3-D Pumpkin Cookies (with a surprise inside)

Several months ago, I was chatting with a cookie friend (hi Trinette!) and we were talking about inspiring cookies we had seen recently.  THESE creative pinata cookies came up.  As we continued chatting, our conversation shifted to cookie designs we might like to try for the coming seasons (Fall and Christmas).  Suddenly… an idea hit me!  I blurted out my idea excitedly and my friend laughed to think that might be the way I react any time I get a fun idea  =)

My fun (and oh so exciting!) idea was to take inspiration from the Pinata Cookies by Project Denneler (as featured on She Knows), along with inspiration from some adorable 3D cupcake cookies by Sweet Sugar Belle, mash them together… add a twist for fall, and ta-da… 3D Pumpkin Cookies!

Aren’t they cute?

Of course the extra fun feature is not just the 3D shape, but the little treasure inside!

Want to make some?

To start, you’ll need a batch of sugar cookie dough using my Sugar Cookie Recipe.

After you’ve mixed up the dough, grab a small ball (about a baseball sized) amount of dough and kneed green food coloring into the dough (I used Americolor mint green and leaf green).  Once the green color is fully worked into the dough, put the dough in a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator (about 30 minutes).  With the remaining dough, add orange food coloring (I used Americolor orange and electric orange), and kneed the coloring into the dough until desired color is achieved.  Place orange dough in a plastic bag and refrigerate (about 30 minutes).  When the dough has chilled, baked according to recipe directions (using the cutter sizes listed below).

As you’ll notice in the finished photos, I made a few pumpkins using scalloped circle cutters, and a few pumpkins using regular circle cutters.  Feel free to use either shape you prefer, or the cutters you have on hand.  For the scalloped circles I used THIS SET (from Karen’s Cookies) (this set is double use, and will cut plain round circles also).

For each 3D pumpkin you’ll need…

(2) Orange scalloped circle cookies 1 7/8″ diameter

(2) Orange scalloped circle cookies 2 1/4″ diameter with a 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ circle cutout.

(1) Green scalloped circle 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ diameter, with a hole cutout in the center using a straw.

(1) Green stem, made from rolling a small amount of green dough into a “snake”, and cutting it into pieces about 3/4″ long, then bake.

Note- Feel free to adjust the sizes a bit based on the cutters you have, or the finished size you desire.

When your cookies are baked, and you’re ready to assemble, prepare a batch of royal icing using my Royal Icing Recipe.

Time to assemble the pumpkins….

(Step 2)  Start with one of the solid circles and one cutout circle.  Add a line of royal icing onto the solid circle, then place cookie “ring” on top.

(Step 3)  Add a line of royal icing onto the first cookie “ring” (which you just attached to a base in step 2).  Add the second cookie “ring”.

(Step 4)  The base of your pumpkin is complete.

(Step 5)  Assemble the pumpkin top by first attaching the small green stem to the green circle (using a bit of royal icing).  Then add a line of royal icing onto the bottom of the green circle (as shown), and place the green circle on top of a solid orange circle.

(Step 6)  Allow the pumpkin top (left) and pumpkin base (right) to dry fully (at least 1-2 hours).   Fill pumpkin cavity with small candy (I used mini M&Ms), place top, and share with family and friends!

These cute 3D Pumpkin Treasure Cookies would make great party favors, or special treats for a Fall or Halloween party.

Happy treat making!

I’ve linked up this post to Tidy Mom’s- I’m lovin’ It post.


  1. Simply ADORABLE!!!

  2. AWESOME idea and I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  3. Love these! I can’t wait to try them for my kids. They’ll be thrilled.

  4. Totally love these!

  5. Wow! Super cute idea. Way to take the pinata cookie and go the extra mile. Love it! In fact, I’m going to recommend that everyone use your sugar cookie dough recipe because it looks like it would be waaaaaayyy better than mine for this type of cookie construction. Seriously. I think this is genius.

    • Yay, thanks Sandra! I’m so glad you like them! Thanks to you for making such a fun and creative cookie to spark my creative juices!

