Grace’s Candy Party- It’s here!

This is post 3 of 3 on the candy themed birthday party I put together for my daughter’s 6th birthday.  The two previous posts show some of my planning and pre-party preparations, post 1 (here) shows the invitations and favor bags, post 2 (here) includes some of the games, prizes and decorations.

About six months ago I decided I would love to do a candy themed birthday party for my oldest daughters next birthday.  I began collecting pretty jars that I would use for the candy buffet, I decided on the color scheme, and began scouring the internet and all of my local stores for anything candy related… ideas, decorations, invitations, etc.  I really enjoyed every step of the planning and preparation (except the cleaning my house part!), but I am also a bit glad to say… it’s over!  The party was held this weekend, and I think I can safely say it was a success.  We had 23 children and 16 adults in all… did I mention the party was at our house, oh and that our house is under 1500 square feet?  Needless to say we were very thankful to have beautiful sunny weather so that we could make use of our backyard for all of the games.  In the end, all of the children headed home with smiles… I hope that was because they had fun and not just from all the sugar… but either way, they were smiling!

Now, please join me for a tour of the sweet party…

The candy buffet was one of my favorite things to plan, and set up. (Inspired of course, by the amazing work of Amy Atlas)  See this post for the sources of the jars.  I bought a lot of the candy from, and the banner and flower arrangements were made by me.

Here is our sweet birthday girl admiring the candy table.

The food and dessert table included a small cake, lots of cupcakes (with cookie toppers), cookies (in the shape of candy), as well as some pinwheel sandwiches and fresh fruit.  All of the food was made by me.  I accented the table with paper lanterns from Luna bazaar.

Below is a close up of some of the cookies I made.  There were lollipop shapes (that I used as cupcake toppers), cupcake shapes and candy shapes.  I’ve shared the sugar cookie recipe I use HERE, and all the how-to’s for the lollipop cookies are HERE.

We served strawberry lemonade to drink, as well as water bottles with custom labels that I designed and attached.  How-to’s for making your own custom water bottle labels HERE.

Inside the house I had several of the pillows I showed you in this post, and I also made several arrangements of various sizes of lollipops (that I’ve been collecting over the past several months from a variety of stores, including Target, Wal-Mart and Party City).

Below are a few more of the decorations, including a sign I made for the front door and lollipop decorations I added along the front walkway (how-to’s HERE).  Below you can also see a game my husband constructed for a bean bag toss game (my mom made a set of bean bags using the same cupcake and sprinkle fabrics she made the pillow covers with). And we also had a jar of jelly bellies to guess the number of.

Other games included a version of musical chairs using the songs Lollipop, Sugar and The Candy Man and a bingo game I created using images of sweets in place of numbers (you can see it in this post).

 I’ve posted all the instructions on making the large lollipop decorations (like above)  HERE

Some of the sweet and gorgeous guests.  Lots of smiles and happy tongues  =)

Grace enjoying a cupcake.

Our other sweet pea, Joy.


Some shots of mommy (me), daddy and Grace on her special day.


One of the best decisions I made when planning the party was to realize it would be near impossible (and very stressful) to be trying to photograph the party and host it at the same time. I asked a photographer friend if he would come take photos during the party, and he agreed. What a gift I gave myself! He did such a beautiful job capturing the smiling faces… I may never try to photograph my own parties again! Any photos in this post marked with a NC in the corner are from the very talented Nathan Chilton.  In fact, one of my goals when planning this party was to get at least one gorgeous shot of Grace (ideally holding a lollipop). When I first saw the photo above, I knew the party was finally complete.  Thank you Nathan!

All other photos by me (Glory Albin).


  1. Well done Glory this is so amazing! It's a beautiful party that Grace will never forget! Say happy birthday from me – Kathryn (NZ) xoxo

  2. amazing. everything looks fabulous. I love it!!!!!!

