, or some of both… recipes with milk, buttermilk, or sour cream… 1 egg, 2 eggs, 5 eggs… baking powder, baking soda… bake at 350*, bake at 325*…

I made cupcakes that were lopsided, over-flowing, over-baked, and just plain ugly…

And then I made these…

They looked beautiful and tasted perfect, so I double checked all my notes to make sure I could remember what I put in them… then I made another batch to make sure it was THE ONE.

They were just as perfect!!  I think I heard angels singing….

Simply the BEST vanilla cupcake recipe!

I am SO happy to share the results of my many experiments.  I am perfectly happy with these cupcakes and look forward to making them again and again.  Now certainly, peoples tastes and preferences vary greatly.  I love these, my husband (my #1 taste tester) loves them, and I hope many of you will too.  As with any recipe, it is very important to use the best quality ingredients you can.  You will notice the recipe calls for cake flour, which is a bit more expensive than all-purpose flour, but I have found it is essential to produce the light and fluffy texture I was looking for.  Also, the recipe uses oil instead of butter.  I realized most cupcake recipes (from scratch) call for butter, and yet box mixes (which have the texture I was looking for) are baked using oil.  I was concerned that using only oil would leave the cupcakes without adequate flavor, but I found that with good quality vanilla, these cupcakes are delicious and flavorful.

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

Recipe by Glorious Treats

Yields- 15-16 cupcakes

1 1/4 cups cake flour

1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

3/4 cup sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

1/2 cup oil (vegetable, canola or extra light olive oil)

1/2 cup buttermilk

(or 1/2 cup milk plus 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar or lemon juice- add acid to the milk then set aside for 5 minutes before using)


* Preheat oven to 350*F.

* In a medium bowl, add cake flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.  Stir together with whisk, and set aside.

* In the bowl of an electric mixer, add eggs and beat 10-20 seconds.  Add sugar and continue to beat on medium speed about 30 seconds.  Add vanilla and oil, beat.

* Reduce mixer speed to low and slowly add about half of the flour mixture.  Add half of the milk, then the rest of the flour and the rest of the milk.  Beat until just combined.  Scrap down the side of the bowl.

* The batter will be thin.   Pour batter into a muffin pan prepared with paper liners.  Fill liners about 2/3 full.

* Bake cupcakes in pre-heated oven for 12-14 minutes.

* Cool in pan 1-2 minutes, then remove cupcakes from pan (carefully) and finish cooling on a wire rack.

* Frost as desired when fully cool.  I love to use my favorite Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting recipe.

* Feel free to use this recipe for a cake as well.  The recipe above will work for a 6″ cake.  Double the recipe for an 8″ or 9″ cake.

* A note about Cake Flour-  Cake Flour has a lower protein content than traditional all-purpose flour, which results in a more tender, delicate crumb in the finished product.  If you can not find or access cake flour, feel free to substitute as necessary, but your results will vary from the original recipe.

Prop notes-

Brown cupcake liners from Simply Caked.  The pretty purple cupcake liners are from Confectionery House.  The pearlized sprinkles are from Sweet Baking Supply.  Cupcake stands available at Farmhouse Wares.


  1. YAAAY!!! I have been on the hunt for a really great vanilla cupcake recipe and every one I tried hasn't quite hit the mark. I'm excited to try these, they look perfect! But your stuff always looks amazing.

    • I can’t exaggerate any more on how good these cupcakes were! Instead of the buttermilk, I used 1/2 cup of low fat  milk and 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, they came out perfect. I used store bought cream cheese icing (I cheated) and they were sublime. They were also fairly simple and quick, for being an 11 year old baker it gets frustrating when you need to wait for the eggs to become room temperature, this recipe didn’t need that! THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR THE RECIPE!!

  2. Thank you Glory!!! I, too, have been looking for that perfect vanilla cupcake recipe. I will be trying this on Friday!! :)

  3. Wow… these are just perfect. I love the purple cases, they finish the cupcakes off perfectly. I am very impressed by your effort and determination. Thank you for sharing your success. It's comforting to see that others too sometimes bake 'unacceptable' things, that are slightly wonky looking or as you put it, just plain ugly!! I seem to be stumbling upon this quite regularly at the moment :( Maybe one day I will be as talented as you. Thanks again. They look so lovely.

  4. Can't wait to try them……

  5. Oooh ooh! I can't wait to try these! Thanks! 😀

  6. Aside from the oil, these are very, very close to my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe…I always considered the buttermilk to be the secret weapon but now I'm going to have to try them with vegetable oil. And not having to wait for the butter to soften would mean you could bake these on a whim any time of the day!

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I too have been on the search for years to find the best cupcake recipes and every recipe has fallen short in some way. I can't wait to try yours.

  8. I will by trying these! We made cupcakes for my daughter's wedding last Saturday. Would have loved the lavender papers.♥♫

  9. You are my hero! Thank you, I am adding this to my recipes!

  10. Thanks for doing all the work for us! I will be sure to remember these the time I need a good ol' vanilla cake!

  11. Congratulations on your conquest. I am sure that these cupcakes are wonderfully tasty.

  12. They look so good.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your perfect vanilla cupcake recipe :) I know what it feels like to sift through recipe after recipe to find "the one" haha! I am currently on a quest to find the best sugar cookie recipe.

  14. I love that you experiment and try things over and over…..this way we can all benefit from your wisdom and not have to suffer the mess! Thanks Glory!!! I can't wait to try out this recipe!!

  15. Thank you! i've tried many different vanilla recipes too, i'll try your and hope mine come out as pretty as yours!

  16. Do you weigh the cake flour? I can't wait to try this out!! I have a fail safe recipe that always works but it too dry and not my favorite. The one I've worked and worked on for texture, flavor and moistness is so hit and miss. Thank you SO much for sharing! :-)

  17. DameDonna- I don't weigh my flour, I just gently scoop it into my measuring cup, then level, but don't pack it down.

  18. Hi Glory, thankyou for your efforts in finding the best recipe for us, could I trouble you to tell me, 1. What is the difference between all-purpose and cake flour and 2. What brand of cake flour did you choose, thanks so much, Jessica

  19. Jessica- Here is an article on the differenc between cake flour and all purpose,

    Also, I use Softasilk cake flour, mostly because it's what they sell at my local stores.

  20. Hi Glory, They look great, I am going to try them I love buttermilk in cake recipies. Thanks for posting this Marlyn

  21. Laaaaaaaaaaah!!! Angels singing. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!

  22. This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might have saved me years of suffering and therapy.

  23. Thanks so much for doing all our research for us! I, like so many others, felt the same way as you about vanilla cupcakes…I cannot wait to try them – and they came in the knick of time as I need to make some in 2 weeks for a little girl's birthday! Merci, merci, merci!

  24. Theres a whole "search" for the ultimate vanilla cupcake on another blog. I cannot wait to try these! It would be the ULTIMATE to finally find the perfect vanilla cuppie!! Thanks so much! :o)

  25. Thanks for sharing and for all your hard work! I think just about everyone grew up eating cake mix cakes & this is the taste we associate with a cake. Nowadays people want scratch cakes but they don't live up to our idea of what cake should taste like. How awesome that you have mastered a scratch recipe to taste like a mix but be much better for us. I'm so gonna try this recipe this weekend.

    P.S. I'm making your smores cookies tomorrow to take to work Friday. Can't wait :-)

  26. All in the name of science…..these look wonderful, I will add the to my to-do list. Normally I´m a butter person, but sometimes oil recipes are a bit easier to do. Thanks!

  27. I've been waiting for you to post this ever since I discovered your perfect chocolate ones – it's fabulous to have someone else do all that road testing. Thank you so much!

  28. I agree – they are indeed perfect and look stunning!

  29. I just bookmarked this recipe! I love your passionate persuite for the perfect vanilla cupcake. You should contact Stef at The Cupcake Project… She's currently hosting a thing she's calling "The Quest for the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake". You might be perfect for the explorer position?

  30. God Bless you!!! I too have been on a mission for the perfect vanilla cake. I tried all the recipes that you mentioned too never totally excited with the results. I was looking for the same things you were in a vanilla I can not wait to try these!!!!

  31. I love the photo of all the oddly shaped ones :) this is such a brilliant post! I am definitely saving it for reference next time i plan to make cupcakes, you have taken the hard work out of it for the rest of us and im very grateful for that! Gorgeous little photos to go with a fabby post :)

  32. They do look perfect and I am loving the pearly sprinkles.

  33. Es perfecto! gracias por compartir tu receta!

  34. look PERFECT!!!!
    Will love to try it…
    but I don´t know where in Spain I can find "Cake Flour".. mmmh
    thank´s for sharing…

  35. You are a dear for sharing this with us, I have been on the search also. I will def. try your combi. How many grams are 2 eggs on your side? Because here in The Netherlands we have S, M en L sizes….
    Many Thanks and kindest regards.

  36. I am so excited to try these!! Thanks for all your hard work!! I love every recipe you post!!!

  37. Did you know you can make your own cake flour? No need to spend $4 a box anymore or make a special trip to the store! Simply add 2 T. cornstarch to each 1 cup flour your recipe calls for, and sift twice. Then measure from that mixture. Voila!

  38. Congrats on your success! Yep, they certainly do look perfect! It's good to know their taste matches. We are lucky that we get to benefit from your diligence:)

  39. What brand vanilla do you use? I'm looking for something better than the generic brand I see at the grocery store. Can't wait to try these.

  40. Thank you so much for sharing! With these times its really costly to try to experiment with recipes. I have had to cut back on stocking my pantry, and have had to rely on great reviews like this when it comes to trying new recipes. I'm confident enough this recipe will work for me! Thanks again!

  41. This one cracks me up. You sound like me a few weeks ago. I was "searching" endlessly for the perfect white cake for my daughter's birthday earlier this month. Your narrative on the oil and butter was right on! In fact, I made two recipes (one oil, one butter), was not satisfied, then went to chocolate for the party! I will be trying yours soon. I had to stop at two times, because my husband didn't' want the cake sitting around. Take care.

  42. @Xandra- All U.S. recipes are made for large eggs, unless otherwise noted.
    @Sharon- I use Watkins vanilla.

    About cake flour- Cake flour has a lower protein content than all purpose, and is milled finer. If you can not find cake flour, a close substitue would be to add 2 Tablespoons corn startch to just under a cup of flour, to equal 1 cup cake flour. Sift together. I have never used this, so your results may vary from my original recipe. Feel free to use google as a great source of information on substitutions.

  43. I've been a cake box fan for a while now, I've gave scratch cupcakes a try and they have never tasted good or had the fluffy texture that the cake box gives you!
    I'm so glad you found a scratch recipe that works so good and makes the most cute cupcakes! I'm anxiously waiting to give your recipe a try! 😀

  44. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! Ahhh, I'm so excited. i've also been on the hunt for this and mine always looked like the "ugly" ones. Can't wait to try this!!!

  45. So happy I just bought some buttermilk and have all the other ingrediants on hand…trying this one tomorrow! Thank you once again for sharing and your beautiful blog!

  46. Will be trying out this recipe soon, many thanks.

  47. Wow Glory you've certainly hit the mark with this one :) look at all of the comments you have received. I have just one more question to add please… When filling the cupcake cases do you measure the 2/3 using a cookie scoop or anything? I sometimes struggle to ensure consist sizing and not over filling the cases. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful recipe and tips.

  48. Thank you Glory, like all the others, I've been in search of a great Vanilla Cupcake. My husband comes home and says "Not more yellow cupcakes". I'm constantly trying new recipes. I have found that recipes with oil rather than butter will give you a moister cupcake. So, you do need a flavor to compensate for the butter. I am going to try vanilla bean paste. Much more concentrated than vanilla extract. Can't wait to try your recipe…..thanks you!

  49. Hehehe… I thought the lead in to your story was hilarious listing all the ingredient combos and oven temperatures you've tried.

    I have a question though and it's a problem I run into often…

    I have a wonderful Vanilla Cupcake recipe from the Crabapple Bakery in Australia (I'm happy to share but I don't want to do your head in after all this hard work) and it makes around 30 cupcakes. Your receipe yields 15-16 cupcakes. The only cupcake tins I have ever seen are for 12 cupcakes. What do you do with the remaining mix while the first batch bakes?

    I have tried baking two trays at the same time (one on top of the other on different racks) but both always come out substandard. I've tried leaving the remaining cake mix in the mixing bowl but it obviously looses it's airation. I've tried to leave the remaining cake mix on a slow beat to keep the airation. None of which work. Short of having a double oven (which I will be getting next year) what did you do?

    Thanks so much :)

    Penny – Little Housewife, Auckland, New Zealand

  50. I can't wait to try these…. So many if us have been on the same mission! Who would have thought a good "vanilla" cupcake would be so hard to conquer! Thanks for sharing the results of all your hard work:)

  51. Love the purple cupcake liners you have :)

  52. Good timing! I have been looking for one too. Thanks for sharing!

  53. I am looking forward to trying these. I cannot find regular buttermilk at any of my local grocers. They are ALL reduced fat!! If I use the alternative is it going to mess up the "perfection"??

  54. @Little Housewife- Yes, most cupcake pans hold 12 cupcakes, so it will be be fine to let the batter sit out while the first batch bakes. Just give the batter a little stir before baking the second batch. Baking powder is activated by heat, so it will not lose it's power by sitting at room temperature.

    @Las Vegas Mama- Yes, most buttermilk is 2% and that will be perfect. Also, I never have buttermilk on hand, and I use the milk with a little vinegar alternative =)

  55. i can hardly wait to try this recipe! Thank you for all of your hard work! Tell James we appreciate all of his hard work taste testing all those cupcakes to! Love you!

  56. What size tip did you use for the frosting? It looks beautiful!

  57. i'm not necessarily saying their is a case of plagiarism going on, but this was weird to me, only hours after you posted:

    vanilla cupcakes w/ vanilla frosting, same wrappers, same sprinkles??

    weird, right?

  58. @Chloe- No copying on either end, just a strange coincidence! We've chatted (Jamie of My baking addiction and I) and even considered making changes to our posts, but decided to leave them as is. We just both have great taste in supplies =)

  59. That sure is looking delicious. Thank you for sharing your yummy ingredient to us. I'll be looking forward for your next post.

  60. I have been dying (not literally) to find a really good cupcake/cake recipe for regular old vanilla. I will certainly try these out—the chocolate and the vanilla! Thanks for working so hard!!!! AND SHARING!!!

  61. My niece emailed me today, looking for a cupcake recipe for a baby shower, and you can bet I will be linking her directly to these:)
    Thanks also for the great cupcake baking tips!

  62. Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  63. I really enjoyed baking this cupcake. I live by your chocolate and the vanilla is a good recipe also. I have one question though, it isn't that sweet. At first bite it tasted like a muffin, but then it began to taste like a cupcake. Is there a way to add a bit more sugar without the possibility of messing up the cupcake?

  64. How do your liners stay so perfect as well? Love them!

  65. @Anonymous- If you would like the cupcakes a bit sweeter, I think you could add up to 1/4 cup more sugar and leave the other ingredients the same.

    @Brandy- I'll be posting on the cupcake liners in the next week or so.

    @Amalia- I used a 1M tip for these, I'll be posting more on piping tips in the next week or two.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. These look amazing. =o] I've been on the search for a perfect white and yellow cupcake/cake forever! I just tested a yellow cake a few days ago..yet another failure!

  68. This was the solution to all of my problems…amazing. I went with a buttercream frosting with buttermilk and it was perfect!! THANK YOU!!!!