  6. Oh these are so clever! And very cute :)

  7. They’re so cute!!
    Have a nice day

  8. Cookies & Chocolate, how can you go wrong. I see me making17 of them for my sons hockey team, they would be dovoured in seconds. Thanks for a terrific idea!

  9. Very creative and cute! I am sure everyone will love the surprise that they found inside the little pumpkin cookie ^^

  10. OH MY GOODNESS!!! These could not be any CUTER!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Seriously perfect!!

  11. WHAT!? That is what I said when I saw these! So sweet and cute! You couldn’t help but smile when you see these!!

  12. Wow! You outdid yourself! These look amazing!

  13. So cute! And you can do an Ornament for Christmas or an egg for Easter! Excellent idea!

  14. Defiantly going to make these!! They are just adorable!!
    You are so talented!

  15. Just awesome!
    I loved it!
    Kisses from Uruguay

  16. OMGoodness!!!! SO CUTE! I can’t believe you are still coming up with so many NEW and adorable treats.

  17. What a brilliant idea? Love this tutorial.

  18. Such a FUN cookie creation!

  19. Cute. Such a fun idea. I’m sure lots of children wil love this. Thanks Gloria

  20. These are super cute. I have used a similar idea to make candy vats on a Wonka gingerbread house structure. You can see a pic here: http://www.wickedgoodies.net/2012/07/glooping/
    So I like the way you think :)

  21. These are so cute! My 8 yr old and I can’t wait to try these. She came up with a great suggestion, too. We are going to fill ours with chocolate covered sunflower seeds and serve them at our annual pumpkin carving party. Thanks for the fantastic idea!

  22. No tengo palabras te han quedado unas galletas preciosas, y con esa linda sorpresa una maravilla, para peques y grandes, Besicos

  23. Love it! What a wonderful way to give some treats…a treat within a treat. I can’t wait to make these for our upcoming events.

  24. These are the CUTEST Pumpkins EVER!!! LOVE them and the little surprise that hides inside. Beautiful work :)

  25. Great Idea! I can’t wait to try these with my kids. They will love it!

  26. These are way too cute! You’ll have to attempt a tree for Christmas like this!

  27. Great idea! Did you bake and decorate the center of the cookies that were cut out? I would not want such delicious cookie dough to go to waste! Love you!

  28. You really took this idea and ran with it, Glory! Brilliant cuteness!

  29. How creative and fun. My kids will love the surprise!

  30. Wow! So simple and so lovely….! How do you come up with such gorgeous ideas? Thank you for sharing them!

  31. Glory, I’m not sure how you do it, but this is definitely another OMG, truly great idea! I am putting this on my list of things I MUST make! Soooooooo C.U.T.E.! ! ! ! You could make these for Christmas if you made them into ornament shapes, trees or gift boxes, hearts at Valentine’s Day, Easter Eggs at Easter . . . etc, . . . . ooooooh, the ideas this sparks are endless! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas! ! ! <3 :)

  32. These are incredibly fun!!

  33. What a fabulous idea and like everyone else, I could not help but smile when I saw these.

  34. Oh wow! I love the combination of colors and the idea!! :))

  35. these are so cute, I can see doing so many different kinds!

  36. This is the most adorable and genius idea for fall. Soooo making these.

  37. i am in awe of all your creativity! these are just adorable!

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  39. You have the cutest ideas! These would be great for a kids Halloween party.

  40. So creative and totally adorable!!

  41. These are awesome! So cute!

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  43. These are great! I can’t wait to make these for Halloween.

  44. Love them! I’m gonna make them for my kid’s school. Any suggestions on how to transport them?? Thanks

  45. Simply awesome! I might have to adapt for Christmas too!
    Thanks for sharing

  46. Your ideas are amazing! The way you execute them is even more stunning! Thanks for the inspiration.

  47. Absolutely LOVE this!! Definitely going to try them out for my daughters First Birthday next month :0) Love your site!!

  48. This is such a fabulous idea! Can anyone tell me where I can buy the cookie cutters? Thanks so much! ☺

  49. I want to make these pumpkins too! :) Could you tell me app. how many of them did you get from one bunch of dough? Thanks!

