Snowflake Cupcakes

How about some pretty Chocolate cupcakes to get you through the week?

These are Chocolate cupcakes (recipe HERE) with Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting (recipe HERE), made extra special with some royal icing snowflakes.  I piped on the frosting with a Wilton 1M tip (the tip I use the most often) and added some pretty sprinkles (white non-pareils and silver dragees).  I colored the frosting with Americolor brand coloring, in sky blue.

The roayl icing snowflakes are pretty easy to make, and will last a very long time (stored in a airtight container).  Make a nice stiff consistency batch of royal icing (recipe HERE) and pipe a snowflake shape onto a piece of parchment paper.  Allow to dry completely (this will take about 1 day) before trying to remove from the paper.  Be prepared… many WILL break as you try to move them from the parchment paper, so you need to make at least twice as many snowflakes as you think you want.  The thicker the line of royal icing you make, and the longer you let them dry, the better your chances of avoiding breakage, but they are still very delicate, and you are bound to have some break.

Happy Cupcake Decorating!


  1. I LOVE them…very wintery and yummy looking!! Wish I could try one!
    Thanks Glory for making my mouth water!!

  2. I adore these! Perfect for the cold winter weather we are having in chicago today!

  3. OMG… I just finished up making 3 dozen of the EXACT SAME snowflakes! LOL!

  4. These are gorgeous! Love your wonderful holiday cupcakes :).

  5. Beautiful. I love the blue color with the snowflakes. I'm going to try those snowflakes today.

    Plan B

  6. You have quickly become my favorite 'how-to' blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Pure Awesomeness Glory!! :)

  8. Happy December! love your amazing blog, your desserts, recipes and party planning ideas so inspiring!
    Do you have a twitter to follow you!
    Rowaida Flayhan

  9. Omg these look delicious… I love the snowflakes!!! Just gorgeous!!

  10. These are so cute, great job!!!

  11. How pretty! The royal icing snowflakes are so dainty looking.

  12. Hi Glory,
    I'm asking permission if you could please share with your readers regarding my blog giveaway just in time for the holidays. Its a free cookbook titled Foodista, best food blogs cookbook.

  13. Um YUM! I love cream cheese frosting! These look so delish : )


  14. So pretty. I love the blue with snowflakes, I posted a snowflake cookie today with the same colors :) I'm hoping all the snowflakes will come alive and we'll see some white this winter :)

  15. These are some gorgeous cupcakes!!!

  16. These are so beautiful! What a great idea to convert royal icing into snowflakes. I really admire all of your creations; you have such skill for decorating. And your royal icing tutorial helped me so much when making my first batch. So a big thank you!

  17. Those cupcakes are gorgeous! Another great post from Glory!

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  19. These are adorable! I did something similar with cupcakes for my daughter's class at school. I did turkeys in royal icing, similar to the method you used with the snowflakes. I then attached them to chocolate cupcakes with orange vanilla cream cheese frosting. They were super cute, and super yummy!

  20. Thanks for the snowflake instructions, your pictures are very helpful to visual folks like me. I'll try making them this winter since we don't get snow where I live, these will be the closest my family and friends will get. You're amazing!

  21. These are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to try these myself.

  22. Beautiful! Love these cupcakes. Do you mind sharing where you purchased the lovely black liners? :)

  23. Ok so why did my cupcakes turn into crater cakes? I live at 5000ft. Any suggestions?

  24. Courtney- The liners are actually dark brown and you can buy them from one of my blog sponsors, Simply Caked (link is on my side bar)
    Blackwood-Schueler- I imagine your elevation has something to do with it. I'm not sure what changes you should make, but I'm sure if you google how to adjust baking for high elevations you will find some good suggestions.

  25. How absolutely stunning!

  26. These are so incredibly beautiful. What a wonderful tip, thanks for sharing!

  27. So very pretty. I love the colors!

  28. What a great idea. Do you use a particular tip to pipe with or do you just use a really thin one and draw your own snowflakes?

  29. These are such cute cupcakes!! Love the snowflake. So dainty :)

  30. Wow. I really feel the winter when I am looking at this. I guess this is perfect to make this coming weekend for our family bonding. Thanks for sharing your cute and wonderful cupcakes of yours.

  31. Thanks for sharing Glory. I'm relatively new to icing & decorating & this is a great tip x

  32. Love the snowflakes. I'm really new to this royal icing thing. Are there instructions somewhere to make the snowflake or do I need to already know how to make one. I thought maybe there was a template or something.



  33. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments!

    Kirbe- I usually use a tip #2 or 3 for this project, and then draw the snowflakes.

    Lisa- I just free-hand the snowflake designs, but you could print some out, and then put the waxed paper on top of the designs and copy them.

  34. These are beautiful! I can't wait to try your recipe. What food coloring did you use to get that beautiful Tiffany blue color?

  35. So happy your beautiful pictures on a Google photo search led me to this recipe ~ and your site! I will be trying these for my daughter's 9th birthday party next week! (It's a snowflake theme)

  36. Hi, love your royal icing snowflakes. Which tip size did you use for them?
    best regards from Germany

  37. Re: Frosting Color- I used Americolor gel in sky blue.

    @Laura- I use a #2 tip. You could use a #3 and the snowflakes would let breakable, but also not as dainty.

  38. This cupcake looks just like the one on cupcake corner on Facebook. Am I the only one who see this?????

  39. Anonymous- Could you share the link for the page you're refering too? I might need to check it out. Thanks!

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  42. Beautiful! I just made daisy icing flowers and used parchment paper. The daisies slid right off the paper. Much easier than wax paper. Now I need to prepare for Christmas with lots and lots of snowflakes.