  69. Thanks for the perfect recipe for vanilla cupcakes. I hate to say it but, I'm glad someone has the all the hard work for us! I'm jusst getting my feet wet with decorated sugar cookies and i'd love to learn how to make a few good cupcakes. (Gotta love all the inspiration from "Cupcake Wars" as well as your awesome blog, BTW they look fantastic. again thanks so much!!

  70. I love the pictures.What camera do you use?

  71. Wow, these really do look perfect! I've been frustrated with most of the vanilla cupcake recipes I've tried. I'm definitely going to try this one.

  72. I too have just about given up finding a good vanilla cupcake. I have tried and tired and searched until i could search no more.
    I can't wait to try these!!

    They look absolutely delicious!!
    Thank you

  73. Looks wonderful! I cannot wait to try them. I have a question. How do you keep your cupcake liners from getting oily or messy?

    Whenever I make cupcakes mine aren't as clean looking after the cupcakes have cooked and sometime seem oily at the bottom. Also, I have issues with the liners folding inward while I am pouring in the batter (I have even used an ice cream scoop and squeeze bottle). So they never come out looking as nice as yours. What is the secret?


  74. i am doing these! i have tried magnolia twice and have made some sad looking but very moist vanilla cupcakes with them….i think its the butter…so love you use oil…thanks for sharing!!!

  75. Can't wait to try them!

  76. OMG, thank you soooo much for the recipe! I've been searching for the good cupcakes recipe for ever, and really getting depressed for not making them right. The cupcake came out perfect, spongy feel and good looking. And a great taste.

  77. Yay!!!! Thanks sooo much for posting these!! I can't wait to try these!I've been looking for a vanilla cake recipe for a long time, but never found one I liked.

  78. Thanks for all the sweet comments!
    @K. Gardner- I just added a post all about cupcake liners,

    @Food Photography- I use a Cannon 30D, with a 50mm 1/8 lens

  79. Thanks for all your hard work and experimentation. I will def bake these!!!

  80. Hi – I couldn't wait to try these, so I did! I could only find White Lily 'light' all purpose flour – so my cupcakes rose more than I'd hoped. But the texture and flavor were nice. So, I will try them again and just put less batter in each liner. Trying the cream cheese frosting next. Thanks!

  81. Hi, I live in the UK where cake flour does not exist. As an alternative would Self Raising or Plain flour be the equivalent?

  82. i attempted these cupcakes and the texture was great!

    but one question – beacuse there is no butter in the recipe, how would i make the cupcakes sweeter? or more fuller with flavour.

    more sugar and vanilla?

  83. Just had to stop by and thank you very much for the recipe. I found you through Thimbleanna who swooned over your cupcakes.
    I’ve just made the vanilla cupcakes yesterday and they were perfect and that is saying something as we are a no egg household (two of us are allergic) and it is always a bit iffy making new recipes using my egg replacement that I get from the health food shop…but these cupcakes turned out light and fluffy just like one with eggs and the crumb was perfect and I’m overjoyed that once again the cupcake in all its glory is back in my life!

    Thank you thank you!!!

    (P.S….sorry for the ramble…must be the sugar high!!) :o)

  84. @Gillian- If you can't find cake flour, feel free to try all purpose flour (plain flour), for each cup of flour, remove one tablespoon of flour, and add one tablespoon of corn starch, sift together well.

    @Joey- These cupcakes are designed to be frosted, so I didn't want them overpowered with sweetness. You are welcome to increase the sugar a bit if you like.

  85. Hi – These look delicious!! How far in advance can I make these and your Perfectly Chocolate cupcakes? And would I need to refrigerate them? I need to make seven dozen and want to get started …
    Thank you!

  86. @Mel G- Most cupcakes are best the day they are made. If needed, bake the cupcakes the day before they will be served. Cover them, and keep them at room temperature.

  87. Had to try these so I baked a batch this morning. The consistence was like a box mix (light and fluffy). Mine didn't bake as pretty but I over filled the liners a bit. I also made my own buttermik, next time will use store bought. I also think I'll shift the ingredients. Overall I really liked the taste. Thanks for sharing.

  88. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but all the cupcakes sank in the middle…..They tasted good! Could you help me out when you get a chance as to why they sink in. Thanks!

  89. Holy wow, perfect is right! I just made these, and oh my goodness they are delicious and beautiful! Fluffy, light, perfectly sweet, and perfectly shaped!

    I love baking and decorating cupcakes, but seldom like eating them. I'm just not a cake person. I prefer pastries and cookies. But these? I am trying like heck not to eat all of them right now!!

    I doubled the recipe AND I made them into rainbow cupcakes. Ambitious for my first try with this recipe, but I figured, why not? I thought the extra mixing and pouring of the different layers might have resulted in crappy cupcakes, regardless of how great the recipe seemed, but I was totally wrong. Even after all the mixing and pouring, they came out absolutely beautiful.

    I can't thank you enough for this!

    (Also, after almost two full years of unemployment, I FINALLY found a job and started this week. I'm making these cupcakes for my new co-workers, and they are going to be seriously impressed. If anyone asks for the recipe, I will be directing them here. Thank you thank you thank you!)

  90. YUM!!! i try almost all your recipes and they are absolutely u happen to have a chocolate or white mud cake recipe you would like to share? tried plenty of recipes and they dont turn out as good as i want them to..thank u :)

  91. Dear Glory,

    Thankyou again for your efforts here.

    I have made these twice now, the first time subing the flour and buttermilk, the second time (last night) with Achor Cake Flour (from Australian Coles Supermarkets) and Buttermilk both times the cake was gorgeous, but when I peel back the wrapper the base of the cupcake is quite brown versus the actual body of the cupcake.

    I thought this may be because I am overcooking these, but I am following the recipe to a t and had reduced the cooking time for each batch. Is this just me? Or is this normal?

    Thanks so much,



  92. This IS the PERFECT cupcake recipe. I made your recipe for a birthday party last weekend.. They were a hit, they even shadowed the cake from a fancy bakery..and I didn't used the mixer..
    Aimee B.

  93. AHHH ! Thank you so much for this recipe. It's perfect. I did a tiny twist though..I made them into rainbow cupcakes ! They came out beautiful and oh-so yummy. :)

  94. I can't wait to try this recipe, but I have a question. Do you use a convection oven? 12-14 minutes for cupcakes doesn't seem like enough time. Just curious.

  95. @Jessica- Without being in the kitchen with you, sometimes it's hard to say what the problem may be. Are you putting the cupcakes in the oven before it's fully pre-heated? Maybe your pans are a dark finish, or too thin, that can sometimes cause extra browning.

    @Sarah- No, I don't use a convection oven (or I would have noted that). I know the time seems on the low side, but I've made these several tims, and it seems to work out great! Of course you are welcome to test them with a toothpick for doneness.

  96. These are delicious! I made them last night and brought them to work this morning. All dozen were gone by 10 a.m. Mine looked lumpy but tasted good…I guess I added the flour too quickly (?) but was afraid of overbeating. Thanks for your hard work!

  97. I thought they could use a bit more sugar and SURELY did not have enough vanilla in them. Thank you for the recipe though. My search continues! :)

  98. I discovered your recipe on FB. With my daughter's 6th birthday coming up this weekend I decided to try the cupcakes out before I tackled the cake. I haven't frosted them yet, but I must say, they don't even need frosting. These are scrumptious! Great recipe!

  99. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My search for a great vanilla cupcake recipe has finished! Perfection

  100. I love the cake stands; so cute! Your cupcakes are gorgeous too.

  101. Hi, would you recommend halving the recipe? or do you think it would yield different results? Thanks
    p.s these are just looking soo lovely

  102. If I'm doubling the recipe and making an 8-9 inch cake how should I adjust the cook temp and time??? Thanks!

  103. I adore these! How could we make these chocolate?

  104. Can I use all-purpose flour instead for your Perfect Vanilla Cupcake recipe?

  105. I too have been looking for that perfect Vanilla cake recipe………..I think my search ends here.. Great blog overall. Glad to follow it.

  106. Tu blog ha sido el gran descubrimiento del año!!!
    Dios mio que blog tan fantastico.

  107. Hi Glory,
    I'm just waiting for my last (4th)batch of vanilla cupcakes to come out of the oven and while I wait, I must share the weirdest experience. I followed the recipe to a T for the first batch. The only thing I didn't have in the fridge was buttermilk so I did the milk/vinegar thing and followed the recipe. The batter yielded 16 cupcakes but each and every one of them spread (flat like cookies), overflowed and were just plain ugly. I decided to make a second batch but this time I doubled the recipe. After putting in the first pan of the second batch, I decided to taste one of the ugly cupcakes. They were horrible! The salt overpowered the cupcake and the cupcake texture was too airy (I mean you barely pinch the case off and it fell apart). After tasting the salt, I realized that I completely forgot the salt in the second batch, but these came out amazing! The batter didn't spread, they looked like they fit the cupcake case much snugger and best part, they taste great. The texture of the second batch is a bit denser than the first batch, but moist and delicious. The only mishap with the doubled quanitity was that some of them came out just right, while others had a huge dome on top. What do you think?

  108. I was wondering about the oven. I have a gas oven; where should I position the racks?

  109. I tried these…super! Delicious, easy and economical. Made two batches because my normally picky son liked them so much. They aren't very sweet, which i think is best with all the frosting on top! Made the Sweetapolita's Swiss buttercream- came out beautifully and tasted great with the cupcakes. Thankyou for the recipe!

  110. Thank you for this great recipe! I really want to try it soon. Looks like I have been missing out on your blog–not anymore!

  111. I wanted to make this as a cake. How should I adjust the bake time or temperature?

  112. The best vanilla cupcakes!!!…Thank you for sharing this recipe…Greetings from Canary Islands!

  113. all your cupcakes are fascinating that i reli want to try them out! 😀
    May i know for your measuring cup, is 1 cup = 250mL or 200mL?
    Besides, what's your cupcake size? are they around 6cm in diameter? If i'm using paper cups with ~4cm in diameter, should i reduce the baking time by half for all recipes?
    For oil, would corn oil or peanut oil be fine?
    While for frosting, how could i shuffle / substitute the ingredients if i want the sweet flavour to reduce by half?
    Sorry for so many questions… Many thanks in advance! =]

  114. I just made a batch of these today because my 3 year old wanted vanilla cake. We had fun baking together. They tasted great….didn't look very pretty because I let him fill the cups up :) This was my first time making cake from scratch…I've always used a box mix. Never again! These were so much better.

  115. This looks really amazing…where could I find buttermilk and cake flour though?



  118. Thank you for this recipe! My daughter is having a cupcake party for her 2nd birthday and I've been stressing about finding a good cupcake recipe. I found this on pinterest. THANK YOU!

  119. OMG, I haven't been able to follow regularly but i just came back to look at the recipe section and saw the vanilla cupcake at the bottom of the page! can't wait to try these!

  120. i am soooo happy to find your blog and to find out you experimented. i am trying these for my daughter's 6th birthday. will let you know how it goes :)

  121. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I just tried it, and my cupcakes turned out perfect! I didn't think they'd look as good as yours in the pic, but they did!! Can't wait to try the butter cream frosting now!! :) Emashka xx

  122. cream cheese frosting, that is*

  123. I try this recipe Oh my God perfect thank you so much

  124. I tried these… The first batch came out yummy and the second batch not no much. I took them to a bake sale and mine were the only ones that sold out. Thanks for the recipe.

  125. Hi, just tried your recipe, and this cupcakes are perfect :) Thank you for experimenting and shearing.

  126. I just baked a batch and wanted to know how your cupcakes came out with that beautiful dome? Mine spread flat. I've read that an initial higher temperature and then reducing the temp. will ensure a dome-though this doesn't work when i do it. Is that what you did? Wonder what i'm doing wrong? They taste great but i was hoping they'd look like yours in the picture. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

  127. So I have been searching a long time as well. I made a batch and carefully sifted the flour and they came out sunken and darker on top than I wanted. Then I added a couple Tablespoons more of cake flour to the remaining batter and viola! Perfect, light, golden cupcakes. If your cupcakes are caving in, try adding a bit more flour. I would love a weight measure, so maybe I'll find it on my own. Thanks for the lovely recipe.

  128. These are great! I was looking for an easy, yummy and fluffy cupcake recipe and you have perfected it!
    I made my batch as mini cupcakes with mini chocolate chips and the are really good.
    I can't wait to decorate them for my kids christmas party:)

  129. what kind of oven do you use? i've been baking cupcakes using the convection feature of my oven but noticed that the time to peak in the middle. Your cupcakes looks so nicely shaped that i would like to know if you use the normal baking method on your oven.

  130. Thank u for da recipe…i tried it, they were perfect tasted well..i wanted to ask that whenever i bake cupcakes they are not perfectly shaped..they r either too flat or too domed or uneven shall i bake them perfect shaped cupcakes…thanks

  131. thank you for sharing your success! i came across your blog just today and like you (and many other bakers) i've been on the search (no HUNT) for that perfect recipe for years. Ive tried so many and the one that i liked the most outa the lot was Donna Hay's double chocolate cupcake recipe. Will be trying these over the weekend. And thank you oh so much for the frosting tips. You're god-sent :)
    Love, muneera

  132. can't wait to try, thanks for not giving up

  133. Thank you so much for this recipe, my husband thanks you also. I've always stuck with Martha's recipe for vanilla cupcakes but these are 1000 times better. Light and fluffy, just what I was looking for!
    It is also the perfect cake recipe for Maple Pudding cake.

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. First of all, I wann thank you for that great recipe. I really love it! But I have a question: for 2 days now I‘m searching for these sweet little…ähm…i don‘t know what it‘s called…mini cake plates? These tiny plates, your Cupcakes are standing on. Where can I find them? Would be great, if you can help me.

    Love & greeting from your german reader

  136. 2 questions about this recipe – 1> would you suggest altering the baking time for minis? and 2) what are your thoughts on butter extract to add that missing butter flavor? Im from the south so I have relatives that swear by it, but Im always wary of getting that alcohol taste, especially in something this delicate. Looking forward to trying this one out!

  137. @Elli- The cupcakes stands are from Farmhouse wares (as mentioned at the end of the post)

    @Morgan- For minis I would suggest a baking time of 6-8 minutes. You'll have to give it a try. Feel free to add butter extract if you like. I would start with 1/2 teaspoon.

  138. Oh God…i‘m so sorry. Anyway, thank you very much!

  139. I was wondering what the baking time would be if I used this recipe to make an 8" cake instead? Thanks so much for the help and the great recipe. I can't wait to try it!

  140. Oh my goodness…these were so delicious! Thank you for this recipe. It's amazing 😀

  141. I made these yesterday. The taste was great but they were a little crumbly and stuck to the paper. Did I bake them too long? The first batch I baked for 14 minutes and the second batch was baked for 13 minutes.

  142. Oh my lordy! I googled moist vanilla cupcake and found your blog. One of the best things I have done!! These cakes were sooooo easy and tasted like heaven! And the cream cheese frosting worked perfectly with them. I had so many people compliment me on them. I loved your recipe so much I am featuring it on my blog now…
    x Molly

  143. Made these with my daughter yesterday and hands down the best vanilla cupcake I've ever had. I couldn't believe I made it! This is the only vanilla cupcake recipe I will ever use.

  144. Thank you for this recipe- going to try it out today for my son's party. It makes a perfect amount- I didnt want 30 cupcakes now :)

  145. Was just wondering if your cupcake recipes could also be made into just 1 big cake?

  146. Hi,
    I am trying to find the perfect recipe for my daughter's first birthday cupcakes and giant cupcake-cake. I have never baked a cake or cupcakes before so I am trying to make sure I have everything perfect before I get started. I have a few questions.

