Christmas Cookies Galore!!


I imagine many of you will be enjoying a pre-Christmas baking marathon this weekend!  I’ve gathered photos of some of my favorite Christmas cookies, and I hope to offer some decorating inspiration for the week.  A few of these you’ve seen, several you haven’t.  I’d love to hear your favorite of the bunch!  I’ll add the links to my sugar cookie recipe and decorating how-to’s at the bottom of this post.

Happy cookie decorating!

My sugar cookie recipe is HERE.

My royal icing recipe and tons of decorating tips to get you started are HERE.

A cute packaging idea is HERE.

Happy Baking!


  1. There are so beautiful ! How can you eat them ! Well done

  2. Oh my goodness, are these ever gorgeous! I LOVE the snowglobes!! I'd have a hard time eating them. No, I take that back. I'd eat them all in a flash! Thanks for sharing your genius! Happy Holidays!!

  3. Those are beautiful. I wish I would've found this before today! I'm bookmarking this for next Christmas for sure.

  4. Gorgeous cookies! The all look so perfect 🙂

  5. These are truly works of art. Stunning!

  6. I would never be able to pick a favorite. These are all amazing.

  7. i could stare at the cookies ALL day! i LOVE the christmas cupcake shaped cookie!

  8. so gorgeous and perfect!! Love every one.

  9. These ARE glorious treats! 🙂

  10. waw!! These little treats are really looking good!!! :)) I'm ready to make my own. oops, I forgot my oven is broken. I guess it'll have to wait another year or so.. Anyways..

    Greetings from BFC!!

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