  50. These are fantastic. Such a genius idea.

  51. I am speechless! Your ideas are always fantastic.

    Could you please post a tried and tested blue velvet cake recipe, using no premixes, plz??

  52. I just finished making a dozen of these. They are so adorable an SUPER easy to make. Love them! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Awesome! So glad you gave them a try! Did you use my cookie recipe? Were you able to make a dozen with one batch of dough? I didn’t make that many, and I had another reader asking how many a batch of dough would make =)

  53. I used my own recipe which is essentially the same as yours. I did tweak it a bit because I was about 1/4 cup short on the butter so I put in cream cheese and then added some pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. They turned out great! Once recipe is definitely enough for a dozen. I had a bit of dough leftover and I colored a portion of it brown and made some marbled leaf cookies! I’ll post a pic on Instagram so you can see :) Thanks again! They will be an awesome treat this weekend as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada.

  54. Super cute and so much fun! Love the bright colors and the surprise inside!!

  55. These are so cute! You always have such clever ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!

  56. These are adorable! I’m sending the link to my younger sister who might just have some time to makes some for the family :)

    I’d love for you to link up to our Finished Friday blog party.

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  63. I am absolutely in love with these cookies! What a clever idea!

  64. What a great idea. I’ll try to halloween!!!

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  66. I love these! I hope you’ll stop over to B-Inspired Mama and enter them into the Perfectly Pumpkin Contest!

  67. I’m not the best baker but I want to try to make these for 2 parties, 5 days apart. Can I make the dough ahead of time and freeze? Should I cut them before freezing? How do I defrost them? Thanks. The kids are going to LOVE these!

  68. how thick did you make these cookies?
    i tried twice and they both did not come out well. i think my cookies are too thin

  69. My kids would love these! What an amazing idea and a lot of great effort put into them.

  70. They are way too cute . I love the idea! I could totally see a little cookie box with my engagement ring in it!!!

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  73. So very cute !!

  74. Made 35 of these last night, with two recipes. They were 1/4 inch thick with similar sized cookie cutters. I probably had about 1/2 of a recipe left. Thank you! I also made 30 candy corn krispies!! (Had to wait until they said school was happening after the storm)

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  87. This is such a WONDERFUL idea! Thank you :-)
    I’d like to put one at each person’s plate setting for Thanksgiving dinner :-)

    How soon in advance can you put them together with the royal icing?
    (I wouldn’t be filling them until right before the guests arrive.)

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  89. Oh these are perfectly adorable!! May attempt to make these this year.

  90. Going to make these for the Trick-or-Treaters this year – what a great idea!! thanks

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  92. These are great I’m making them for the teachers but was wondering did you cut the centres before or after you cooked the cookie.

  93. I just started making these tonight. So far so good. The biggest thing I noticed was that you’ll need a lot more of the orange coloring than the green. I used Chef Master gel colors in Leaf Green and Sunset Orange. I’m also letting my dough sit in the refrigerator overnight and will roll and bake tomorrow. I have a set of biscuit cutters from Macy’s that I bought.

  94. These are sooooo cute!!! I love ’em. I want to make them all by myself although I’m not sure about bringing them to school… to shy for that hehe

  95. How did I miss this before? I was just reading your Caramel Apple Decorated Cookies post and saw this awesomeness at the bottom – floored! Pinned and sharing on Facebook tomorrow! Can you tell I L-O-V-E this idea????

    • Thanks so much Trish! This was one of those rare times when the idea I had in my mind actually turned out like I envisioned! =)

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  100. Love this idea. I’m always looking for creative baking ideas. I’ve made my dough and will be making 25 of these wonderful little pumpkins for my daughters class halloween party tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas, very inspiring!!

  101. I made these for Halloween for my Grandchildren! They were easy and loved by all!

  102. I am going to try to turn them into Soccer balls. Hummm….

    • OOh, that would be amazing! In fact my daughter’s team has their end of year party next week… wondering if I could pull that off?

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  105. Would like to order 2 I could not find a price nor find where to order please tell me or is there a #I should call?

  106. These look wonderful. Could you please give me some ideas on how to pack them.

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