  3. Well where do I start!…..
    Totally amazing! loving everything about this, you are such a talented lady to do all of this, it's perfect in every way!
    Makes me wish I had a daughter to do this too, don't think my son would appreciate it! lol!
    Beautiful work!!!!

  4. Wow Glory, what a fabulous party. You have done an amazing job, well done :)

  5. What a sweet magic to wake up to.
    I was checking last night and my prayers were answered….hurray photos are here.
    Glory, everything looks amazing,you put so much love into it, wow, love the colors, banners, all the little cute touches.

  6. That is just spectacular!

  7. I love this party! (and the colors!) the details really make it special!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  8. I have been waiting patiently to see this party. Weeks and weeks of teasers have kept me on the edge of my seat. It was absolutely darling! I don't even know where to begin. The cake and cupcakes were just too cute. I loved how you used cookies to decorate them. Oh and the candy buffett… SWEET!!!

  9. Oh my, Glory! You have outdone yourself! What an amazing party. Something for her to cherish forever. I'm sure all your guests were in complete awe of you. Splendidly wonderful, my friend!

  10. Just amazing! There is nothing more I can say, I have no words.

    You are one tallented lady! Between you and Sharnel – you should write a book!


  11. Perfect, stunning, amazing and all you the usual words used to describe your work! Well done once again!

  12. Super cute. Love the colors and the coordinated games.

  13. Absolutely precious! In fact, I featured you today on my blog, Pop over and take a peek when you get a chance! :)

  14. Thanks ladies for all the encouraging comments!

    Terri (Goosie Girl)- Thanks for the feature. In general I like to be asked first, but thanks for at least letting me know.
    I love the set up you did for the adult game night, really beautiful!

  15. Glory, I am so happy you have a blog now. This is EVEN better than your flickr page! I love to read the stories!

  16. Fabulous job, Glory! I am in LOVE with your lolli cupcakes and cookies…PERFECTION!

  17. Wow! I can't imagine the number of hours you spent preparing for this lovely party! It's beautiful!

  18. Just perfect! I love all of the details and may have to "borrow" a few for my twins' second birthday.

  19. Glory,
    I am in love with Grace's party. I love each and every detail.
    The colour combo is just perfect and one of my favourites.
    The question is….. did Grace have a wonderful day? ANd have you recovered?

  20. This is a beautiful theme for your daughter's party with every detail just perfect! It makes me smile remembering the "Sweets Table" we assembled for my daughter's wedding. We bought huge vases and jars on sale at TJ Maxx and filled them with candies in her wedding colors and also had the chocolate covered pretzels, etc. It was just a little different than the typical dessert table. Such fun!

  21. This is so adorable, I'm giddy. Those colors are what I plan to use for a cupcake party!

  22. You outdid yourself! I am in LOVE with this party! Great job! – Jennifer @

  23. I absolutely love your party, it is wonderful. I especially love the cupcakes with the lollipop toppers, absolutely amazing!

  24. Such a nice and colorful party. Congrats!

  25. super cute! great work:)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I have no idea what I just did but somehow I deleted my comment! Sorry!

    You are so talented! You did such a great job planning every detail! You really should be a party planner:)

    I am glad you had nice weather for Grace's special day.

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  29. Glory! I am amazed yet not surprised at how fantastic everything turned out for Gracies party! You are AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to show my clients and brag about my EXTREMELY TALENTED friend, Glory.

  30. Glory I love all the photos the color of the candy and cupcakes ect looks so pretty against the white wall background. I think your blog is neat. Maybe someday you could show me how to make a blog. So pretty. From us in Marysville

  31. gasp! it's so lovely! I wish I was there to see it. You clearly put a LOT of work into this and it turned out beautiful!

  32. I really want each of you to know how much I appreciate your sweet comments! I read every one, and feel so special that you enjoyed the work I put into my daughter's party, and take the time to tell me.
    Thank you so very much!!

