Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops

Here’s a Valentine’s treat that is super easy, and perfect to send along with your little sweeties to share with their friends.  My daughter’s love to help make these.  I’ve made them several times (and for different holidays by simply changing the sprinkles) after seeing the idea several years ago on Grace Violet.

All you need…

One bag of Strawberry Marshmallows



Lollipop sticks

Small cellophane bags (if you want to wrap them up)

~ Directions ~

1.  Push a lollipop stick into each marshmallow.

2.  Melt some chocolate (chocolate chips are not recommended)  I usually use Ghirardelli chocolate (found in the baking aisle).  You will probably need 4-8 oz. of chocolate, depending on how many marshmallows you dip.

3.  Dip one marshmallow at a time into the chocolate.

4.  Allow excess chocolate to drip off, then sprinkle your choice of sprinkles onto the chocolate.

5.  Set the marshmallow pop (stick down) in a mug to allow the chocolate to set (you can put the mug of pops in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes)

6.  Once the chocolate is set, if desired, wrap each pop in a small cellophane bag.

7.  Share with friends =)

If you’re feeling domestic this weekend, here are a few other Valentine’s treats to try…

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Chocolate Cupcakes

Cranberry White Chocolate Bars

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Easy Chocolate Mousse (from a mix)


  1. Can I use Wilton chocolate melts?

    • Sure, candy melts would work fine for this! I prefer the taste of real chocolate, but candy melts are a good option if that’s what you have, or if you want to use some fun colors.

  2. I absolutely love the ideas they are the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts for boys or girls. My boyfriend loved them. And it reminded them to everyone one.

  3. These are so cute!!

  4. I just made these for my daughter’s first birthday party. The theme is pink and brown giraffe so I used pink marshmallows, chocolate, and pink sparkly sprinkles. They turned out so cute and fit the theme perfectly. Party is tomorrow so I’m excited to see what everyone thinks of them! Thank you for the idea!!

  5. I did something similar for my son’s valentines day treats, but i used heart-shaped marshmallows and sprinkles. You can see the results here

  6. I made SO many of these over the last 2 days! Love them!! They seemed to be a bigger hit then the cake pops I made for Halloween!! Love how easy they are!

  7. These are so nice! I like the idea. It can't be just used for Valentines.

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