    1) Will this recipe work with a Wilton-giant cupcake two cavity pan? If so, will the temperature and time of cooking vary? I am not sure how many it serves but I think it serves 12 people.
    2)Will this recipe work with a fresh strawberry filling?
    3)Will these cupcakes and giant cupcake work out with a Swiss merangue buttercream (vanilla flavor) frosting, strawberry filling and topped with rock candy?
    4)I am open to different recipes. I would like a vanilla cake with strawberry filling and buttercream icing but I am just trying to find a great recipe for this. I am so afraid of messing this up!

    Whatever advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Your blog is amazing, thanks for everything!


  147. @Kathleen, Yes you can certainly use this to make one large cake. For an 8" cake, use one recipe per layer (for two layers, double the recipe, for three layers, tripple the recipe).

    @Laci- In general I would never recommend trying all new recipes for the first time for a party. If you could do a trial run first, it will reduce the stress for the actual party quite a bit!
    This recipe should work fine for the giant cupcake pan, although I'm not sure how much batter you'll need. You may need to tripple the recipe. And you'll have to just watch it a bit to check for baking time. The fillings and frostings you listed I'm sure will be delicious with this cake. Best of luck!

  148. Hi Gloria. Your recipe certainly sounds like it won't go tumbling down on me. I had a real temptation to have a REAL chocolate cupcake yesterday so i baked them. However my recipe called for 3 eggs and as i dont eat eggs, i ommitted them. :((( would your recipe turn out ok without eggs?

  149. I'm definitely going to try these – they look delicious! I'm hungry now!

  150. WOW! I just made these for my daughter's pre-school class for her birthday. I made these into the rainbow ones on pintrest and all I can say is I will be up early tomorrow morning to make new ones for her to bring to school! Simply delicious! Oh yeah…and I love baking and this was my first time making cupcakes from scratch! I will never make a differnt vanilla cupcake! Thank you for sharing!!

  151. not sure what i did wrong, i've never had an issue with baking before but these sunk and were brown on top…any pointers? I followed the recipe to the T and double checked after they came out ruined and i had every thing the way it was written…

  152. @Nathan and Katie- I'm not sure what to suggest… I've used this recipe several times with good results. Usually when cupcakes sink it's because they need to be baked just a bit longer, or the liners were overfilled, and the cupcakes overflowed, and had nothing to hold up the strucure. Unless by chance you are at a high elevation, that would a whole different issue. Feel free to experiment with variations, or give another recipe a try. Best of luck!

  153. @Anonymous commenter who keeps leaving rude comments-
    This is my personal site, where I share my photos, ideas and baking experiences. If you try a recipe and have a specific question as to why it may have not turned out as expected I am very open to that, and will try to offer suggestions. But if you have nothing to offer but negativity, then your comments will be removed.

  154. I actually am at a high elevation, so I'll adjust for that with the recipe and try again!

  155. Yahoo…! This one is a keeper. I loved them. I made this and it came perfect! Thanks a lot…xoxo

  156. I have made these numerous times and they are always a hit-even with the cake mix lovers :) I reaaallly love vanilla so I always add homemade vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste.

  157. I am a beginner and I made this cupacake recipe, they were easy and awesome. It is so good I can eat it even without the frosting.

  158. hey dear i tried your recipe today i like taste and they r too moist but the problem is they looks sp bad like your first photo can you tell me what i did wrong?
    I followed same direction what you said in recipe please tell me what i did wrong because i wanna try again

  159. In the oven now! Wish me luck!!

  160. Thank you! I adapted your recipe to be gluten free and they turned out very tender moist and super vanilla.

    Frosted with Bourbon Vanilla SMBC!
    So happy:)

  161. I just baked these for a customer and the smell amazing. I think i am going to bake another batch for my house this evening with my daugther who is 2 1/2 and loves baking with me. This way I know how the product tastes. I doubled the batter to make however only ended up with 24 cupcakes but my were higher then yours so thats probably why i only got 24. Thank you so much for the recipe my home smells amazing so they must taste just as good as they smell :)

  162. I just made 3 batches of the cupcakes. They are delicious! I'm turning them into my nieces first birthday "cake". Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe!

  163. search for perfect vanilla cake ends here. Just made the first batch and all of them are gone !! Super moist, light and fluffy !! I am going to make more tomorrow for my son's Valentine's Day class party .Thank you very much for the recipe.

  164. I tried and the result it's not satisfying. sorry.

  165. I tried to make these and used duck eggs. Now duck eggs are very large. I dont think they came out as good as they should. Should i have used only one duck egg (which I heard are GREAT for baking). Or should I have just used fresh chicken eggs? About to make a batch with fresh chicken eggs.:) All in all they are really good. Im wondering if my vanilla is not right. My mom gave me pure vanilla from Mexico. Hum? Thoughts?


  166. Hi, I'm new to this blog but when I Read about your experiments, I sighed in relief as I have been on this mission myself in exact same way, only today I tested 3 diff recipes including Mary berry, magnolia and other and none to my liking! I googled till I'm cross eyed
    BUT can't wait to try these, I am in the uk so don't have cake flour but I do use the home made version which is supposed to be equivalent of cake flour!

    Hope they turn out as j expect , and will post if they do

  167. any chance this can be converted into English metric? I have tried loads on Google and just cant do it.

  168. Made these last night for my son's school valentine's party. The best cupcakes I have ever made! Thank you. The only change I added was to additionally use one full vanilla bean in the batter. My husband loved them. I am definitley going to check out the rest of your site. Thank you again!

  169. I'm sorry to be a party pooper; mayb its because I used
    regular milk not butter milk but these cup cakes come out flat on top and all different sizes. The sponge does seem exceptionally light though so 10/10 there. It seems the key is to use much bigger cupcake cases to get that "rounded top" good luck cupcake makers!

  170. I must be doing something wrong, because my batter wasn't thin! It was quite a thick and heavy batter. It turned out fairly moist, but not as moist as what I would have imagined… I used vegetable oil and buttermilk. Is the batter supposed to be crepe thin or pancake thin? Please help!

  171. Glorious indeed! thanks for sharing this… I can't wait to try this later. I'm in search for a "perfect vanilla cupcake" sans the funny ingredients that I'm not so fond of using hehe. I love your blog btw. keep it up!

  172. I Love this recipe. I was just curious though, could I substitute the vanilla extract for lemon extract to make these taste like a lemon cake? I was doing to do a raspberry cream cheese frosting so I wanted to be sure????

  173. Do you really mean eleven cups of flour?? And eleven tsp of baking powder and eleven tsp on vanilla extract??

  174. These look great but Im a lactose free girl and I cant have buttermilk is there a sub. I could use instead of buttermilk because i love that pink cake with swirl frosting. I was going to make it for my b-day party but in teals.
    Please Help

  175. Thanks for sharing this great recipe! This is the vanilla cupcake recipe tat I am looking for after trying a few….

  176. I made these and they were super delicious, but it made only 8 cupcakes for me, maybe because I used an egg replacer instead of eggs, now if i want to make these my way into 12, how do I increase the ingredients?? could you tell me pleaseeeee, thanks

  177. @ anonymous. Hello. That's one and one fourth. Or one and one half. Not eleven. Look again. It happens to the best of us wink wink wink:-)

  178. I have been searching for 6 months for a vanilla cake recipe!!! I have baked 10 cakes and threw every single one of them away until I baked this one! This cake is so yummy and is fool proof. THANK YOU for preventing me from baking another 10 cakes that the garbage will enjoy!

  179. Thanks for the perfect vanilla cupcakes recipe. It seems you found the right combination of ingredients for light and fluffy cupcakes.

  180. I made these the other day, and all I can say is finally a cupcake that lives up to its name.
    This recipe is a keeper.

  181. I made these as a test run for my daughter's 1st birthday party. They were really yummy, but they were TINY. They didn't rise at all. Any suggestions on how to fix that, or is that just how this recipe bakes up?

  182. Hi Glory, Thank you for your hard work Can you advise to the WEIGHT of the measured cake flour? I have learned to bake by weight and not by measured volume and have found this greatly adds to ensure a successful end product. Thank you in advance. JM

  183. I made these a few weeks ago and they tasted very good! I have one question though. The tops of mine were hard and flat, unlike yours which look soft and not flat at all. The insides were soft, though. I followed the recipe exactly, except I used lemon juice and milk instead of buttermilk like you suggested. But other than that I don't know what it could be. I want to try them again in hopes I won't have the same problem. Do you know what the problem could be? I'm not sure if it's my oven, or what. It was weird because other than that they were delicious! Thanks!

  184. Hi,
    Can I use this recipe to make a circle cake? not cupcakes but a whole cake??

  185. This was a delicious recipe and they came out beautiful! Although, the recipe says it makes around fifteen cupcakes but it make about 9 cupcakes that were each 2/3rds full. I tripled the recipe and came out with 30 cupcakes. Just FYI!

  186. So what did I do wrong? I followed the recipe and my cupcakes came out spongy? Any ideas?

  187. I made these with your American Buttercream recipe. They turned out great! Here's my post, featuring your blog. :)


  188. I made these. I have a small cupcake business that I run out of my home. I have tried countless vanilla recipes and was always disappointed. Never once did I like any of them. The cake was always dry and the appearance of the cupcakes was unacceptable, sunken in the middle, or flat at best, some came out round, others came out oval! How in the world that happens is beyond me. Your recipe is the best vanilla recipe I have ever tried. My cupcakes came out soft, moist, perfectly shaped and domed on the top. I dyed my batter green and decorated them with green and white icing for a St. Patty's Day order that was placed by my office. The office peeps said I out did myself. I will for sure follow your blog in future since this is what I have to expect from your recipes. Outstanding, thank you.

  189. Can anyone please tell me what I did wrong? My were flat and oily! I followed the receipe 1/2 cup of oil….is that right.

  190. Reading this entry was like reading my diary. I have tried dozens of recipes in search of one with the same things you were looking for (especially the light texture). I too immersed myself in the Cake Bible and tried countless recipes with high promises. Can't wait to try them…though I'm skeptical because I've been let down so often before…on the other hand, I discovered the Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate cake recipe recently and you use that, so maybe there is hope for the vanilla too… can't wait to try!

  191. This is just what I was looking for!
    Although I have a question, I only have access to self rising cake flour, can you possibly tell me what adjustments I need to make?

  192. To Anonymous
    Posted Feb 9 2012

    You mentioned you adapted this recipe to be gluten-free .. Do you mind sharing what you did? I'm getting quite frustrated at trying to find a gluten-free vanilla cake recipe that is moist AND that doesn't taste gluten-free.


  193. Okay, so I have a question for you. I read all the comments and didn't see it, so hopefully I'm not redundant. I saw that you scoop your flour into the cup but do you sift your cake flour? It make a 1/2 ounce per cup difference if it's sifted…

  194. These just came out of the oven. I have't even frosted them yet & they are amazing! I'm truly a novice baker but have this new found cupcake obsession. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  195. Baked these last night and they were perfect. I did have to bake them about 5 minutes more, I use a GE Profile electric oven, and I know all ovens are different. They were so delicious and I was surprised there were any left this morning with 5 people in the house. Thank you so much for a delicious recipe!

  196. I can't wait to try this! I think I may try it as a cake first, though! Sounds delicious!!! :)

  197. WOWEEEEE!!!!! It was 9am South African time and I was lying in bed browsing for a better cupcake recipe as I am "practicing" and trying to improve my (non existent) baking skills as my kids turn 4 and 5 next month. I just baked a batch using your recipe and OMG they are stunning! So light and fluffy with a tinge of saltiness (buttermilk). What a recipe! Love it :)))

  198. These are amazing!! Thank you sooo much!!

  199. These were ok but did not live up to all the hype. I found these overly oily and not nearly enough vanilla.

    Thank you for sharing, you're hard work is much appreciated.

  200. Hi Glory,
    I was looking for a cupcake recipe that uses oil instead of butter and found your blogsite. Tried it today and they turned out great. Thanks for sharing! I made a minor modification to the recipe by substituting buttermilk with yoghurt since I couldn't find buttermilk here. I also used fresh vanilla instead of extract. Since the mixture was quite thick I added 1/4 cup of low fat milk. They still turned out good and my friends and husband love them! Thanks again!!

  201. What a FANTASTIC recipe! Thanks so much for going through all the hard work to deliver such a great cupcake. Here's my post using your recipe!

  202. I live in England so we don't have buttermilk or cak flour so i just used the normal subsitutes (add cornflour to plain flour and add white wine vinegar to milk). I made them this morning and they taste great but don't look so good. The top of the cak cooked but them some mixture burst through (on all of them)so they look abit messy. The "skin" is also abit wrinkly. Do you have any advice on how to solve these problems?? Thanks!

  203. Your vanilla cupcake recipe is simply delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  204. Last time I purchased paper liners they came with foil liners also. What is the purpose of the foil liners. Are they both required or are the foil ones for something special?

  205. They came out too oily.


  207. *thumbs up* this recipe was marvelous! made a batch last weekend and gonna make it again this weekend! hehehe…thanks for sharing. xoxo!

  208. Do you think you could use coconut oil as a substitute for the oil? Hope to hear back soon! Thanks!

  209. I just had a batch come out of the oven and must say they are absolutely delicious and moist. They came out perfect with a nice round top, just like the picture. I have tried many recipes online and some have been good, but this will be my go to recipe from now on. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  210. Hi! I was excited to try your recipe, but the cupcakes turned out a little dense for me. They had this weird mouth feel taste to them.

    Oh, well. This was a great stop. Still looking for a perfect vanilla cupcake recipe!

  211. @The Fancy Fritter- I've never tried them with coconut oil… isn't coconut oil quite solid? I would recommend using a liquid oil, but feel free to experiment!

  212. These were AMAZING! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I have found my new favorite vanilla cupcake. They even tasted awesome 3 days later…I wished that I had more! I used all purpose w/cornstarch instead of cake flour, but next time I will be sure to use cake flour to get a finer crumb. Thanks again!

  213. I tried the recipe the other day with high hopes and I'm not sure why they did not turn out as beautiful as the pictures. Has anyone had experience using unbleached cake flour? I was using that up until yesterday when I wondered if it was making my cupcakes flat or sinking. If it wouldn't make a difference I don't want to try this one twice.

  214. Also want to add the taste was fantastic. I know whatever happened was because of me :-). I appreciate the work you did. I've been wanting a weekend to bake without hubby and kids.

  215. Thank you so much for you recipe. I would like to share my results with you.

    The cupcakes itself came out perfect like yours, however, my concern is that with many cupcakes a person picks up different aromas from them, and what myself and a few tasters have picked up from your recipe is that the cupcake has a tendency to smell a bit like egg.

    Do you think that this may be because of too little vanilla?


  216. WOW! I wish I found this recipe months ago! It is so delicious and absolutely beautiful! Perfect texture, perfect taste! My only issue is that they rose quite awkwardly… I bake cupcakes all the time and have never experienced this before. I imagine that I probably messed up a measurement somewhere (baking at midnight has it's cons) but I was able to easily cut off the excess for a perfectly flat top. Thank you so much for creating & sharing this one!

  217. hi glory!! i love your blog!! i tried your vanilla cupcakes recipe, turned out moist and soft…after trying out a ga-zillion vanilla recipes. but i got a problem, the top of the cupcake gets really sticky and chewy after a while but the inside is good! what could be wrong?