  33. absolutely wonderful! Grace's very lucky to have such a talented and creative mom! Happy birthday to Grace!

  34. Thanks for giving me some much needed "brain candy" ! I have been so anticipating seeing this party come together and you didn't disappoint! I love all the tiny details and special touches. The food and decorations are perfectly beautiful. I agree… it's a great idea to plan so far ahead that you can snag the perfect items, and often at great deals! What a great Mommy you are. And you daughter is beautiful. Love the photos. – Johnna (Polka-dot Zebra)

  35. love all your sweet details-you did an amazing job!

  36. One very lucky little girl and one very talented mommy! Perfection!

  37. FAB-U-LOUS!!! Glory, I'm in love with your daughter's Candy Party! You did such an amazing job!!

  38. Glory everything looks so beautiful. You captured the party to a tee on your blog. I really enjoyed being there in person and seeing how much fun everyone (kids and parents) were having. You do amazing work.

  39. love love your party! Could you tell me how to make the lollipop cookies?

  40. Thanks again to each of you for leaving a sweet comment!

    "B"- I'll be doing a blog post in the next few weeks on how to make the little lollipop cookie cupcake toppers. If you really want to make some right away, just comment with your e-mail address, and I'll e-mail you with instructions.

  41. Your candy buffet is divine! I love all the details of your daughter's birthday party. The lollipops that decorate the path are super cute. What a great idea!

  42. Such a SWEET party! I'm a cake decorator so of course I want to know where you purchased that gorgeous cake stand.

  43. "Piece of Cake"- Thanks for the sweet comment. The cake stand I purchased from Costco this year. They only sold them for a very short time (like a few days!). I really wish I would have bought more than one set! William-Sonoma sells very similar ones, but they are quite expensive.

  44. This is the same type of party that I am giving for my princess that is turning 5 in July. You have given me so many wonderful ideas! The party looks spectacular!

  45. Love it! Great job. I'll be linking it to my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  46. My Goodness!!! What a wonderful party! Could you please share how you made those beautiful labels. I would love to use those labels for my upcoming party! Thank You!!

  47. Great job! I love it! Beautiful!

  48. Thanks to each of you for the kind comments, I really appreciate each one!

    Chris B.- I'm not 100% sure which labels you mean? Do you mean the water bottle labels? Let me know, and I'll be happy to help.

  49. Glory, this party is wonderful!! I'd love to feature it on our site in our Party of the Day section on our homepage. Can you send me your email address so I can talk about it further with you? – Best, Jillian

  50. Not sure if my comment actually posted….I'm reposting..I was talking about the labels with ribbon which was wrapped around nicely on your beverage jar filled with punch..absolutely loved the template..

    Cris B.

  51. Love, love, love the details of this party! I have to know, how early did you start everything for this party?

  52. Chris B.- The label on the jar of strawberry lemonade was made by printing the wording onto white cardstock paper from my computer. The the pink frame was made on my Cricut machine (if you dont' have the Cricut, I'm sorry that this answer wasn't all that helpful!). You could certainly still print out tags on white paper and then cut a second color of paper (slightly larger) as a backing. You could even use a corner rounder or some scissors that make a decorative edge to finish it off.
    Then, I put the ribbon around the jar (using some double sided tape), and added the label (also with double sided tape.

    Wishes and Whimsy- Thanks! I stared planning the party about 6 months in advance =) I started collecting jars for the candy buffet, decided on the party colors and started searching on-line for ideas and for the best prices on candy.

  53. Glory,

    I have scoured the internet looking for ideas for my daughters "Sweet Shoppe" party and yours is hands down the MOST ADORABLE party! I am going to copy many of your ideas! Her party is 4 months away, but I've already started collecting items that will be used in the decor!

    Thank you for your terrific ideas! I check your blog almost daily now for new ideas!

