{Parties} Desserts in Paris

Last week I had an idea for a dessert table that I just had to bring to life!  So I pulled out some of my cake stands (some of my favorite worldly possesions!), looked through my ribbon (another huge love!), and set up a “big girl” version of a play tea party.

I started with some desserts from Donsuemor bakery, pretty little Cute Cakes, Madeleines and French Almond Cakes.  I baked up some mini Chocolate Raspberry Tarts (recipe soon), got to work on some pretty food tags, and went shopping for a few more treats to add to the table.  Then I called up a friend and asked her to join me for coffee and some desserts after dinner.  We sat in the backyard, listening to french music, chatting and enjoying fresh fruit, iced coffee, and lots of pretty desserts.

Above ~  Chocolate and vanilla “cute cakes” from Donsuemor.  Accented with homemade ribbon flags.

Above ~  Homemade Chocolate Raspberry Tarts (recipe soon), and Vanilla Macarons (Trader Joes).


I bought some pretty roses (from Costco) and arranged them with some maidenhair fern (from my neighbor’s yard) in a variety of small vases.

In case you’re wondering… yes, I already had the “La Tour Eiffel” sign, and the three metal Eiffel towers on the dessert table (two black and one small gold).  I’ve never been to France, but it’s on my “must see before I die” list.   Until I can afford to go, I’ll keep collecting a few things to remind me of my “someday” destination.


  1. Hi Gloria

    I’m french and live in Paris downtown, but you are The Parisian.
    “Bon sang , c’est incroyable tellement c’est joli, si distingué”
    My gosh, this is so so, so georgous and so lovely and very chic.
    Every thing is perfect, the colours, the cake, the café, the roses and the black ribbon;

    Bravo !! and Thank you again.

  2. Hi Gloria! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. I especially love your cookies and dessert tables! My daughter is turning 6 this May and we’re having a Barbie A Fashion Fairytale theme. I was just wondering if you have any ideas for a dessert table or anything you can come up really. You have a lot of creative ideas and I’d like to get some inputs. Thank you very much!

  3. Wow. You have such wonderful dessert tables. Do you mind me asking how much you charge to spend to make a theme set up?

  4. No way!! this is amazing, and so creative! I LOVE IT. This is seriously amazing thank you for your ideas 🙂

  5. Oh! So serene….Totally in love with the settings and Paris atmosphere…Great work!

  6. Hello from France where I look at this blog everyday !
    I love what you do , you are a real inspiration for me and I hope you will continue this blog for a long time.

    Hope you can go one day in France and maybe eat a "Ladurée" macaron from Paris (which are the best ;D )

    I will follow you again and continue to make wonderful cakes inspiring from yours !

    Bye ! =)

  7. Oh my! I adore this idea! I must know… how long did it take to pull this together?

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