  218. Glory, I came across your post on frosting cupcakes on tomkat studios and had to come check you out! This morning I made this recipe, and your cream cheese frosting recipe to the letter. I followed the tips on how to bake and frost the cupcakes and they came out absolutely PERFECT on the first try! I cored the cupcakes in the middle and filled them with a little red raspberry spread and my family said they were the best cupcakes they had ever had!

    They didn't get that nice dome, but I think I may have filled them a little high. I didn't have liquid buttermilk and tried the powder and water and they were still great. Trying them tomorrow with the milk and lemon to see if there is a difference! Thank you so much for a Great recipe!

  219. So what am I doing wrong? I just tried this recipe 2x's and they fell in the middle and are hollow. Very frustrating. I did have to use regular flour, but I didn't expect this type of difference.

  220. Hi Gloria,
    In search of a moist, cumbly, delicius & perfect cupcake I FOUND YOUR site and THANKS THE LORD for listening to my prayer (I know I've been a bit dramatic)LOL
    For serious, I've never tasted anything like it! Last night I made your cuppies, did EXACTLY as suggested and got 15 beautiful, tender, moist & crumbly cupcakes. I might a "novice baker", but besides my love for baking, I've always eaten cupcakes all my life, who hasn't?…
    From now on I'll be a faithful follower of your post and sure is I will give you credit. THANKYOU FOR ALL THE HARD WORK YOU DID, ON BEHALF OF ALL OF US!

  221. yaaaaaaami thank u for sharing !!!! look and taste fab ,, but i over load :(

  222. Hi Gloria, first time on ur site and JUST LOVE UR CUPPIES. I made them last night and I also heard angels singing…. lalalala
    Thnx for all the hard work don on the "researche" for all of us to benefit from it. Rest assure that whenever I present ur cupcakes at my parties I will give u credit.

  223. Just finished trying this recipe….and it turned out perfect! Thanks so much.

  224. Just baked these after a horrible batch of "cinnamon" cupcakes — they were perfect!!! I just added a sprinkling of cinnamon to the batter, and they were nice and fluffy and perfect little vanilla cupcakes — the perfect base for my churro cupcakes!

  225. Brilliant recipe! Thankyou so much! Just in time for my daughter's birthday. Turned out perfectly, but also had to bake for an extra 5 min or so. After many attempts at ore recipes, this is now the one I'll use time and again!

  226. Just wondering what consistency the cake batter has? Would love to make these at nursery school but need to sqeeze batter from a bottle to make it easier for the kids so need a thin batter. They look fabulous.

  227. Made these cupcakes this weekend and as promised, they came out looking exactly as photographed in on this blog entry- perfect domed shape, didn't collapse when taken out of the oven, etc. HOWEVER, I didn't get the light, fluffy texture like that of a box mix cake…? To me, the cake texture was more similar to corn muffin/bread than traditional cupcakes. I followed the recipe to a tee… am I missing something here?

  228. I only had all purpose flour on hand and used that. These STILL turned out so much better than the Betty Crocker ones I made last night. BC isn't what she used to be. The recipe in there had the texture of corn bread! These even tasted better! doubled the recipe, made slightly smaller cupcakes (2 doz) and had enough batter for a thin round 8" cake. Thanks for posting!

  229. I followed your recipe to the letter except I used regular pure olive oil instead of extra virgin light and my cupcakes sunk in the middle. This is frustrating after all the great comments about this recipe. Any idea what went wrong?

  230. Hello your website is awesome!! I was wondering what your thoughts were about making this into a white cake. Do you think omitting the yoke would make a big difference? I thought of just adding one more egg and using just the whites.

  231. Wow! Even though I'm not really a baker, I made these cupcakes for a boys' soccer team party,with vanilla frosting and black soccer ball decorations. They were light and fluffy, sweet and savory. I loved them, and this is my second time making them! This is a big deal, I normally don't go back to a cupcake recipe after I've tried it, but the boys came back begging for more and I love them too! :)

  232. These are the best vanilla cupcakes. They taste like the ones at the professional bakeries. This is my go to cupcake recipe.

    The only modification is that I used 1 cup of sugar instead of 3/4 cup.

    Great Job Glory!!!1

  233. Hi Glorious, I was just about to give up until I found your recipe. I made them this afternoon. I have never seen such beautiful cupcakes. I took pictures and sent them to my friends. And the texture was perfect. Between a angel food cake and pound cake texture. I am so excited. They taste delicious. I did have to cook them for 17 min, it could be where I live or my oven. Thank you…

  234. made them tonight and it has risen similarly to your pictures which is great but the cupcake is moist but turned out very dense, more than I expected it to be. I wonder why? :(It's also too oily. thanks for the recipe tho!

  235. These cupcakes are wonderful- thanks so much! I've been looking for a long time and often resort to box mixes as I'm dissappointed with vanilla from scratch.

    One comment I have for others that have had trouble- check your oven temperature. This is very important. You can buy an oven themometre at a hardware store for $5. My oven takes WAY longer to preheat than it tells me!

  236. Hi Glory – First time ever posting on a blog but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't RAVE about your perfectly vanilla and perfectly chocolate cupcake recipes. I recently used these for Easter and my good friend's baby shower today and they were a HUGE hit at both events! In fact one person said that these weren't only the best cupcakes she'd ever tasted but the best dessert she's ever had. I also love your cream cheese frosting! For the baby shower I went with a Swiss Meringue buttercream though – it was delicious but talk about time intensive – not sure I'll be making that again anytime soon! Sorry for the long post but just wanted to say thank you for doing all the research and your willingness to post these fabulous recipes!

    Many blessings to you and your family!

  237. Awesome! I look forward to making them sooon

  238. Well here is my question, have you tried to make this a basic recipe for all cupcakes, like add blueberries, or Lemon etc.
    What i am looking for is the perfect lemon cupcake recipe, that has been tested, tried and true!

  239. I made these yesterday for my daughter's party and they really are perfect! Everyone complimented me on them and asked where I got the recipe. People were eating 3 and 4 of them! Thanks so much!

  240. OH. MY. GOD. I've been searching for the perfect vanilla cupcake recipe for almost 3 years. FINALLY!!! They rose perfectly and were super moist and fluffy. These may not make it through the night! THANK YOU!!! :)

  241. what kind of sugar did u use in this recipe? granulated white sugar or confectioners'?

  242. Holy Cow!

    I just made some cupcakes, it called for alot of butter…well, they came out gross..even my kids puckered their faces and couldn't finish…I have decided to go for one usung oil..and I have found you! Going to try this one next! Thanks for sharing…

  243. When you double this recipe do you double the baking powder as well? Always unsure. Thanks!

  244. Thank you, I have made twice this week… I too had been on the search for the perfect cupcake. Batch one was still moist three days later, I purposely kept 3 to keep checking for freshness, not that cupcakes usually make it that long around here! Anyone with a good gluten free version?

  245. Looks like a wonderful recipe! I am eager to try, however I have just discovered that American cup sizes are not quite the same as the ones here in Australia. I don't suppose you have the weighted measurements? Lovely blog, by the way!

  246. Wow! What wonderfully light and moist cupcakes! I made a double batch of the vanilla just as the recipe says, plus I made a double batch with lemon zest, 1/3 less vanilla extract and baking powder which is premixed with safran (to make them yellow, this is something that may be hard to find in the US, I live in Germany and they like to make their cakes with safran mixed baking powder for the yellow color). Both batches were delicious! I got exactly 30 cupcakes from each batch. Along with 3 dozen chocolate cupcakes from another recipe, these will be the dessert at a baby shower I am throwing next week. They are already in the freezer and will just come out the day of the party to get ready. Thank you for doing the legwork to come up with such a great recipe! It was easy and they look, smell and taste just wonderful.

  247. Have been making these for a couple months now and hands down the best recipe! I've made numerous variations with this is a starting point. Never disappoints. Thank you so much!

  248. I'm not sure where I went wrong but these turned out disastrously for me! I followed the recipe exactly, using King Arthur cake flour, a fresh box of baking soda and my baking powder is pretty new too. I am using a gas range. I divided the batter among 15 cupcakes, put in the preheated oven, checked at 12 mins and they were overflowing and goopy, left them in for another 5 mins and they still seemed goopy but I didn't want to overcook them and pretty much figured they were ruined so I took them out. 5 mins later most of them sank in the middle and the tops were still goopy but the rest of the cupcake was cooked. Did I not cook them long enough? I seem to have problems when baking from scratch but when using mixes everything comes out fine. I'm going to get an oven thermometer to make sure that's not the problem. Maybe I'll try again after that.

  249. I've made these cupcakes several times and flawless, the best I've ever had! I make my own buttermilk using almond milk due to a dairy allergy and still amazing! I will be making these again this weekend and there are 2 kids that have gluten allergies so I will be using quinoa, can you advise on if the recipe will alter? I won't have time to make a mistake so want to get them right the first time. Thanks!

  250. Hi, I've tried your vanilla cake and it's delicious! Thanks! However, cream cheese frosting was runny, I didn't even add any milk/heavy cream. Could you give me some advise? Thanks!

  251. Looking for a cupcake recipes and came acrossed this one. The vanilla cupcakes are awesome.

  252. Made these today 4 the second time,
    so yumm thanks so much!

  253. I just made these and they weren't perfect. I didnt have bettermilk so followed the recipe to make you own…wondering if I had store buttermilk it would have been better?? Any suggestions…would like to try again.

  254. Tried these this weekend for my birthday. Turned out fabulously and were absolutely delicious. I only had one since the children loved them!!

  255. I just made a half batch of these and the texture was perfect! The taste was good but a bit on the bland side for me. I'll definitely make this again maybe with an extra 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1/4 cup of sugar. Thanks for the recipe!

  256. I used unbleached all purpose flour and put vinegar in regular milk and they still came out perfect. Thanks for sharing I had a great chocolate receipe and was desperate to find a great vanilla receipe as well.

  257. I'm going to try this right away! How well do they do in the freezer??

  258. These look just gorgeous. I really like how you've taken that photo of all your failed attempts – they look like the cupcakes I make!! Just proves that practice makes perfect. More practice for me..

  259. Thanks for the recipe Glory! I made them this weekend and they turned out great. They even freeze well for later use.

  260. I tried this recipe tonight and although the consistency was wonderful, they had a sour taste to them. I did use milk/vinegar instead of buttermilk, could that have caused the sour taste?


  261. I just made these and they were awesome!! It's my first time to be making cupcakes and I'm very lucky to have found this recipe. Thank you so much! even my not-so-fan-of-sweets hubby and son loved them! first time I saw my son ate cupcakes. Really thank you. :)

  262. I just made a midori splice cupcake using this base… and omg it was good!

    Thanks heaps,
    – Dave

  263. I baked these the other night and they came out amazing both in taste and looks. I used all purpose flour + cornstarch in place of the cake flour. I'm going to try to fill the tins more than I normally would with other recipes. Thanks so much.

  264. I have baked these twice since finding the recipe. The first time they were a little too doughey, and stuck in your throat. The second time I made them, instead of the cake flour and baking powder, i used 1 cup of self raising cake flour, and 1/4 cup of ordinary self raising flour. After this modification, they were absolutely perfect! :)

  265. I've been on the lookout for the perfect vanilla cupcakes for my son's first birthday so looking forward to trying my hand at making these…
    Can you tell me how much you put into each cupcake to ensure the perfect rising in the papercase (I never seem to be able to get it even) or is it just a case of trial and error?

  266. Just made these 5 minutes ago and it is PERFECT. Made 10 cupcakes in muffin cases and baked for 20 mins in my fan oven at 150degrees celsius. Ive tried A MILLION vanilla cupcake recipes and this was by far the best.

  267. This comment has been removed by the author.

  268. I just made these last night – they turned out exactly like the picture; gorgeous! I used AP flour and the lemon juice/milk combo.
    I ate one without frosting and the taste is very good. I used the vanilla cream cheese frosting also – love it! Thanks for posting!!

  269. I did not like the way these cupcakes turned out. They were too oily, and very chewy. I am pretty sure I did everything according to the directions, as I checked and double checked before doing them. They fell in the middle, very deeply, and they just didn't turn out like yours did in the picture. Glad so many other people like them, but I will go back to my regular recipe. =0(

  270. I have searched for a vanilla cupcake recipe and this is perfect!!!! I tried it this weekend and had great results.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  271. I am making both the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes as we speak. My chocolate ones are cooling now. They baked for 22 minutes (as per the recipe) and came out perfect. The vanilla muffins are liquid inside after 12 minutes. Why such different cook times between the two? Is that a typo? Thanks for these recipes though! This is the FIRST time I have made something chocolate from scratch that didn't taste chalky and yuck!

  272. Well, I’m sorry to say that these didn’t work out for me. I had to bake them longer and never really got the perfect dome. I’m sure that it’s my oven for that part. I’m sure there are hot spots and even though I have an oven thermometer, there’s nothing that will fix that…except a new oven someday! I followed the recipe to the letter and for whatever reason, the taste reminded me of pancakes…and not in a good way. I’m not a vanilla fan but I know what vanilla cupcakes taste like. Glad that others have had good results! It just won’t be the one for me.


  274. I never find great vanilla cupcakes recipe, it was always good..
    but I just tried this recipe couple hours ago, and it turned out GREAT! so fluffy, light but moist and sweet! no need frosting on top, it’s so DELICIOUS alreadyyy..
    will be my favorite vanilla cupcakes!
    thank you..

  275. So wish I found this recipe sooner. It is wonderful! Definitely the taste of perfection! I used it twice the second time using the milk and lemon juice (b/c thats all I had) and still was wonderful. One batch I used a chocolate buttercream frosting and for the second I used a vanilla lemon cream cheese frosting both were winners. Thanks so much for taking the time to come up with this recipe & then passing it on…much appreciated!

  276. I have these in the oven right now! My sister makes your cupcakes and she shared the recipe with me. They are awesome! Thank you so much!! I’m making them for my sister’s baby shower.

  277. Good quality butter is difficult to find in my country latetly, so I was looking for a butter-free alternative when I found this recipe. I made a batch yesterday and the cupcakes were perfect! Moist and soft and even better than the usual recipe I use (from the Primrose Bakery cookbook). I added some lime zest and used regular flour wih a tablespoon of cornstarch like someone here advised. I used swiss meringue buttercream (I like it because is so light). Thanks for all the work you put on this recipe :)

  278. Thanks so much just made these after looking for a perfect cupcake recipe for weeks and they are delicious, to bitter the milk i substituted lemon juice for lime and its delish!

  279. I tried this and I’m pretty sure I followed the recipe When I let them cool they sunk in the liners?! :(

  280. Want to make a birthday cake for my husband but I don’t have cake flour, I only have self-raising flour (bought the wrong flour!). How can I make it work with this? Would I still need to put the baking powder and soda? If so, how much? Will the cakes come out the same? Please help! Thanks :)

    • Melanie- I have only made the cake with the ingredients I’ve listed, I have no way to know what the results may be if you alter the recipe. Free free to experiment. I don’t know how much levening is in self-raising flour… I would almost lean toward using regular (all purpose) flour, along with corn startch (subing one tablespoon of corn startch for one tablespooon of flour, for each cup of flour), and use that in place of cake flour, but keep the levening the same. Be sure to sift the flour and corn startch, or your self-raising flour, to try and duplicate the delicate crumb that cake flour would lend.

  281. Simply delicious!!!!!
    Tried these yesterday and they were every bit as wonderful as you had promised! Definitely book-marking this recipe!

