{Party Planning} Rainbows and Race Cars

A good friend of mine has two sweet little children who both have June birthdays.  Instead of the time, money and stress of two parties, we realized that this year it would be just as fun to have one joint party.  Since the oldest, (a little boy) is just turning three, and the youngest is a little girl turning one, neither is old enough feel like they’re missing out on having their “own” party. 
I spent a day thinking about what party themes could be appropriate for both a boy and a girl and had lots of fun brainstorming…
Ladybugs and Lizards,
Pirates and Princesses,
Trucks and Tiaras,
in the end, the winner was…

I thought this theme could work well together by using primary colors for both the rainbows and race cars.  I designed a two simple graphics (using PhotoShop), and then got to work on invitations, cupcake toppers and water bottle labels.  Next, I began my search for fun favor, food and decorations ideas.  Here are a few of the ideas I’ve gathered.
1.  Heart crayons (from Lil Boo & Co. along with every other cute shape you can think of!)
2. Race car crayons (from Lil Boo & Co.)
3.  Rainbow swirl pops, purchased from Party City (photo Glory Albin)
4.  Water bottle label (Glory Albin)
5.  Hot wheels cars, favors for the boys (photo- Glory Albin)
6.  Rainbow flower garland (Luna Bazaar)
7.  Rainbow jello (recipe and instructions Adventures of a food … )
8.  Water bottle label (Glory Albin)
9.  Paper plate (Plates and Napkins)
10.  Race car box, purchased from Target (photo- Glory Albin)
11.  Paper plate (Plates and Napkins)
12.  Rainbow hair bows (made by me, I’ve posted the how-to’s HERE)
All photos by Glory Albin, or used with permission.
I’ll look forward to sharing the party photos with you in June.


  1. really must thank you, I am buying some crayons for my little boys 4th birthday in july. Without you, I would not have found them. Thanks Sandra

  2. Wow Glory, you should hire yourself out. You are so great at this

  3. What a fun idea… Avery and Kaden share a birthday so I'm totally going to do something like this for their 8th & 3rd

  4. Looks like a great combo to me… can't wait to see how it comes out, Glory!

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