(Very) Frequently Asked Questions….

Your recipe calls for this, but can I substitute with that
I only post recipes on my site that I have actually made, eaten and really enjoyed.  The ingredients listed are each for a purpose, and are to my personal tastes.  If a recipe calls for something you don’t have, don’t like or can’t eat… feel free to experiment with substitutions.  But I can not tell you what the results may be, as I have only eaten the recipe using the ingredients and proportions I’ve listed.  Please feel free to use Google as a great source of information on substitutions, or use your best judgement and give it a try. 

How long do sugar cookies last? 
The recipe I use (Sugar Cookie Recipe) is quite long lasting, and will remain fresh at least a week after being baked.  I have found they can last even longer and be perfectly edible, but begin to dry out after a week.  The way I care for the cookies is I bake them, then if I don’t plan to decorate them that same day, I allow them to cool, then layer cookies (between waxed paper or parchment paper) in a tupperware type container.  When I decorate the cookies (either the day they are baked or a couple days later), the cookies need to be left out over night to fully dry before packaging.  They will not get stale from being left out one day.  The bottom of the cookie will (should) be on a baking sheet or parchment paper, and the top is covered with royal icing, so very little cookie is really exposed to the air.  Once the decorated cookies have fully dried, layer between (clean) waxed paper or parchment paper in a tupperware type container, or bag individually, as desired.   

How far in advance can I bake a cake or cupcakes?
Much of this answer is my personal preference, not law.  Most baked goods are best the day they are made, still good the next day, and begin to dry out by the third day.  If I’m pressed for time and will not be able to bake and serve a cake or cupcakes on the day they are made, I will usually bake the cake/cupcakes the night before, cover them well, then frost them the day they will be served.  For frosted cakes, I usually store them in the refrigerator (especially if it will be a full day before it’s served), then bring to room temperature before serving.  Cupcakes I almost always frost the day they will be served, but if you chose to frost them ahead of time, I usually store them at room temperature, loosely covered.  In the heat of the summer, I may keep them covered in the refrigerator.   

Where did you get that (candy, flower, bikini…etc) cookie cutter?
Um… I have no idea!  I own literally hundreds of cookie cutters and have been collecting them for several years.  I buy cookie cutters from a large variety of shops, and there is no way I can remember where each one came from.  I have a post titled (My Cookie Cutter Collection) that shows how I store and organize my cutters, and also lists some of my favorite cookie cutter sources.

Do you have a recipe for _____?
I have a never ending list of recipes I would love to try, but with only 24 hours in a day I have yet to try (or post them) all.  Please browse the recipes I have listed on my Recipes page (or use the search bar on the right sidebar)  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then I simply haven’t gotten to it yet.  You’ll have to find what you’re looking for from another source. 

I’m planning a party… can you give me some great ideas?
Unfortunately, I barely have the time to think up fun ideas for the parties I like host myself.  Please feel free to browse the parties I have posted here on Glorious Treats (Parties), but I am not able to e-mail you ideas for other themes. 
There are several beautiful party sites, including Hostess with the Mostess, The Tomkat Studio, The Creative Party Place, and Kara’s Party Ideas which are great resources for ideas. 

Do you sell your cookies?
I do not sell my cookies (or any of my baked goods), but I have several talented friends who do beautiful work and ship cookies nationwide.  I have seen and tasted cookies from each of these companies and feel very confident recommending them.
Rollin in Dough (Louisiana)
website-  www.etsy.com/shop/rollinindough  contact- [email protected]
A Dozen Eggs (Vermont)
website- www.adozeneggs.com  contact- [email protected]
Auntie Bea’s Bakery (California)
website-  www.auntiebea.com  contact- [email protected]