  282. I’ve also tried millions of vanilla cupcake recipes leaving me with that not-right feeling in my tummy and on my taste buds!! not fun! and i just gave up and went back to boxed mixes (which always make the angels sing!) so i can’t wait to try this one, hope i don’t screw it up <3

  283. These taste amazing! Super moist, too. However, mine came out way to brown and flat, they also dipped in the middle. Totally my mistake since I accidentally used way to much baking powder(used TBSP, not TSp, oops) I’m hoping that is what caused them to be overly brown. Making another batch today. Boy does my hubby love me!! (he loves cake)

  284. Okay!! I remade these with the right amount of BP, They came out perfect!!!! even fixed the browning problem i had! Thank you Glory!

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  286. I’m a new baker and made these last weekend. They turned out perfectly!
    Thanks so much!

  287. I’m not a huge vanilla fan-more of a chocolate or citrus flavor kind of gal- but I purchased a new mixer and just HAD to try it out with a new recipe. Since my husband likes vanilla, I thought I would try these. They are amazing!!! So moist and yummy – one of my new faves. I passed some along to two of my neighbors and they got rave reviews – and did not last long at all. Thanks for all your hard work in finding just the right recipe.

  288. oh ma gosh you just saved my life I’m throwing a get-together for all my cousins and i couldn’t find one great cupcake recipe then i saw this very doubtful and i tried it out and was amazed thank you!!!!!!! you just saved the party :)

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  290. Best vanilla cupcakes everr. Turned out great! I use American butter cream frosting on these or sometimes I use chocolate ganache. Really good!

  291. I am so excited to try this recipe. Thank you for doing a trial & error for us!

  292. Your cupcakes look simply gorgeous! Thanks for doing all that work… but I live in high altitude Colorado, just over a mile high. In order to have perfect cupcakes like yours, what do I need to add in order for my to turn out as beautiful? I am making these for a bridal shower in a week, and would really appreciate any tips at your earliest convenience. Thanks in advance!!

    • Marilyn- Because I don’t live at hight altitude, I have no idea what suggestions to give you. Feel free to Google “baking adjustments for high altitude”. I do always suggest that bakers do a “practice batch” when trying a new recipe for a special occasion, don’t wait to try a new recipe for an important event! Happy Baking!

  293. Thankyou so much for this recipe! It truly is a godsend – I’ve been baking and baking and baking and nothing I’ve tried so far has hit the mark. These little cupcakes are simply perfect. There’s no butter and slightly less sugar than a lot of recipes I’ve seen. They’re still sinfully sweet, but can be eaten in all good conscience! The beauty is that this recipe makes a wonderful starting point – you can modify it in all sorts of ways to create even more. I’ve recently just made chocolate cupcakes based on this recipe – and they’re just as perfect.

  294. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. We made these for the first time yesterday and they are exquisite . My kids loved them and I loved them. I have tried both of the major reality show cupcake chains in CA and DC (which will both remain nameless but you know which ones I mean) and without question I choose your recipe hands down! Thank you again for an amazing treat.

  295. This cupcake recipe is amazing. The cupcakes are so light, fluffy and moist. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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  298. Just finished making a batch of these. They look lovely and are moist and dense. They will work well with my plan to fill with nutella and frost with nutella buttercream. I plan to try this recipe again, increasing the sugar to 1 cup and substituting butter for oil. Overall this is a good solid recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  299. I don’t know why all the folks make a comment and they have not tried them. I reserve my comments until I try the recipe. Please folks, make em, then comment on your opinion of them. I’m going to try these and then leave my comments.

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  301. Hi Glory, I absolutely love your website and all your recipes!
    I’ve tried these a couple of times and they’ve always been a hit..
    I’ve noticed though that the tops of the cakes tend to be a bit sticky after baking (I hadn’t covered them) – is this normal?? or am I doing something wrong?? Any advise would be appreciated

    Thanks 😉

  302. After trying so many recipes this one is the best I found tried. Thank you!

  303. Hi, I am new to baking and I want to make these cupcakes for my dad’s birthday.

    This may be a silly question but I am clueless, the recipe says 3/4 cup of sugar, what type of sugar? is granulated sugar fine?


    • Stephanie- Yes, whenever a recipe calls for just “sugar”, granulated white sugar is what you should use. For any other kind of sugar (brown sugar, powdered sugar), the recipe will state the full title.

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  305. Thanks for this wonderful recipe. It was a hit in my office. I added in blueberry jam in the cup cake top with buttercream frosting. I myself have been in search for the ideal vanilla cupcake recipe and chance upon your blog. Thanks :)

  306. Heyyyy! Great cupcakes! However, is it possible to substitute the eggs with mashed bananas or something? Trying out eggless. Please help.

    • Darsh, I have no experience with egg free baking, so I’m not sure what substitutions to recommend! Eggs provide the structure, not just moisture in most baked goods. Take a look at this site, I know she has lots of egg-free recipes, it might give you some good ideas.

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  308. do you have a chocolate cupcake recipe?? and if not is there one you would recommend?

  309. These cupcakes look delicious. I will be making a test-batch tomorrow with my kiddos and if they turn out well, I will be making them for my son’s 2nd birthday in a few weeks. They look beautiful and so yummy!

  310. As if you didn’t have enough comments already… I just HAD to say WOW. These are soooo good! I didn’t even use cake flour and I was in a hurry (making cupcakes for my daughter’s lemonade stand dream come true…) and so I just had the kids help me mix the ingredients with a whisk instead of electric mixer. I did follow the rest of the instructions as written and they came out moist and perfectly dense and flavorful. You almost don’t even need frosting. Delicious!!

  311. Tried this recipe and absolutely loved it. Very simple and delicious. Must try recipe.

  312. I can’t wait to try these! Thanks for the recipe! :)
    Would it be okay if you substitute shortening for the oil? And if you wanted a 2-layer 8″ cake, would you have to quadruple the recipe?

  313. Perfect!! My new go to recipe. I substiuted cake flour and buttermilk, because in our country they don’t sell special flour for cakes.
    They came out perfectly domed, moist, dense but puffy. I injected some strawberry cocktail syrup.

  314. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I’ve never had much luck (or any luck) with vanilla cupcakes. My attempted cuocakes always turn out oddly shaped, sized, or tasting. But these cupcakes, ABSOLUTELY divine! They looked exactly like the pictures! I didn’t have any buttermilk around, so I just used half and half, and even with that slight alteration, these cupcakes were DELISH. Light, fluffy, moist? All of the above. 12 out of 10 stars! :)

  315. Hi Glory!!!
    THANK YOU for providing us all with this lovely recipe. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’ve never used cake flour, but I am definitely in love with the cupcake. The texture of the crumb is perfect. THIS is definitely the PERFECT CUPCAKE!!! I made three batches this morning for my little girls 3rd birthday party tomorrow. Thanks again and I know everyone will love them!!!!!!

  316. Hi! look lovely in the photo! I have just made them and they came out of the oven with perfect domes so big thumbs up there! Unfortunately I found them too sweet so next time i make them i will cut the sugar by at least 30% Also they are very brown, It may be because i put too much vanilla in them, they look as if they are wholemeal cupcakes? how strange!

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  318. Delicious, just made them yesterday. Also made your vanilla frosting, yum! I filled the cases to the half way point, and they turned out perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  319. you have no idea how desperate i am to eat home made BY ME 😀 vanilla cup cakes but immediately i am definitely trying these now but there’s a question i would like to ask,
    I LOVE BUTTER by all means and love the buttery taste does it taste like this also with the oil thing or i can substitute oil with butter and if yes how much butter ?
    and thank you for the pictures, unfortunately one can’t eat laptop screens 😀
    PS: im baking it now !!!

    • Feel free to experiment with this recipe as you wish. I have only made it with oil, because I wanted a light and fluffy texture that is almost impossible to get with butter cakes. As long as you are using high quality ingredients (especially the vanilla), I think you’ll find the flavor of these cakes quite nice. Happy Baking!

  320. Oh my goodness. In my circle of family and friends there is one thing, and one thing only, that I make which I am known for. It is my chocolate cake. I have to admit, it is pretty good. I wanted to make a vanilla cake for my daughter’s birthday so I tried this one. It is better than my chocolate one. It looks like most of the other comments were from people who were planning to make this. If you have not, make it today! It is not hard. I made it with the vanilla cream cheese frosting. This is the most moist and flavorful cake I have come across.. Thank you! I made it as a 4 layer pink ombre cake with graduating shades of pink as the layers went up. I have a blog in which I talk mostly about french decor, never about food. That being said, I would like your permission to link back to this post so my readers can make this wonderful cake. Thanks again!


    • Michele,
      Thanks so much for the great review! Please feel free to share a link on your site back to my post. Thanks!

  321. These were pure beautiful. They were perfect! I’m gonna use this recipe for a very long time!~

  322. failure, why…? baking soda! the cause of domes, take it off, do 1 and 1/3 c flour, an extra teaspoon of baking soda and good vanilla extract, and 1 c sugar. this worked truly PERFECT, at least for me. please try if you had any issues.

  323. woops correction*** extra teaspon of baking powder!

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  326. These vanilla cupcakes are fab. I have been looking for a good recipe for a long time. Once I sawthe oil and the buttermilk in the recipe I sort of knew it would be perfect. Thank you

  327. hi Glory! thank u so much for this recipe, but i just have one question: Do you use cupcake trays or just regular trays (like the one in the picture) for baking? thank u:)

    • I bake the cupcakes in muffin/cupcake pans. The cupkcakes pictured are cool. Once I bake my cupcakes, I remove them from the hot pan within a few minutes, cool them on a wire rack, then transfer them to a large baking sheet (as shown), to frost them.

  328. Made these the other night – they were super easy and super delicious. I didn’t have buttermilk so I used 1/2 tsp vinegar in the milk, let it sit for 10 mins. I used extra virgin olive oil and 1 cup of sugar. I was nervous because the batter was so thin. But they came out perfect and delicious! I measured 1/4 cup of batter and got exactly 18 cupcakes that were just the right size with an ever so slight dome. PERFECTION! I will definitely use this for my go to vanilla cake recipe. Thank you so much!

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  330. My cousin and I are going to use this recipe to make rainbow cupcakes with a butter cream frosting… Yummy 😀 <3

  331. OMG. You’ve saved my sanity and probably my life with this recipe. It’s perfect. It’s the texture of a box mix, but the flavor of homemade, and the little cupcakes are just beautiful with the speckles of vanilla bean. They’re all just so lovely. We made a batch last night that turned out 12 normal sized cupcakes and about 80 minis. My only sad thought about these cupcakes is that it’s so perfect that we can’t use our Nutella Buttercream with them! The buttercream takes away from the perfectness of the cupcakes, and makes it a little overwhelming I think. We’re going to try your vanilla cream cheese frosting recipe, and I’ll probably cry a little bit from sheer happiness when I taste it. Thank you thank you thank you!

  332. Thank you! i can not wait to try this recipe, it looks perfect! i work for my brother at his childrens English school in Tianjin, China, tomorrow we are baking cupcakes with the children and i needed a recipe that was simmple and called for oil (butter is harder to find here in china) i was afraid i would not find it until i stumbled across this site, thank you or helping, the kids and i are very grateful.

    search on,

    Melissa Marie Hoopingarner

  333. Just wanted to say, “Thank you, thank you!” for this recipe. I, too, have been searching for the perfect scratch vanilla cupcake recipe and this is it. I made these cupcakes with a brown sugar frosting, and they were fabulous! Thanks again.

  334. Hello, I first of all would like to thank you for all of the wonderful ideas you share. It’s truly inspirational. I was very excited to find your recipe for these “perfect Vanilla cupcakes” and immediately thought that I would have to try them. I always have issues with my cupcakes doming/ peaking too high in the middle and unfortunately, the same happened with these. I absolutely love the taste and texture but I don’t know what I am doing wrong to have them peak so high. My second batch I experimented a little by reducing the oven temperature and varied the amount of mixture I put in. They all still peaked. They start off flat but in the last 6 minutes they peak up. Mine also look more golden than yours. The only thing I can think of that was different to yours is I used caster sugar (fine) and not the standard type of sugar.
    I would truly appreciate any suggestions you might think of to help me correct this problem.
    Many many thank yous to you and many kind regards.

  335. Hi, This is an awesome sharing! Thank you in advance.

    I am intending to bake this for my daughter’s bithday, If I were to do it in a 9 x 13 inch rect tray ( 3 recipes needed) How long do you think I need to bake it for?

    Bless you.

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  337. Hi, I’m looking for a vanilla cupcake to bake for a baby shower. I wanted to fill them with a raspberry seedless jam and was wondering if you thought these would hold up for the filling. I am unsure where you say these are light and fluffy. I may try a batch today just to see if it works. Thanks for sharing and any help with my question would be greatly appreciated.

  338. These are the BEST vanilla cupcakes ever!!! Im so glad i tried theses out! I didnt use cake flour and they still came out perfect for me! Thanks so much for this recipe!!!

  339. Just made this cupcakes for the first time… And they are amazing, I have being looking for a perfect cupcake recipe for ages! I have try so many but they always ended up muffin like… This are airy, fluffy and with a delicate flavor, just perfect for the base of any frosting.
    This recipe work up perfectly for me, I must admit that I was a bit worry because I live in Central America, where the water is more humid, but this recipe was amazing.
    Thank you so much for sharing it, this has become in my personal favorite.

  340. Oh! I also forgot to say that I use skim milk and vinegar… Im gonna try making this with half whole grain flour and cake flour, to increase the fiber (feel free to hit me, but cant help it, I study Nutrition and Dietetics so I always want to change some things) XD

  341. Just a quick question- I wanted to make orange cupcakes, but I dont know what I need to use, Do I use zest, or orange extract? And how much?

    Thanks! I love your recipes!

    • I would try a combo of both extract and zest. Too much citrus extract can add a bitter taste, so I would use 1-1 1/2 teaspoons of orange extract. Zest is great, and I would probably start with 1-2 teaspoons of zest. I would still keep some vanilla extract in the recipe as well, maybe 1/2 teaspoon. Feel free to experiment! Happy baking!

  342. The cupcakes are in the oven so far it looks good they rised really well will post later for taste thanks for sharing:)

  343. So I made them came out really good moist so what I was looking for will definitky remain with this recipe for a cake also I guess if I want a white cake ill use white vanilla extract.Thumbs up:)

  344. Hello could you convert the measurements into grams or ounces please, as I live in the IK., also would Snowflake Cake Flour be OK as I can get this from Amazon?

    Many thanks xx

  345. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!! can you please tell me, is the sugar you used regular or caster sugar (fine)?

  346. I made this recipe over the weekend and it will definitely become one of my go-to cupcake recipes.

    I’ll be blogging about it later this week and hope you don’t mind my linking to your blog!

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  348. I’m searching for a yellow cake recipe to use as the base of a homemade Twinkie. Do you think these would work? I want them to be fluffy and moist but they need to be sturdy enough to pick up and to have the cream filling piped inside. Also, do these turn out quite yellow like a Twinkie or would I need a little food coloring to make them look more like the real thing? Thanks for posting great recipes!

  349. Thanks so much for this recipe! I just tried it right now and it did come out moist and yummy. I think I’ll stick with this recipe of yours. Thanks so much!

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  351. Hi I tried your cupcake recipe with my friend today and like you said they were going to be a thin batter. But then we took them out of the oven and let them sit and with my homemade frosting recipe we frosted it. Then we decided to taste one and all of a sudden got a wiff of a foul smell like fish. Then we had her parents try it and sure enough they do smell. Why is that it smells like fish powder? Does this happen to you as well?