  43. Do you ever have a problem with the royal icing decorations "melting" into the cupcake icing? Or does that only happen with buttercream icing?

  44. I wonder if these could be done on non stick foil. Nothing sticks to it and maybe they could then be removed without breakage.

  45. Oh these look lovely. Thank you Glory. Yet another wonderful post. Thank you so much, and merry christmas to you are your family.

  46. I just made these and they came out great! What a cool idea! But it might be helpful if you mention exactly how long it takes for the snowflakes to dry. It took 2 full days for me. I tried removing them after one day and broke every single one. After 2 days, they came out great!

    Love your site! I've bookmarked it!

  47. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas and tutorials. I pinned the cupcake yesterday but didnt know where it originated … it was a hit yesterday so I repinned today so it linked back to you Merry Christmas to you and yours

  48. Question:
    Could you share how you achieved that color? It is the exact color of my daughter's sweet sixteen party and I want to make these, but I am nervous about getting the right color.

  49. Your cupcakes look AMAZING! I tried these, and sadly mine didn't turn out quite the same….well the snow flakes at least. I used a slightly larger tip, to make them more sturdy, which worked, but regardless of the tip, I could NOT get mine to look as tidy as yours. You could see so much texture, they weren't smooth like yours. Any suggestions for how to get them to look flawless like yours? Thanks so much, and happy new year!

  50. I´m speechless… Most beautiful cupcakes I´ve ever seen indeed

  51. These are just stunning! Dumb question: Would greasing the parchment paper for good measure help with snowflake removal? I may try that . . .

    • No, do not grease the paper. Oil is the enemy of royal icing, and I don’t think it would set up properly. I have discovered that waxed paper works a bit better than parchment… I’ll go update this post =)

  52. How did you get that blue color for the frosting?

  53. what color you used for these cupcakes???

  54. where is the directions ?????

    • The recipes are linked in the post, and the directions for the snowflakes are written in the post as well. I’m not sure what you are looking for?

  55. o ok thank you i see it now

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  57. These are absolutely beautiful! As soon as I saw this post, I bought the meringue powder to give it a try. Unfortunately, my snowflakes ran together and I found myself making extra large snowflakes so the ends didn’t run together. Any tips on how you achieved such perfect flakes?

    • Hi Jessica, Sounds like the only problem was your icing was not thick/stiff enough. The icing should be as thick, or a bit thicker than traditional tube toothpaste. Also, try a smaller tip if needed. I would suggest a #2 or #1.5 tip.

  58. I made snowflakes the other day using melted white chocolate…….very easy and quick….., pipe onto grease proof paper, put in freezer for 5 minutes, then they just slide off…….I the store them in a plastic container in the freezer until needed!! Thanks

  59. These look amazing! Out of curiosity, where do you buy those little silver looking balls that are on the cupcakes?

    • The little silver balls are called dragees. Several on-line cake/cookie decorating shops will sell them. I know Fancy Flours sells them. These were a gift from a friend, since I live in California, and they are not legal to sell in California. In any other state you can buy them.

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  63. Glory, I have never seen using squeeze bottles for icing! Love it. Is there a certain bottle that the couplers fit on? Or a certain coupler that is able to twist on a bottle? Any information that can help me find these is MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

    • I usally use icing bags for decorating cookies, but some people prefer icing bottles. Small bottles that work with regular couplers and tips are available from

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  71. These are gorgeous!

  72. Loved these! I made 5 dozen for my daughters birthday party. I used parchment instead of wax paper and they slid off 3 hours later and I had only about 8 out of 100 snowflakes break at all. Everyone loved them! Thanks for the idea!!!

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  75. i am trying to make cupcakes for a party next saturday, and dont want to be overwhelmed prior to the party. How many days in advance of the party can i make the cupcakes? Thanks

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  79. The cupcake looks beautiful! You did a great job decorating it!

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  89. What did you use to tint the icing that shade of blue? Love it! it’s just a great design! Thanks.

    • Hi Ellen, As mentioned in the post, I use Americolor brand food coloring in sky blue. Just one or two drops per the batch of icing is all you need. Happy baking!

  90. I finally had success removing the hardened snowflakes from the wax paper. I heated a cookie sheet in the oven at 350 and slid the wax paper and snowflakes onto the back side of the hot cookie sheet. The heat melted the wax and the snowflakes came right off!

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  97. I was making cupcakes for a Frozen themed birthday party and stumbled onto your site while searching the internet for ideas. They turned out beautifully, and surprisingly I didn’t have any trouble with the snowflakes. I used parchment paper and after a day of drying they just slid right off. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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  107. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! I used your recipe to bake cupcakes for my daughter’s Frozen themed party. I’m just an amateur baker so I used some simple snowflake cupcake toppers rather than the royal icing snowflakes. Your cupcakes look beautiful! :) I blogged about my Frozen festivities and included a link to your blog.


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  112. I make these ever yr, simply the best cupcakes ever! :)

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  115. Do the snowflakes need to dry at room temp or in the freezer? – Thanks

  116. Do you put the snowflakes in the fridge or dry them at room temperature?

  117. I made these cupcakes, snowflakes and all, for one my co-workers last day and they were such a hit! They were absolutely delicious and the frosting was the best part of it! We have this great cupcake shoppe near us at work, and most of my co-workers mentioned that they were better than their famous cupcakes! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

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  119. Hi, I just tried to make snowflakes with royal icing and they don’t look near as great as yours! What size tip did you use? Do you have any other pointers for doing them? Thanks!

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  125. I love your tutorial. It’s fantastic.!! Congratulations :)

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  131. Can I use white baking chocolate for the snowflakes? TIA

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