1st Birthday Cookies For A Special Boy

This weekend I made a special set of cookies for a first birthday party.  It was fun to play with “boy” colors, because with two little girls in my house I’m used to making lots of pink and purple cookies! =)
Here is the sweet birthday boy Luke,  happily munching on a cookie…
This set of cookies was extra special to me because this little boy is a bit of a miracle.  Luke’s mommy (my friend) found out she was pregnant and found out she had aggressive breast cancer on the same day.  Doctors told her that in order to save her own life, cancer treatment needed to start immediately and could not wait for a pregnancy.  She was highly advised to abort her pregnancy, since the harsh drugs needed for her cancer treatment would surely affect the baby’s mental and physical development, cause premature birth, or a miscarriage.  She didn’t take that advise.  She reached out to family and friends to cover her sweet baby with prayers, and her prayers were answered.  To the astonishment of many doctors, baby Luke was not adversely affected by the drugs in any way!  He is healthy, beautiful, and perfect! 
Happy birthday sweet Luke!
(Oh, let’s not forget Luke’s mommy… who is also now healthy and cancer free!)
My sugar cookie recipe is HERE
 If you’re new to cookie decorating, I have a couple of decorating tutorials posted HERE and HERE.


  1. What sweet looking cookies and an amazing testimony of God's goodness!! How wonderful!

  2. What an amazing story, so lovely to read. Gorgeous cookies, love the colours & an adorable little boy too!

  3. Perfectly gorgeous cookies. Love the colors!

  4. These pictures are mouth watering because I know how yummy they are! And they're super cute!
    Love you!

  5. Wow! What a blessing! I just love hearing stories like this one. Thanks so much for sharing and your cookies and the birthday boy are absolutely beautiful!

  6. How lovely these are! Almost as lovely as that sweet boy!

  7. Just goes to show, the power of prayer is real! What a cute little boy and DARLING cookies!!

  8. Great post! I love the cookies!

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