    • Mary-Lou, No, they should certainly not smell like anything but vanilla cake! You may want to check your ingredients, or your stove, there may be an odor in your fridge or pantry that has mades it’s way into the ingredients.

  352. Perfect recipe! I made cake instead cupcakes but still perfectly moist and soft. I posted the crazy cake I made here

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  354. I made a few batches of these cupcakes for my baby son’s christening and they were amazzzzzzzzing!……….EVERYONE has been asking me for the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Ive spent a fortune over the years paying for cupcakes for my girls birthday partys which never really came up to scratch…….I am pretty good at cake decorating but could never quite get the cake part right……..Now I can thanks to you……Im looing forward to making these again! x

  355. Omg I made these cupcakes for a friend event and All I had is great comments thank u so much for sharing its definitly a keeper:)

  356. I just stumbled upon your blog when looking for a good recipe for vanilla cupcakes. I just made these this evening and they are DIVINE! As is the vanilla cream cheese frosting (which my mother and I were eating by the spoonful). I made them for my grandmother and I cannot wait for her to try them tomorrow! Your blog is simply beautiful! I’m a new follower and I can’t wait to try out other things you have on here, and those you have yet to post!

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  358. Just made these last night and filled with a fresh pineapple curd and topped with bright yellow buttercream, too good! Can’t wait to try more variations!
    Thank you so much for the hard work you’ve done to create this recipe, it really is being well appreciated :)

  359. Hi Gloria!
    Do you have any idea what size cake this recipe will make? Thanks!!

    • Yes, if you are making a 8″ or 9″ round cake, use one batch of batter (the full recipe above) for each layer. For a 6″ cake, you could make 1.5 times the recipe above. I don’t have baking times for the cakes, because it depends on how much batter is in each pan, and the size of the pan. The cake is done with it is slightly golden, with a small dome, and a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out with moist crumbs, but no wet batter. Happy baking!

  360. what kind of cake flour did you use?

  361. Your recipe won my very own vanilla cupcake taste. All of my co-workers loved it! Read all about the taste test here:


  362. I´ve been browsing your page for some weeks now, and I´m starting to try your recipes…I´ve made cupcakes many times, and they never came out right… I thought it was me… I have to say I couldn´t believe my eyes when I opened the oven door!!! They were so perfect!! thanx so much to your science expperiments! hehe
    I´m in Argentina, and unfortunately i can´t find many of the products you use, but I´m trying to do my best…. fortunately, I travelled to California lastmonth, and I bought the wilton 101 cookie cutters! so I can make all the cookies I want
    Thankyou so much for being so generous and share your recipes with all of us! congratulations on your work!!

  363. Indeed… angels were singing! I’ve tried more vanilla cupcake recipes than I can count on my fingers, and this one takes the prize! The ones with butter in them always have a thick batter (and I know the cupcakes will be good if I can lick the leftover batter clean from the bowl!) and there was always this buttery heaviness in the baked sponge. Butter goes great with other flavors, but this recipe for vanilla cupcakes.. OH LA LA!! Thank you. Glorious, you really are.

  364. Hello – do you have a photo of one of these cut in half so we can see the texture? That’d be great.

    • Rachel, No, I don’t have an image of the inside. The cake is light and fluffy, and will have some small air pockets inside. The cake is a light golden color. Happy Baking!

  365. Have u tried to freeze these–I like to do things in advance –then make the icing that morning and frost…will give it a try and let you know… So happy to find this–I am using the powder buttermilk and adding water-will let u know how that works also…

  366. I tried this recipe today, and… they didn’t turn out so perfectly. I baked them for the amount of time that you provided in the recipe (12-14 minutes) but they were still really gooey, so I left them in the oven for another 5 minutes. When I pulled them out of the oven, they were conical shaped, with a large spot of goo at the top! I let them cool off, but their weird shape remained, and when I bit into one there was a small layer at the top that was still goo, and the rest of it was dry and bland. It was like the ingredients settled out while they were baking.

    • Hi Amy,
      I will say that I did have similar results one time, although I’ve made this recipe many times with great results! I think I may have not mixed the ingredients well enough, and/or my oven was too hot. Try the recipe again, you might experiment with the oven at 325*F.
      Happy Baking!

  367. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have made this recipe several times now and absolutely LOVE it!! I have also tried to find a perfect vanilla cake recipe but now the search is over!! Everyone else who said they didn’t like it must have screwed up somewhere..i make cupcakes professionally and this recipe is hands down the best!! I tried it for my spumoni cupcakes but since the batter is so light and thin, the cherries just sunk…but I will be making almond cupcakes with this recipe by using almond flavoring instead of the vanilla..many many thanks!

  368. Did you use the buttermilk or the milk with acid?

    • I usally use milk with vinegar, or powdered buttermilk. You should have the same results with either option (including regular buttermilk).

  369. Hi Glory!

    Would you mind telling me the weight of the 1 1/4 cups of cake flour in oz./gr.? I just want to make this cupcakes and I want them to be really perfect.

    Thanks for sharing.

  370. These are amazing!! I just ate them slightly warm-YUM- with my kids because we couldn’t wait. I made them exactly as listed and they turned out beautifully. I will say to those that said their cupcakes spread out- i used liners on half the cupcakes and no liners- with spray on the other half. The half with liners was perfect, the others spread a bit. Also, when you add the frosting, the cupcake is definitely sweet enough. If you’re used to box cake mix and frosting these will not be as sweet, which is a delight! Once you go homemade- you’ll never go back! Thank you for the easy recipe.

  371. These are yummy! I have been on a baking kick for about a month since I had my first baby. I have been determined to perfect some recipes that I want to be a part of our family for good.This will be one of them. NO MORE BOX STUFF! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I was so excited about how these turned out that I wanted to give one to my infant.

  372. THANK you glory! I had tried this n my family love it. .especially the kids

  373. Omg tried these last night and they were amazing, texture, taste and look were on point.. So glad to finally find a vanilla cupcake recipe that I love…. Thank you so much

  374. May God bless you my dear….i was looking for a perfect one n just baked one batch Vanilla cupcakes with this recipe….omg!!!! they are just perfect…cant tell you how glad i am!!!! Thank you again….:)

  375. I have tried this recipe, it raised nice but the inner part seems not well cooked. Do u have any advise and idea why it happened?
    I need to redo and planning to make this recipe for my son’s birthday in a few weeks. Appreciate much your input to make it right. Thank u :)

  376. These look delicious and oh so perfect! I’m going to bake them tomorrow :)
    One question: If I substitute the buttermilk with the milk and vinegar combo, should I use whole milk?

  377. I am baking these right now. What I noticed so far was that the 350 temperature was starting to brown the cupcakes a little too early. I let them do their thing and rise but then I transferred them to the bottom rack and lowered the heat to 325. I went back in about 5 minutes to see how they were coming along, and then they got all weirdly shaped. One of them even erupted and started spilling its insides out lol. Oh well live and learn.
    Is it better to just bake them on the bottom rack ? I hear some people say the middle rack is the best. What do you normally do?

  378. Amazing!!! They’re so good, they don’t even need frosting in my opinion!

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  380. The yield written on the recipe is not accurate. I doubled the recipe and came out with exactly 24 cupcakes. They look amazing though, can’t wait to eat them ….Thanks for sharing!!

    • I have made the recipe several times, and have a similar yeild of 15-16 cupcakes (as listed) each time, but it’s very possible for that to vary based on how full each liner is filled. So glad they look good, enjoy them!

  381. Hi Glory, … I could not find cake flour and buttermilk at my local store,, so I make the buttermilk according to ur instruction, and I use superfine flour. I got 24 cupcakes(2 oz size). I bake in 3 batches, first batch was perfect, the rest becomes dome shape. But all of them taste GREAT, these are the best vanilla cupcakes I hv ever made, fluffy, moist, extra soft, perfect sweetness…. I hv just eaten 5 of them, and it is 11.30pm !!! Thank u so much! I am keeping this recipe!

    Sharon Malaysia

  382. hi, i have tred this recipe and it is gorgeous. do you think i could use it for a giant cupcake?? please let me know asap as im wanting to do it for my boyfriends 30th in 3 weeks. x

  383. I bake for my kids once in a while and was looking for an easy recipe that uses oil instead of butter. In my country cake flour is not available.I wanted 36 cupcakes so I doubled everything except the salt (I am on a low sodium diet and with baking soda and baking powder being present a whole tsp of salt was too much!) I substituted half cup of the all purpose home baking flour with half a cup of quick porridge oat flour to weaken the gluten. the results were great. The cakes were light with fine texture and moist- the best cupcakes i have ever made with so little effort.Thanks for the great recipe!! Did i forget to mention the taste?they were simply delicious with just the right level of sweetness that you could taste the vanilla! GREAT RECIPE!! My kids loved the taste and even carried some to school.

  384. SUCCESS!! I made these for my daughter’s baptism on Sunday. This was the first time I have made cupcakes (or a cake) from scratch! Great recipe, VERY easy and I think I will never use a box mix again unless I am in a super hurry. The cream cheese icing was also my first attempt at icing and that also turned out wonderfully! I did both the vanilla and chocolate – chocolate was my fav! I think I could eat a spoonfull of that every day. GREAT JOB! and thank you for doing all of the hard work for all of us to enjoy!

  385. Hi, what can you use to substitute the cake flour?

  386. Just made the perfect vanilla cupcakes for my daughters 3rd birthday party on saturday! they turned out wonderful! I am no on to making the chocolate for a second time! Thank you for helping me find my love for baking again!

  387. I CAN NOT WAIT TO TRY THESE CUPCAKES!!! They look only THE BEST! :)

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  389. What is it with these cupcakes? I’ve made them 4 times and only once did they turn out “perfect”.

  390. Hello there! I was online looking for a cupcake recipe made from scratch that didn’t require butter. I didn’t have any vanilla so I added Amaretto. They smell and taste delicious (raw). I am sure that baked they will taste even better. Your website is def going in my favorites. Thank you!

  391. I followed your recipe, the only substitution being using regular milk for buttermilk, and the cupcakes caved in on themselves.

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  394. I LOVE your website and have made many of your recipes with great success. I can not get these right….maybe because I am making my own buttermilk?….they take at least 10 mins longer to bake than your recipe and they cave in the middle…

  395. Has anyone ever made these as mini cupcakes. How long would they need to bake? Thanks.

  396. Hi Glory, I tried this recipe for cupcakes for my brother’s daughter turning 3. They are amazing!!!! So soft and fluffy and packed with vanilla flavour. To top it all, it was SUPER easy to make! Thank you so much for all your research. I have also tried various recipes before and these are definitely the best vanilla cupcake recipe I’ve ever made. This is going to be my standard vanilla cupcake recipe from now on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Love from the beautiful Winelands, SA

  397. I made your cupcakes and I say they are perfect……………..thanks, andi

  398. I made these cupcakes today and I am in love. These cupcakes are truly amazing- Light, fluffy, great taste (perfect sugar.) I live in Denmark at the moment, and so there were a few things I did differently, but still turned out great. 1. I used organic flour instead of cupcake flour. 2. I used powder vanilla instead of liquid. 3. I used a tiny oven (only fits a mini 6 cupcake pan) which caused my cupcakes to get golden before completely baking on the inside, but still were moist enough. I did notice that when I took my cupcakes out of the oven they went down a little (i could hear them sizzle) and I think this has something to do with my oven. But over all….. i lovvvvvvvvvvved this recipe and will continue using it cuz it tastes so much like box cake mix. Thank you so much for all the effort!

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  401. This is the best tasting vanilla cupcake from scratch I have ever made! They usually end up too dense, but these are the perfect consistency and the vanilla flavor really comes out in them! Thanks for sharing! I’m making 4 dozen for my nephew Wyatt’s (facebook page A New Heart for Wyatt) 1st Heart Birthday tomorrow, it’s been a year since he had a heart transplant at 5 months old! These are the perfect party cupcakes! (:

  402. Wow!! Thanks a lot for such a good recipe !! Just tried and it worked wonderful .. Now going to try the icing part . Thanks a ton!!

  403. Made your perfect cupcake yesterday and I must say they are perfect! Thanks for all your hard work! I will definitely be using this recipe a lot!

  404. I am so glad I found this, as all the Googling was not pulling up what I want for my son’s bday cupcakes I will be making tonight. I haven’t made any cake treats lately and completely forgot about cake flour. Yay , I think they will be great using your recipe!

  405. hi. im new here and i’d like to ask the cake flour is the same with the self risin? and if not, in case i cant find cake flour is there anything i can to replace it with?
    thank u very much

    • Eva- No, cake flour is not the same as self rising flour. Cake flour has a lower gluten content than regular/all purpose flour. If cake flour is not available, use regular flour, but replace one tablespoon of flour with one tablespoon of corn starch for each cup of flour. If possible, sift the flour as well.
      Happy baking!

  406. Look good but mine did not come out moist….rather dry actually

    • Next time, try baking the cakes just a minute or so less. The cakes are done when they have a nice dome and a toothpick inserted in the center of a cake comes out with a few moist crumbs, but no wet batter.
      Happy baking!

  407. This has become my staple vanilla cake recipe. It is divine.

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  409. I JUST baked these!!!!! Deliciously perfect is an understatement!
    I made half of this recipe with different flavours: raspberry(essence), orange(rind), cranberry(dried) and lemon (rind). All turned out good!!
    Thanks a lot once again Glory for this recipe. Im all set to try lots of things with this one.

  410. These cupcakes are amazing! I cant believe how light and fluffy they are.You can use this cupcake as the base for any kind of filled cupcakes and all different kinds of frosting or just add different zests to the batter and have an a light citrus flavor. SO GOOD! I can finally FINALLY end my quest for the perfect, fluffy, flavorful vanilla cupcake! Thank you!

  411. PLEASE HELP! Anyone! I made these last night. They tasted really good, and they looked perect! However, When I bit into one it seemed a little oily? Should I just cut the oil a little bit? And if I do should I sub in something else? Also, they seemed a little crumbly and stuck to the paper a bit. I saw someone else ask for a fix for this as well, but didn’t see an answer anywhere. Please help I would like to make them for a bridal shower tomorrow.

    • Veronica- Of course food comes down to personal preferences quite a bit. Please feel free to experiment with the recipe as you see fit. Replacing some of the oil with apple sauce may help if you find them oily (although I do not). Although, often if the cupcakes are sticking to the liners, either you should try different liners, or there is not enough oil. Again, feel free to experiment. Happy baking!

  412. Hello Glory,
    I just wanna say i LOVE your site. All the recipes are so good thank you for sharing them with us.

    My Daughters birthday is tomorrow and i wanna make a vanilla cake, can i use the vanilla cupcake recipe to bake a 9 in cake to be stacked.

  413. Hi. I lovvve your site. Your buttercream is Amazing! I Made these today and they came out looking & tasting great but they had a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. Did I add too much vanilla, baking soda etc? This has happened before so it’s def not your recipe. Help!

  414. i was looking for a simple recipe with items i already had in my cupboard and these looked like the ones. i just popped them out of the oven and they are as perfect as the ones in your photos. im so excited to share them with my friends later. your directions were spot on. thanks!