  54. Katie- Wow, thanks all your kind words!! I'd love to see your daughter's party after you have it.
    I'm so glad to hear you're checking in regularly. I feel a bit of pressure that you're checking daily! I plan to post only my own work and photos, which makes it tricky to keep up on posts, but I plan to never go longer than a week between posts. I have lots of fun things planned for this blog, and I'll be so happy to have you along for the journey!

  55. i'm having a sweet shoppe party soon, where did you get the lollipop cookies! i love it!!!! Any sugesstions???

  56. "Just the two of us"
    Thanks! The lollipop cookies (that I used as cupcake toppers) were made by me. I have a post on making mini cookies for cupcake toppers here,

  57. Where did you find the drink dispenser that you put the strawberry lemonade in? My daughter is having a candyland party and that would be cute to put her drink in. Also where did you find the tattoos?

    Thank you

  58. Jessica- Thanks for the comment! The drink dispenser I borrowed from my sister, but I think it's from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I've also seen very similar ones at Target.
    I'm not sure what you're refering to as tatoos?

  59. Thank you for the how to about the lolipops tht line your drive way–i made a few already–i cant wait for my daughters party in august i hope it turns some what like yours im taking most of your ideas hope you dont mine..:)..if you dont mind could you tell me where you got the cookie cutter shape like the candy???–well ill be stalking your page weakly incase you add more ideas.LOL..really Awesome job on your daughters party i love every detail!!!!

  60. Everything looks fabulous! You did an amazing job with the party. I was wondering if you could share how you made the banner behind the candy buffet–Grace's Sweet Shop and where did you find the candy cookie cutter?

  61. Adorable! You are so creative..thanks for sharing!

  62. Thanks for all the nice comments ladies!

    Olivia & Evelyn- The candy shaped cookie cutter is from Foose cookie cutters, here is the link,
    They have tons of other cute cutter too!

    Evelyn- I made the "Grace's Sweet Shop" banner mostly with my Cricut machine (and electronic paper cutting machine). I cut out the triangle shapes first (which could be done by hand), and then cut out the letters I needed. I attached the triangles together with brads, and then added the ribbon to just the ends.


  63. Where did you get your cupcake stands? And did you wrap the tin buckets up with something so the candy did not spill out?

  64. Jenn-
    I have a bit of a cake stand "problem", so I buy them every chance I get! On the dessert table, the ones in the center were from Costco. They were only sold in the stores for a very short time. The stands on the right side of the photo are from Marshall's (discount clothes and housewares store). I bought them recently, so you may have some luck with those. The ones on the left side of the photo are from the Martha Stewart line sold at Macy's. The bottom one (with the scalloped edge was only sold in 2009), but the smaller, plain round one you can still get in stores or on-line. They are sold in three different sizes.

    As far as the candy falling out of the little tin buckets, that wasn't really a problem. The kids filled their buckets just before they headed home, and then just carried them out (and most were only 3/4 full).

    Hope this helps a bit.

  65. Can you tell me how to make the giant lollipops that you lined the sidewalk with? I am working on this party for my daughter's 3rd birthday May 31st!


  66. Dian- Thanks for the comment. I've had several people ask about those lollipops, so I think I'll do a little post about them and show how I put them together. I'll have the post up this week.

  67. Glory, I can't believe I missed leaving a comment on your beautiful post… Grace's party is amazing, filled with creative ideas and loaded with love… Your work is fabulous!!!

  68. I am having the same theme for my sweet 16 just a little different. I would like to know where did you but those jars from because that's exactly what im looking for!

  69. WOW! I've been looking all over the web for great birthday candy ideas……and your blog is exactly what I was looking for. How delightful & creative. I love it!

  70. Shared you with my readers today. Thanks so much for sending this beautiful party my way!

  71. OH so sweet! I just found your blog and love it! I The cookies are adorable! Everything looks amazing. I just linked your lollipop toppers tutorial to my blog

  72. Thanks for all the sweet comments!

    Destinee Speach- Take a look at the bottom of this post,
    for the sources of the jars.

