How To Make Melted Rainbow Crayon Art

The best rainbow melted crayon art tutorial

A few weeks before my daughter’s Rainbow Art Birthday Party, I prepared a set of three melted crayon canvases to act as the backdrop for the dessert/snack table.  There is always something so pretty and cheerful about rainbow colors!  I loved the way the canvases brought color to the table, and pulled in the art theme.

I’ve seen lots of rainbow crayon art circulating around the internet for quite some time, but this is the first time I’ve given it a try.  It’s a really fun and rewarding project!

For less than the cost of a framed print to hang on a wall, you can create a custom work of art, adjusting the size and colors to your liking.  The total cost of this project for me was about $35.00.  That includes the canvas ($15), heat gun ($12, using a coupon), and crayons ($7).  I am not counting the cost of the glue gun, since I already owned one, and most of you likely do as well.

Here’s how to make one…

Gather your supplies…

You’ll need a canvas (the one shown is 24″x12″)

a hot glue gun (and extra glue)

crayons (for this 24″ wide canvas I used most of the colors from a 96 crayon pack, as well as two 8 crayon packs- buy more than you think you’ll need)

a heat gun (available from most craft stores, sold near stamping supplies, or gift wrap/cellophane)

Step 1-  Quickly sort the crayons by color.  You will likely not want to include any browns, black or grey.

making rainbow melted crayon art

Step 2-  Line up the crayons by color, then fine tune the exact order you’d like the different shades.   Line up the crayons next to the canvas, so you know exactly how many you’ll need to fit the length of the canvas.

Step 3- Begin hot gluing the crayons to the canvas.  I chose to lay the crayons so the name of the color was showing.  Apply enough glue to attach 3 or 4 crayons, lay those crayons down, then add more glue, and so on.

Step 4-  Once all the crayons are glued on, cover your work area with paper, and lean the canvas up against a support (such as a case of canning jars)  =)

Step 5-  Begin heating one section of the crayons with the heat gun.  Hold the gun about 12 inches from the crayons.  It will take a couple minutes for the crayons to begin to melt.

*A note about using a heat gun vs. a blow dryer.  I have seen melted crayon projects using a blow dryer, but it is much more difficult to control the direction of the melted wax.  With a blow dryer the wax tends to fly in all directions, not just drip down.   A heat gun produces hotter heat, and blows the air with less force.  Using a heat gun (instead of a blow dryer) seems to cut down the total time of the melting process by at least half.  As is, it will take 45 minutes or so to melt the crayons (using a canvas of similar size).  I think attempting this project with a blow dryer would be quite frustrating.  As always, feel free to experiment… I’m just sharing my recommendations.

Step 6-  Continue directing heat at a section of crayons, and use the air and heat as needed to direct the wax down the canvas.


Step 7-  Continue working a section at a time.  The total time for melting the crayons on this canvas (24″ wide) was about 45 minutes.

Step 8-  When all the crayons have melted, and dripped down, pick up the canvas from your work area.  Scrape off any excess wax from along the bottom edge of the canvas, then use the heat gun as needed to melt the wax along the edge of the canvas.

How to make melted rainbow crayon art

Step 9-  Project is complete!   Admire the beautiful art you just created  =)

This project was a perfect addition to my daughter’s Rainbow Art Birthday Party, and would make a beautiful piece to hang in a child’s room, class room, or any place that could use a beautiful pop of color!


  1. HI i have seen all the comments and so far A LOT of people want to know in what colors we should put them and list the names HOPE YOU SEE THIS BECAUSE A LOT OF PEOPLE ASKED ABOUT THIS so yeah…

    Anay =)

    • Hi Anay, I have not taken the time to reply to the previous comments primarily because I did not take notes on the exact names of the colors. I think if you download my photo and zoom in, you could likely read most of the colors. Additionally, you do not need to make this using the exact colors I did. Just eye-ball it (that’s what I did) and choose what looks good to you, using the standard ROYGBIV color order. Happy crafting!

    • Anay, 
      So yeah…. it’s common sense that their is NOT a specific order that the colors must be in. Clearly she didn’t respond to the previous comments because it’s obvious that the colors are totally up to each individual. ‍♀️‍♀️ SOoOoOoOo YeAhHHhh, your passive ass attitude can go somewhere ‍♀️

  2. Saw this in the rehab unit of civic hospital in Peterborough Ontario.  What a great idea

  3. Could you possibly post the names of the crayons in order? I’m having a real hard time..

  4. How long would it take with a hair drier?
    How much money is the heat gun?

  5. This is amazing!

  6. When I tried it, the top of the canvas had the blothes of color.

  7. Hi! I was just wondering in what order the colors were placed in. I want to make this but let’s just say my color coordination isn’t the best! Sorry that this might be a lot of work for you and if you don’t feel like doing it that’s fine. Love this website by the way!
    Thanks much!

  8. DO NOT USE A HAIR-DRYER!! We just broke ours within 30 seconds it blew a heat coil or something 🙁

    • Sorry to hear your blow dryer went kaput! I do recommend a heat gun, simply because it’s hotter, and blows the wax around much less, but in most cases a blow dryer will work fine too. I’m not sure if you’re thinking this project had anything to do with your blow drying dying? Wouldn’t you normally use it for several minutes in just normal use (for hair)?

  9. This is actually the best crayon art I’ve seen. The idea to use a heat gun over a blow dryer is perfect. Infact I liked your heat gun so much I was wondering if you could tell me the exact place you purchased it and the model name of it too? I’d really appreciate it as I am looking very forward to this project 🙂
    Thank you -Alia

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