  415. Hi! Thanks a million for this… I have been looking for the perfect recipe for the Vanilla Cupcake for such a long time! This was simply heaven!! :)

  416. Hi, -I found your site on Pinterest while looking for a good recipe for white cupcakes. I just baked a batch and mine don’t look anything like your perfectly rounded, yummy looking cupcakes. They came out lopsided with tall slanted domes that oozed over the sides of the pan and don’t look appealing at all. They do taste good but seem a bit spongy and dry. I used cake flour and followed the recipe exactly, except I did double it. Any thoughts on what I did wrong??? i’m pretty new at this baking from scratch thing so any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks so much.
    (Sounds like everyone else that has tried this recipe was very happy. I will give it another go soon! )

  417. I’m baking my cakes at 170 degrees centigrade. They do rise nicely but brown too quickly before the inside is done. Shall I lower the temperature? If so, then will 150 degrees centigrade be too low?? I have a fan assisted oven.

  418. thank you, thank you, thank you!!! they taste perfect and they look perfect! they even smell perfect! thank you for your efforts of creating this PERFECT recipe!!! Love it !

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  420. You have a lovely blog site going. I have a similar vanilla recipe and the only difference is the oil. Mine uses butter and I am going to try it with oil the next time. However, I usually make vanilla cupcakes with either blueberries or chic chips stirred in. Especially with the blueberries, since it has liquid, I wonder if it will be too ‘watery’ with the oil instead of butter?

  421. The cupcakes are amazing! How long would you cook the cake version for?

  422. Hello again
    I had to come back to say that I have made these cupcakes again since having the thermostat replaced in my oven. The problem I was having before were the tops peaking…..but not any more…..they came out perfectly rounded. This is the first time I have ever made such perfect cupcakes…..I’m very excited. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing. Love your blog!

  423. Hi Glory! I just tried this recipe and I wanted to say thank you so much for posting it up! I have been trying out several cupcake recipes from other bloggers but the taste and texture was just not there. I tried these and all my faith has been restored in baking cupcakes from scratch! The taste was perfect, and so was the texture, moist and fluffy. I topped them off with your Chocolate cream cheese icing. I am very grateful that you take the time to post these recipes for us to try out. Thank you again and I cannot wait to try another one of your recipes!

  424. What an amazing recipe! It is so versatile and bakes perfectly every time. I have substituted half melted butter for half of the oil to change the flavour (as our vegetable oil in South Africa often has quite a strong taste), and sometimes swap 2 tablespoons of cornflour with 2 tablespoons of the flour for a slightly finer texture. The cupcakes keep for ages, so I can make them to take away as presents when we are staying with friends. I have used the recipe to make two birthday cakes as well. Thank you so much for sharing!

  425. Thanks for recipe. Mine turned out pretty well as well, although I had the same problem as saheda, that they browned too quickly before cooking. Will try them at 160 for 18 minutes and see how I go. The crumb and texture is beautiful by the way :)

  426. These are simply splendid! I misplaced another excellent vanilla cupcake recipe I had…and after searching, I found this one, which sounded close to it. The little gems are are cooling on racks now and look perfect! turn them into little Hallowe’en skeletons 😉 Thank you!

  427. OMG! I just made this and it is the perfect vanilla cupcake recipe. It is light and fluffy. Yummy to eat on its own too. This is going to be my “the recipe” for vanilla cupcake. Thanks Glory for the recipe.

  428. These were very moist but the taste was very disappointing reminded us of a corn muffin!.

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  430. Just made this today and WOW! My family and relatives loved it so much as compared to the first one I made with a different recipe (that resulted to be way too dry and tasteless even with the vanilla extract). I had around 3 dozen cupcakes since our muffin pan is that of the mini cupcakes one. 😀 Thank you and kudos for your lovely vanilla cupcake recipe! ^__^

  431. When I took them out of the oven after 14 minutes, I poked one of them and it was still 100% gooey inside! This is not right, no? Do they magically set after cooling?

    • Ovens can vary quite a bit, and the baking time will depend on how full you fill the liners. Feel free to use the general test for any cakes…. test with a toothpick. The toothpick should come out with a few moist crumbs, but no wet batter.

  432. THANK-YOU SO MUCH! I just tried these, and they came out just perfect! Fluffy, but just firm enough for icing. Delish! Like you I’ve tried different recipes and it didn’t quite turn out, so when I saw the description of yours, I thought, I have to try it! Low and behold it’s the best recipe. Best part, it was easy!

  433. You don’t have to sieve the dry ingredients?

  434. Hi I Made these twice using all the required measurement except that i substitute the buttermilk with milk and 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar as suggested, but it always turned out to be overflowing? i followed the instructions what do you think that made it that way? please help me the taste is really good the only problem is its overflowing… thanks

    • Hi Ina,
      If the cupcakes are overflowing, I would just guess you are over filling the cups with batter. Try filling the liners just 1/2 full, or slightly more.
      The answer would be different however if you are at high elevation.
      Happy Baking!

  435. They are absolutely fabulous! They are so soft and moist -just what I was looking for. I added a finely chopped vanilla pod to the batter and the flavor was even more rich.

    Thank you so much for this recipe.

    Greetings all the way from Denmark

  436. Hi! Thanks for this easy but so yummy recipe. I baked this cupcake several times and my family loved it, specially my kids! Will bake your chocolate cupcake recipe this weekend.. =)

  437. Just made these and they turned out wonderfully light and fluffy! I added an extra 1/2 tsp of vanilla because I love a stronger vanilla flavor. The husband said they were delicious and I haven’t even had a chance to frost them yet. Thanks for a great recipe!

  438. Hi its me again heres a picture of the vanilla cupcake. Why it always turned out like this? I wanted to have the perfect cupcke shape :( help me please

    • Hi Ina, I’m not for sure what caused the cupcakes to rise as yours did. I would start by reducing your oven temperature to 325*F. Your oven may be a bit hot. You could also experiment with reducing the bakind soda just a bit.

  439. Hi Glory. I absolutely love your blog and you are so talented! I came across your recipe earlier this week and used it to bake my cupcakes for National Vanilla cupcake day. Thank you so much for posting this amazing recipe and keep up the good work!

  440. I came across this recipe in a google search–so glad I did! I made them today, and they were great! Moist, light, crusty on top–Yum. I live in India, so no cake flour, but it didn’t matter. Thanks for sharing!

  441. Hi, thank you so much for putting all your time and effort into these cupcakes. Your photos are displayed wonderfully. My cupcakes look, taste and smells delicious! However, after 15 minutes of letting them bake, they were still clearly uncooked. I would say this recipe should be for 18-22 minutes.

  442. I have attempted this recipe twice now. The first time I had cupcake overflow! Easy to fix problem and on the second batch they rose beautifully. I can’t say that the texture was great though. They baked up with more of a cornbread consistency. I did substitute the buttermilk for milk+vinegar. I hope that is to blame. I will try a third time! I have been hunting for a good recipe too. I hope this is it!

    • The milk + vinegar vs. buttermilk will likely not effect the texture much. You may try sifiting your flour, this may help just a bit.

      Happy baking!

  443. I made these and they were amazing. So easy to make and tasted really great too. I’m just a little curious about the amount it makes. I used the average cupcake liner and it only made 10 cupcakes. Does this recipe still work if you double it? Thanks for the recipe!

  444. I am so glad I just discoved your site! I just made these and they were amazing. I will use this recipe forever now. I wish I found your site earlier because I made a peanut butter frosting today and it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. I am DEFINITELY making the ones you’ve posted. I can’t wait to try it!

  445. The taste was amazing although i had diffecult knowing when is ready ?

    How can i use this to make a lemmon or orange cake ?

    Thanks alot hope u answer me :(

    • The cakes are ready when they are very lightly golden in color, and a toothpick inserted in the center of a cake comes out with a few moist crumbs, but no wet batter.

      Yes, I’m sure you could adjust the recipe to have an orange or lemon flavor. Feel free to experiment. I would start by adding a teaspoon or two of fresh lemon or orange zest, and a tablespoon or two of fresh juice (maybe reducing the milk just a bit).

  446. also i know that to make orange cake we have to add orange juice and there is already oil in this recipe !! so is it okay or ?please help !!

  447. could i replace the milk with oil or fruit joice ?
    Thanks Alot for your effort ,,,,,, Amazing<3

  448. Awesome!!!!the cupcakes were soooooo good. thanks…..

  449. I am so glad i stumbled upon this recipe. I have used your chocolate cup cake recipe and everyone loves them. My only question is have you tried doubling the recipe to make 24 cupcakes? I’m debating doubling the recipe or just making the whole batch again. What are your thoughts? Thanks so much!

  450. I am so happy to come to your page. My kids want to make cupcakes for thanksgiving to take to my Moms and I have been looking online for recipes. I can’t wait to try this one out. I will be posting a link to your site so people will know where I got the awesome recipe from. Happy Thanksgiving and happy baking :)

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  452. Hi Glory! I am so glad I found this site! I’m on maternity leave with my second child and have lots of time to bake…and I love baking cupcakes! I followed your recipe for these perfect cupcakes (other than buttermilk…I used milk+vinegar) and they looked fantastic!! However, they were kind of oily and dense…:( what suggestions do you have for next time? Thanks so much! I have saved this to my favourites! xo

  453. Hi, I just baked 72 of these beautiful cupcakes. And I got to say – they are perfection! Even all the way here in Europe, they turned out so well! I had to make a few modifications, maybe this is helpful for some of your foreign readers:
    * I used regular flour, but substituted 1 TBSP of flour with 1 TBSP of corn starch per cup just like you suggested. And sifted it too.
    * Buttermilk doesn’t exist here and our vinegar is different strength, so I used milk+lemon juice. But I had to use vinegar for one batch, because I ran out of lemon juice, I used half the amount vinegar buttermilk substitute calls for.
    * AND I used a tad more baking powder and a tad less baking soda+salt (I could taste the soda in my test batch but then again I can taste baking soda in just about anything, so it bothers me sometimes).
    * AND the common vanilla flavoring agent here is vanilla sugar, so I used that instead of extract (doubled the amount, so 1TBSP of vanilla sugar) and STILL they are perfect! Soft, light, airy, tender. Thank you!

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  456. Hello I write from Spain, first I love your site and as you share with all your wonderfull recipes. I was surprised a great job to get the perfect recipe. I promise that I will do and I’ll tell you the result. Although I will have problems with the units of measure (here we use others), I hope to get a result similar to yours. Thank you very much for all the advice

  457. Hi…thanks so much for this recipe,..I’ve been looking for a similar ingredients that i use for my chocolate cupcake. I also use veg.oil and cake flour for my chocolate cupcake, and also they are fluffy and moist…i bet this vanilla cupcake recipe is also moist and fluffy, haven’t tried it but i bet it’ll be a good one.. i might try to make this today : )

  458. The only thing I can say is WOW….Thank you so much for this recipe. They came out fantastic. I had to leave mine in the oven a bit longer but they are lovely fluffy and light…..I have been looking for a great recipe as well and this one will be going into my book as my favourite cupcake recipe…..Thank you again……

  459. I just baked these. They are perfect. If someone has a complaint about them, its because they are doing something wrong. I didnt even follow the directions (i put everything in the mixing bowl at once and only mixed it for a minute or two) and they came out perfect. The oil keeps it soft. Butter gets hard when its cold and has a dry texture. Oil keeps the crumb soft and tender.

  460. Finally !! I did it !! Thanks to you I have finally baked a great cupcake. I tried this recipe once before but didn’t have the buttermilk so I tried it using the milk with vinegar. They didn’t turn out right for me.. They were like little lead cupcakes, lol.. This time I used powdered buttermilk according to the directions given and WOW.. my cupcakes are great !! They are light, airy, tasty and look just like your pics. I would love to have them turn out exactly like that without so much oil, but until someone has a suggestion that works, I will absolutely stay with this recipe. Thank you for having the cupcake fix !!

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  462. Just made these cupcakes and they taste PHENOMENAL! My family loves them and I think I might make them for my party! Thank you so much, I will definitely be coming back to his recipe, :)

  463. i have made every vanilla cupcake known to man found one that was just ok… so yes i settled. Now i stumble across yours and i feel like i have hit the mother load !!!!!!!! Thanks Glory !!!!

  464. hi!
    what type of sugar do you use?

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  466. Great recipe!! Came out perfect first time 😀

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  468. just made these and I’m so happy i found the perfect cupcake, Thank you so much for sharing and is it ok to double the recipe?

  469. I just baked these tonight and I have to say these are truly the best vanilla cupcakes! Thank you for sharing!!!

  470. Fantastic! Thank you so much for a recipe with oil instead of butter – and they are perfect! I even ‘veganised’ (egg & dairy replacemnt) them for a colleague and they still turned out perfect. Again – thank you.

  471. OH MY GOODNESS!! One of the best vanilla cupcake recipes I have come across! I have been searching for the perfect recipe and you have certainly delivered! They were a massive hit at work and people could not get enough!

  472. these look perfect. u wouldn’t happen to ave the metric measurements?? i’m in the uk and our cup measurements vary – would really appreciate it xx

  473. Hi Glory!

    I’ve made these cupcakes and the result is that I LOVE them! Thanks for sharing!
    I’ll put the recipe in my blog if you dont mind, I will name your blog :)

  474. I love this recopeee i love cookies and cupcakes and this really was just amazing if u find any good cookiee recipes plzzz inform me

  475. do you still add salt and baking powder if your cake flour has both added?

  476. as this has no butter, and not too many liquid stuff, my cupcake became not moist. It also has bad shape. Its like an egg inside its egg holder. It has high and round top.

  477. Wow!!! What a write-up. And great job on the effort. It all says in “then I made another batch to make sure it was THE ONE.”. I am no baker at all, but wanted to find a vanilla cup cake recipe and am in the process of researching. I think I don’t need to look any further. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  478. so i tried the recipe and the batter was really liquidy and it only made 11 of them but let me tell ya they were FANTASTIC. yummeeeeeeeeeeeeee. DELICIOUS.

  479. sorry i meant WASNOT liquidy

  480. Oh these are sooo yummy. Mine rose quite a bit though , next time ill prolly only fill them half way. I added a tinge more vanilla, cause i used imitation vanilla. Also added some jello mix to the batter. Thank You these are so light and fluffy!!

  481. Hi Glory! I made a batch and they were delicious! Any suggestions to prevent the cake from sticking to the liners?

  482. Wow, those ARE the best cupcakes in the world…finally! Thanks for all the hard work!!

  483. Has anyone mentioned using coconut oil instead of vege oil?

  484. Extremely easy recipe, but definitely lacking flavor. Not sure if I will make them again.

  485. I’ve decided to try this recipe for my son’s birthday cake. I’ll be using a 9×13 pan. Do you recommend doubling or tripling the recipe? I have time to experiment if needed. Any feedback is appreciated!

  486. Thank you so much!!! I love to bake and have tried so many recipes to try find that perfect cupcake. Yours is absolutely the best!!!! I love all the tips that you share. I made some great ones for a baby shower today and I never could have done them without you! Thanks for the awesome blog!!!

  487. I just finished baking this. Perfect!!! It wasn’t dry and was very fluffy. The taste is just balance not too sweet, just enough for my palette. This is a glorious treat indeed! Thank you very much for sharing this.

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  489. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I did a trial run of these on the weekend with just milk and they still turned out perfectly! I made two round cakes and 24 cupcakes using this recipe tonight and used the buttermilk this time and they are so perfect. The cupcakes mound just right and the cakes are so nice a moist. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you did to create these no fail cupcakes for us! Looking forward to trying the chocolate ones as well!