  73. Hi Glory, I must say your party turned out beautifully.
    I have just found your blog and I can already tell that I will be visiting very often. Thanks to TomKat Studio who commented on your Strawberry party :)
    I am a recent stay at home mom and am loving gaining so much knowledge from a handful of great blogs.
    I am planning my second daughter's 1st year party and am very inspired :)
    I wanted to find out what you do for table clothes. Do you buy fabric and make them like the polka dot ones featured above?

    Thanks for sharing such beauty!

  74. Oh this all looks so WONDERFUL!!!
    Such a beautiful party and I love the idea of the Candy Buffet…yummy and oh so pretty all at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers :)

  75. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments!

    Flavia- Yes, the polka-dot table runners are just fabric that I bought at the craft store and then hemed the edge. Best of luck on your daughter's party!

  76. The party looked so fun! LOVE LOVE LOVE the food and decorations!!!!

  77. Outstanding party!!! One can tell that tons of love and thought were put into the planning!!! Job well done, TFS all your wonderful ideas and how-tos..

  78. LOVE THIS! I'm featuring it on my blog

  79. Glory this party looks amazing. You are so talented! I love everything you do and I just can't tell you enough!!!!!!

  80. just found your blog recently. i love it. everything is just so elegant. one questions, the label on your beverage jar; did you make that yourself or did you buy the cards somewhere and just fill in?

  81. Anonymous- Thanks for the comment. The label on the jar of strawberry lemonade I made myself. I have a paper cutting machine called a Cricut that I used to cut out the pink border, then I just printed out the wording on white cardstock and put the pink border over it.

  82. hello glory,

    I was thinking about useing your cream cheese frosting recipe for my daughters second birthday cupcakes. I have one concern though, i have been reading up on different recipes and i've read that cream cheese frosting is very unstable and that buttercream is better to pipe. i am planning on using a extra large plain tip to create those pretty fluffy swirls. the party's at the park and i was just wondering what your opinion is about doing this, should i chance it?? i would love to hear your thoughts. thank you so much! Thanks for letting me know about the drink dispenser label. I don't have a cricut machine but i was able to freehand a similar one. thank you again.

  83. This is such a precious party. I really enjoyed looking at it all..had so many amazing ideas. I am doing a similar themed party this year and I decided I am going to try and make my own banners, cupcake toppers, etc and I was wondering if you could tell me what cutting machine you use. There are so many out there I am not quite sure where to begin. Thanks so much for all your inspiring ideas. I absolutely love all your work!!!!

  84. I'd like to THANK YOU!! Your daughter's party came out beautiful – a true inspiration to us all!
    I would also like to thank you for sharing all of your tips that you used in order to make such a wonderful party. I truly appreciate it!

  85. I am your newest follower!!! I adore your creations!!! :) :)

  86. I like to tell my daughters sweet shoppe party went great..its was a big hit…thanks for your how to's and your blog cant wait to see your new blogs and how to's..

  87. OMGoodness… I am in L♥VE!! hehe Guess I know what the theme will be for my daughter's 7th Birthday Party! :) Thanks for sharing your GREAT ideas!!

  88. Hi, i am dalys, i live in panama rep. of panama. i am planning my babygirl gia 4th bday, and i love the display on gracies bday. i love the candies that looks list frosty in lollipops in the dessert table, how do i make them? can you share with me the recepit pls? my email es i will really appreciate it. rgds, dalys

  89. Beautiful party! Could you tell me where you got the fabulous lemonade drink dispenser?

  90. Annonymous- The drink dispenser was borrow from my sister, but I've seen similar ones at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.


  91. Love it! How did you make the pennant banner?

  92. Anonymous- The banner was made using a Cricut paper cutting machine. I cut out the triangle shapes, then the letter shapes and glued them on top. Then I used brads to connect each triangle, and attached ribbon to either end to tie it up.

