Rolo Pretzel Bites {Easy and Delicious!}

Rolo Pretzel Bites - Incredibly easy and delicious!

I’m a big fan of fancy desserts.

BUT… there are times when you just need something quick, easy and still delicious!

That’s the kind of recipe I have for you today.

In fact, I have a hard time even calling it a “recipe”, when it only has three ingredients…

Rolo (store bought chocolate/caramel candies), pretzels and pecan halves.

Bottom line, if you just threw those three things in a bowl it would be pretty yummy!

Rolo Pretzel Bites - Incredibly easy and delicious!

For these tasty treats, all you have to do is lay the pretzels on a baking sheet (I used these cute square ones, but the mini twists would work too).  Top each pretzel with an unwrapped Rolo candy.

Rolo Pretzel Bites - Incredibly easy and delicious!

Bake in the oven at 250*F for 4-5 minutes (no longer).

When you remove them from the oven, the Rolo will still be in the same shape as when it went in the oven. Place a pecan half on top of the Rolo and press down a bit.

Top each of the Rolo with one pecan half.

Place the entire baking sheet in the freezer for about 5-7 minutes to allow the Rolo to cool.

Remove from freezer and enjoy! Or place in a container to enjoy later.  These will last several days- probably more, but they’ve never lasted that long in our house!

These are so delicious!  A great sweet-salty combo.


Rolo Pretzel Bites - Incredibly delicious and so easy to make!

Recipe source-  I recently discovered these when a friend made some for Scrapbooking night, but I think it’s an old recipe.  I imagine it’s from Rolo  =)


  1. Made this before Christmas. Very easy! Spooned melted chocolate over each – the best!

  2. Loved these, so easy they are a non-recipe!  Couldn’t find Rollos so made them with Werther’s creamy toffee and a square of milk chocolate. Everyone loved them!

  3. Could you use piñon ( pine nuts) instead of pecans? 

  4. Can they be made ahead and put in the freezer?

  5. I put the pecan on top of the Rolo before I put them in the oven. It gives it a slightly roasted taste that is delicious. These are always a crowd pleaser.

  6. I live in a humid climate–Florida. The treats still were not set after an hour and a half. Right now I have them in tins layered between wax paper circles, sitting in the fridge with the lids ajar. Even though I do live in a humid climate, we have air conditioning, so you wouldn’t think that would matter. I followed the directions to the letter.

  7. I microwave a plate of these on high for 20 seconds….so much faster and just as good!!

  8. I make these with the square pretzels that are butter flavored…YUMMY!!!!!!!

  9. I just made this and did a little experimenting. Not much difference in taste between toasting the pecans before putting them on the rolos and not toasting them. BUT, if you roll the pecans in melted butter and then brown sugar, and then toast them before putting them on the rolos, they are so sweet and yummy!!!

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