  490. I made your recipe as a cake and it was so moist and yummy! I wish I had found this recipe years ago. I only happened to stumble upon your blog because I was searching for a recipe without butter since I didnt have any in the house. I only changed the recipe a little. I added one tablespoon of vinegar and I increased the sugar to about 1 1/4 cups. It was so perfect. Thank you so much. I will save this recipe and use it for years to come!!

  491. I already found a good yellow cake recipe, but yours using oil instead of butter, which I like very much. I don’t have to use electric mixer, a whisk worked well, but I didn’t have to use too much muscle. I tried it yesterday, and it was lovely and moist.

    I also have been looking for a savory cake recipe that is not muffin. Since this vanilla recipe is easy and using only 2 eggs (well, 1 egg, since I only made half of recipe), I went ahead and tried the savory version of it. I only add 1 teaspoon of sugar for taste, swap buttermilk with sour cream since I had some on the fridge, and replace vanilla extract with half a teaspoon of mustard, and add pepper to taste. I also used all purpose flour, not cake flour, I wanted the cake texture to bee less soft. That’s the base. I also add cheddar cheese and smoke beef, just to see if the cake holds up to the additional fillings. And it was!! It came out just as moist as the sweet one. The smoked beef didn’t sink to the bottom. Tasted reallllyy good when warm, with gooey stringy cheese coming out when pulled apart. The AP flour made it great texture as a savory cake. It still moist and soft when it’s cold too.

    I’ve tried 2 savory cake recipe prior to this one, that is savory cake recipe, not just omitting sugar from it. They came out too cakey when warm, and just tough when cold. This tweaked savory cake was just perfect!

    Lovely as sweet cake and savory cake. Definitely a keeper. Thank you for the recipe. It really is a Perfect Cupcakes Recipe.

  492. After 2 batches of cupcakes that crusted up and came away from the cases, I tried your recipe….and you got it right . They look perfect and taste great. Thank you for sharing.

  493. I have been searching for the best vanilla cake possible I am gonna try this one soon, Thanks for the recipe, I have tried your chocolate cupcake recipe and I will now not use any other. Thanks again.

  494. I just made these…JUST made them! They are P E R F E C T! I’ve been searching for a cupcake recipe that made perfect fluffy (not too sweet) cupcakes that didn’t harden as soon as they cooled. This is it! I am so grateful that you went to trouble to bake and test and test and bake. Your efforts are appreciated! I’ll be making these again and again! THANK YOU!

  495. hi there..thank you so much for sharing this and for the recipe..excited to try your perfect vanilla recipe since i tried a lot and i didn’t like the outcome. any how what milk should i use in substitution for buttermilk since whole milk is not available in our place :( thank you so much Natasha :)

  496. The cupcakes turned out amazing! They were a little heavy, but they make great breakfast cupcakes! Thank you.

  497. For anyone asking about making cakes with this recipe: After a little trial and error tonight, I doubled the recipe and made two 9 in round cakes. Baked at 350 degrees for approximately 26-28 minutes :)

  498. OMG!! I just tried this.. and its totalllyyy awesoomee…
    i swear it really taste like heaven…

  499. I had such high hopes for these but my search continues! They baked up nice enough but have too much of a “muffin” taste and texture for me to consider them a cupcake in my little world! I do appreciate your efforts and thank you for all you do! I love your blog and look forward to your posts!

  500. You are gorgeous! And recipe is AWESOME! Thank you because every recipe which i used earlier wasn’t good and this is really perfect! 😉

  501. Perfect vanilla cupcakes thanks for the. Recipe. It was exactly what I was looking for!

  502. Oh My Gosh!!!!!!! I entered (with this recipe) to the hummingbird bakery competition and I might win a kitchen aid mixer and their new bakery book! Im really excited to find out if I win or not!!!!!

  503. I just made 3 batches of these. My go has been the Magnolia cupcakes…but now it’s these. They are so soft and delicious and it’s such an easy recipe to make, Thank YOU!!

  504. Thank you soooo much for posting thiis! You are incredible and this recipe is DElish! ox

  505. I tried these cupcakes for a contest. I just finished making about four dozen of them. All of the other cupcakes I researched were cornbreadish. These were absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much! 😉

  506. I have also been in search of the perfect vanilla recipe, and as a new baker I am comparing recipes I find online to each other to figure out what the basic components are and where I can play around. I tried this twice; once with oil and once with butter. I really hate adding oil, but it sounded so delicious I had to try it once the way it was written before I started messing with it. I have to say, in my opinion it was much better with BUTTER. I had the butter sitting on a warmer for a while so it was nice and soft, and I added it at the same point as the oil was added in the original recipe and then beat the wet mixture on high for a minute. For those that also don’t like adding oil, try real butter, it turned out light, fluffy and delicious.

    THANK YOU for the hard work!

  507. FYI:
    If you cannot find cake flour you can make your own
    1 cup of regular flour minus 2 tbs. Then add 2 tbs corn starch.

  508. Yes, these were very much like the vanilla cupcakes you would get from a box of high-quality mix. I tried them two ways: one with all oil and another with half oil/half melted butter. I am a pastry chef in a gourmet-upscale cupcake shop, and so many others out there trying, we are also trying to really perfect our ‘blank canvas’. (We’ve also tried the Magnolia’s, Sadaris, The Cake Bible…I’m just not impressed–their cakes are good for a 24-hour window but have no shelf life for a customer who is taking something home for the next day or two.) I’ve developed a recipe that is is about 90% to my liking (many of our customers LOVE it, but of course the chef needs to be ga-ga over it as well, haha), but it has quite a bit of ingredients and very specific mixing requirements to get it perfect. Makes it difficult to train anyone coming in behind me. 😀 This recipe is a great one for folks wanting to use this at home or even in a small cupcake business, but it’s just not quite what we were looking for at the shop, ALTHOUGH (and I stress this highly), I think kids would love this cupcake because of the familiarity they would experience from it being so similar to a boxed-mix cupcake. I really did enjoy the subtle flavors and the use of buttermilk (favorite baking ingredient). You could pair this cupcakes with nearly ANY kind of frosting, and it could also very easily be transformed into an almond cake as well. I noticed a few people were having issues with their cakes coming out ‘chewy’ or with an odd texture. Very important: Do NOT over-mix these cakes. You aren’t beating any air/structure into a butter/sugar mixture. Therefore there won’t be minutes of mixing time. Really these should almost just be done by hand entirely. You will develop gluten VERY QUICKLY if you over-mix, resulting in a ‘chewy’ cake.

  509. I didn’t have any baking soda, so I just omitted that and used whole milk instead of buttermilk and flour+cornstarch instead of cake flour and even with those changes they came out wonderful. Light and fluffy, not too moist or too dry and not overly sweet. I will definitely make them again, thanks for the recipe :)

  510. Hi!!! I’m 18 and am trying to pick up a new hobby. I tried in vain but failed miserably at my first batch of cupcakes. They came out tasting like corn bread and slightly burned :} but then through the grace of God I stumbled upon your recipe and they came out great! (but they still taste like corn bread :{ I dont know what I’m doing wrong :{ I was hopping you could give me some much needed advice! Your my inspiration! Thanks again for sharing your recipes!!

  511. So many thanks. At last I baked like yours.

  512. i made these last nigh for my family and i wrote the recipe down wrong. instead of just 1/2 cup of oil. i used 1 1/2 cups!!! i ate a few and so did everyone else! i guess we were really hungry for cupcakes because they werent that bad. a little greasy 😉 hahahahahahahahahahaha

  513. Always sceptical about anything claiming to be the best or perfect, I had to try it.
    Well, not disappointed, this is my new cupcake sponge mixture!

  514. I just made these cupcakes, and I just have to say…..THANK YOU! They are wonderful! I can’t wait to try the frosting as well :) truly delicious

  515. I’m so glad I found you! I have found so many vanilla cupcake recipes and I’ve made all of those that I found trying to find the PERFECT one. Well, I was almost going to give up, then I read all of the great comments here and decided to give it one last try. OMG! This really is the BEST vanilla cupcakes recipe. I used a vanilla bean in the batter instead of the extract, but I’m sure that they are just as good with only the vanilla extract. I paired them with your chocolate cream cheese frosting. I made these for Super Bowl Sunday….my family LOVED them! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  516. Just made these, and after they cooled my 3 yr old and I tried one without icing. YUM! I am whipping up my favorite Italian Meringue Buttercream now! Will be giving these to the neighbors as V-Day gifts. :)

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  518. I made these as birthday cupcakes for my better half and he loved them. Topped with cherry vanilla icing and a cherry on top- totally delicious. The cake flour and the oil really make for a tender, moist and crumbly cake. Our party guests devoured them in about 2 minutes. Just what I’ve been hunting for all these years. Thanks!!

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  520. I made both this recipe and your chocolate cupcake recipe for an upcoming bake sale. They were both delicious!!! Both cupcakes were flavorful and baked wonderfully! Found both my chocolate cupcake as well as vanilla cupcake recipe! Thank you so much!

  521. Would it b possible to have the recipe’s measurements in grams?

  522. Hi. I was wondering if these cupcakes freeze well? I made a batch just now and I want to put some away for later. Thanks

  523. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been on the same journey as you, looking for the perfect vanilla cupcake when I stumbled upon your website. This recipe is great, just finished a batch for my daughter’s birthday.

  524. Hi Gitty,
    Just saw your post and I made a batch and froze one for a week in a tupperware-like container. I took it out in the morning and tried it in the afternoon and it was as good as when I first baked it.

  525. Thank you so much! I too have been searching for a good vanilla cupcake recipe and I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that this is THE recipe. Will be trying these ASAP!

  526. HI, I’m from Poland and I’ve found your PERFECT cupcakes on Internet. I made it and… THEY ARE PERFECT!

    Greetings from Warsaw!

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  528. Hi! Thank you for this recipe.. It was a hit with the family on Valentine’s Day! Look forward to trying out your other culinary delights!

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  530. Thnk yewwwww!!!tried t out nd thre were the best cupcakes ave evr made!!!!

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  532. OMG! This really is the BEST vanilla cupcakes recipe. I love this recipe cause I don’t have to use butter. It’s damn uch easier !! Thank you so much !

  533. These are the BEST vanilla cupcakes I’ve ever made! (And I bake EVERY SINGLE DAY!) Thank you so much…I am SO glad to have found your wonderful blog!!

  534. Thank you! :) I’ll try to bake cupcakes again lol last night was a disaster!

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  536. Hye can I use artificate vinegar instead of white vinegar?

  537. I really need to know cause I want to bake it but I don’t have white vinegar. and I’m so lazy to go out just to buy that thing. :/

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  540. This is a phenomenal recipe. Your research/trial and error process is much appreciated! Thank you! (:

  541. how many days would this be edible? I mean is there any expiration dates, whatsoever? And would it be very sweet if I place dark chocolate and strawberries above? Thanks. 😀

  542. Hi, these look amazing, but is there any way you can tell me the ratios in weight, ie: Grams/Ounces?

  543. This recipe was an epic fail for us. We made them during a blizzard and couldn’t run out for mix so we were cupcakeless. We live in Colorado so I am thinking this is not a high altitude recipe. :(

    • Hi Heather, Sorry you did not have success this time around. Yes, if you are at high elevation any cakes or cupcakes from scratch will need some modifications. I have no experience with high altitude baking, but if you do a little google search I’m sure you will find the necessary adjustments.

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  546. Glory, I had to write and say thank you and to tell you these were the ONE! Like you and everyone else I had been on a long search for the perfect cupcake. That was until today. They looked and tasted great. Made 7 dozen last night and used your vanilla lemon frosting for a Fundraiser last night and WOW, we were sold out within 20 minutes.

    I’m originally from Kansas City, but now live in Scotland. We don’t have cake flour, but that was never an issue. I simply used the recipe of taking 1 tbsp of plain flour out from 1 cup and replacing it with 1 tbsp of corn flour and sifted 3 times and it works like a dream! If you use 2 TBSPs to the 1 cup, the end product will tend to have a hint of corn flavour to it.

    Thank you for such a great recipe and you have a very happy new follower!

  547. They taste like the cakes in the Asian Stores in Chinatown, light, not too sugary and low cal. I would use butter next time though and a bit more sugar. When I added some sunflower butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and a bit of sour cream – they came out even better for a nice change and variety!

  548. Hi there! I realize this is somewhat off-topic
    however I had to ask. Does building a well-established blog like yours require a lot of work?
    I’m completely new to blogging however I do write in my journal on a daily basis. I’d like to start
    a blog so I can easily share my personal experience and feelings
    online. Please let me know if you have any kind of recommendations or tips for new aspiring blog owners.
    Appreciate it!

  549. Hey Im Kiara and Im 12 years old and was wondering how long it takes to make the “Perfect Vinnila Cupcake Recipe”. They sounded really good. I would like to make them for my moms B-day. Thanks a ton!

  550. I set out to do the same thing as you did. I found that my cupcakes were always too dry, especially the vanilla cupcakes. I knew that I wanted to try buttermilk for the extra acid and somehow incorporate more fats. Weill I found your recipe and thought it would be a great “starting point” because it already had some of the changes I was going to make. Well, lucky for me, it was also my ending point because this recipe it exactly PERFECT! I made a batch right after I found it and you are amazing! Thank you so very much for your generosity in sharing all of your hard work with everyone. It saved me some SERIOUS time!

  551. These actually came out pretty well! nice and fluffy, with a good flavor. I’m impressed, good a cupcake recipe is rare :)

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  553. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article.

    Thank you for supplying these details.

  554. Hi,I have just tried this recipe,they turned out great and tasted very good! Thank you so much and I really like your blog!

  555. Your recipe is truly perfect. I was so disappointed with myself and I was thinking of quiting baking alltogether, and I looked at the oven and there they were, perfect. thank you

  556. Thank you so much for working out the perfect cupcake recipe. Just made a batch and they really are amazing. Very light and consistent in colour, texture and flavour. Thanks again : )

  557. Hello! You said that using cake flour would be the best but in Australia I don’t think there is cake flour. I found this cake flour recipe do you think it will work if I use plain flour and cornflour?
    Here is the link:

    Also is cornstartch the same as cornflour?

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  559. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  560. I have made several attempts at cupcakes before using the more common recipe using just butter and they’ve never turned out how I have wanted them to. I’ve been on two baking courses hoping that I’d learn how to get that all important light and fluffy sponge to no avail. I didn’t want to give up hope so when I found this recipe using oil and buttermilk instead, I had to try it. I made a batch today and they are absolutely amazing. Everyone else also said they were the best I’d ever made. Being in the UK, I was trying to find a British equivalent of cake flour and somebody had suggested McDougalls supreme sponge flour which I bought and I’m sure this made such a difference too. I had so many expectations when the recipe was labelled “perfect vanilla cupcakes” but these absolutely lived up to that name. I haven’t stopped beaming with delight since I made them and can’t thank you enough for putting in all the time and effort to discover and share the recipe. Absolutely brilliant!

  561. Will this recipe work for a vanilla cake? Or is there a difference between cupcakes and cakes?

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  563. I used the receipe over the weekend and the cupcakes were AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing!!

  564. After I searched and searched for the perfect cupcake, I was soooo excited to come across your website. I made the cupcakes twice, and both times they tasted horrible :( I was so disappointed because the texture and look of them are AMAZING! I wish I could say the same thing about the flavor. I even used the top of the line ingredients, with no change in results.

  565. aside from your ingredients i added light corn syrup to make it soft and add a little bit of flour which is 1 cup and a little bit of vanilla which is all in all ! tbsp.

  566. Wow. Yup -these were perfect. I was a little skeptical of using oil and no butter, but these are excellent! Thanks!