  93. Hi! I just recently discovered your blog. Your daughter's party looks awesome! =) You're such an amazing party planner. =)

  94. I just wanted to say how amazing your blog is! I found it while planning my daughters sweet shoppe party! I used many of your ideas and credited them all back to you at the end of my post…I know my friends will enjoy your blog like I do! Thanks for all the ideas! If you would like to see how our party turned out please check it out!

  95. Sweet as can be for a SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY, too! I love the lollipop path markers on the front of the house.

  96. I love love love your party and how it all came together so effortlessly!! I have two girls of my own and what you did really makes it seem like something I could do to! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. :)

  97. Everything is so cute! I love it. :)

  98. This is absolutely perfect for my daughter's sweet tooth. We had planned to make it an outdoor party so that the kids would enjoy the activities we have prepared for them. But since it's still snowy here in Denver, we might just do it indoors. We've already arranged the tables and chairs in one of the ballrooms we booked a month ago. Btw, those cupcakes and cookies are great alternatives for big cakes.

  99. Glory, I just found your blog today. I don't post often but I couldn't allow myself not to after seeing your work. I believe my standards are very high …and your work is phenomenal! Your attention to detail, your precision, and your commitment to excellence makes your work pop. What a great artistic eye you possess! Thank you for all you do. It inspires us!


  100. Glory, I love that your ideas are ones that I can duplicate yet are so very cute. About the water bottles… how well do you think your home-made labels with the packing tape would last if the bottles were perched in a beverage bucket? I don't have enough time to experiment with a prototype. Did they fall off with condensation or were they pretty hardy?

  101. Amy- When I use water bottles with labels (homemade, as you saw), I usually just make sure the bottles are kept in the fridge until the party, and then line them up. I've never put them in an ice bucket. I think they'd be ok, as long as the label isn't in the ice. Sorry, I can't be sure

  102. oh my goodness that is the most adorable idea EVER – it is so beautiful i have tears welling up… my little girl would love this – hooray, next year, little miss 6 can have a candy party. even the games – WOW and LOVE the giant lollipops along the walk – all so pretty

  103. Hi Glory:
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you did for Grace's party! Can you tell me how you made the bunting hanging behind the treat table?

    Thanks so much!

  104. WOW – your site and your work are absolutely amazing! so inspirational and pretty to look at!! love love love the pretty themed candy birthday celebration for Grace. Agree – photographer friends are such a HANDY thing.

  105. I am in love with your ideas and amazing talent. I would love to try this candy theme for my daughter's 6th birthday in March. Is there any chance you can walk me through how to do the cookies? I don't understand quite how to get the sanding sugar on just the swirls in the lollipop cupcake toppers while not getting it all over the rest of the cookie. I'd love a little help with the candy and cupcake shaped cookies too. Thanks!

  106. I have never felt so jealous of a 6 year old in my entire life. I want that birthday party too! This year!

    MAN you put a lot of work into that, and it is completely awesome! Seriously…. my jaw is on the floor!

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  108. I admire you so much, everything you share on here is stunningly, perfectly, amazing! So so so inspiring, thank you. :)

  109. Grace’s party looks absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me how you made the flower arrangement? A friend of mine is inspired by the beautiful layout you created and I’ve offered to contribute by making the arrangement.

    Truly glorious!

  110. Wow! I just saw this post. This is lovely!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  111. What was the game with the baskets on the board? I am throwing a 4 yr old bday party. What a great find in your blog. Wahoo thanks. Take ALL the ideas you can give me.

  112. This is a dream birthday party for any little girl! So beautiful – clearly, there is a lot of love and talent that went into the making of it. I love the picture of your daughter as she looks at the candy table! That is a priceless reaction! :)

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  114. OMG! Grace is so cute when she’s eating that cupcake! Oh this is such a nice party! I know she will never forget it! I saved every single image from this webpage. Tell her happy birthday for me.

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