{Cookie Decorating} How to make pretty hibiscus cookies

I’m here today to show you how to decorate hibiscus cookies, like the ones I included in my Luau dessert buffet last weekend.  I received lots of sweet comment regarding these cookies, and I’ll admit I find them pretty special too.  The decorating process involves several steps, but none of them are too complicated, and I think that many of you will be able to produce some beautiful cookies as well.
Note: I already have a tutorial on making the pineapple cookies (like above) HERE
First off, I don’t have a hibiscus cookie cutter… so I took a four leaf clover cookie cutter, and used some pliers to shape it into something resembling a hibiscus!  =)
Now, you’ll need to prepare some cookie dough (my recipe is HERE), chill the dough well, bake and then cool.
Prepare some royal icing (HERE is my recipe).  You’ll want to have a bag (or bottle) of icing in a thick consistency and one in a thinned (flood) consistency for each color.
Prepare your work area (HERE is what mine looks like).
Outline the cookie with your thick consistency icing (this should be about the thickness of toothpaste).
Immediately fill in the cookie with thinner/flood consistency icing (this should be about the consistency of shampoo or corn syrup).
Fill in the cookie with flood consistency icing.  Use a toothpick to direct the icing into any unfilled areas.
Use a flood consistency icing in a contrasting color to make a starburst shape in the center of the cookie.
Drag a tooth pick from the center of the cookie toward the outside (but not all the way to the edge).
Continue around the cookie until the desired design is achieved.
It should look something like this…
Now before this next step you need to let the icing dry for several hours or overnight.  The reason is, in a couple steps we’ll be adding some sprinkles to the stamen (the thing that sticks out from the center of the flower).  If your base coat is not dry, the sprinkles will stick all over the cookie, and not just on the stamen where they belong.  If you are really pressed for time (or just impatient) you could just let the cookie dry an hour or so, and then continue with the stamen, but not include sprinkles on the stamen at all.
Note:  The parts that stick out of the center of the hibiscus actually include the stigma and the stamen, but I’ll just use the word stamen for simplicity.
When base icing on the cookie is dry (or mostly dry if you’re not adding sprinkles), pipe a line of thick consistency icing (using a #2 tip) to form the stamen (as shown below).
With the same icing, add some thickness to the end of the stamen, and then pipe some small dots around the end (as shown).  I also added some white dots on top of the thicker end of the stamen (optional).
While the line and dots are still wet, hold the cookie over a paper plate (to catch the excess) and sprinkle some yellow non pareils sprinkles on the end of the stamen.
Finish the cookie by outlining in a thick consistency icing.
Once they are completely dry, these can make a gorgeous addition to any luau party.
Here’s a decorating video to help you visualize each step.

Hibiscus Decorated Cookie Video

Happy Decorating!


  1. How to make its icing plzz guid

  2. These cookies are fabulous.  I have baked the cookies tonight and will decorate tomorrow.  I used the all in one peony cutters that come in 4 sizes.  (Not the plungers cutters).  I had bought them to make gumpaste peonies.  Thanks for the wonderful tutorial

  3. OMG! These are beautiful and exactly what I want for a shower for my soon to be daughter-in-law. I have looked everywhere for a hibiscus cutter and now I can make one. You make it look so easy, and whereas I have never done these cookies before I have a friend who is a home ec teacher who is going to help. Kudos to you for a beautiful job, thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  4. How early can you make these cookies before an event and have them still taste fresh?

  5. I just want to say, I LOVE your website. I look at it often and I use your cookies as inspiration for my own. On this Luau tutorial (which I’ve read before) I just realized you used a 4-leaf clover as a hibiscus cookie cutter. I’ve been searching for one for months and you just solved my problem! Thank you!

  6. hi i made your grass skirt, luau shirts, flip flop, and shell cookies. they look great and taste delish. is it okay to freeze the cookies for a few weeks

  7. Thank you so much for your fantastic tutorial! My hibiscus cookies came out so cute, and my customer was very pleased.
    *I used a star cutter and rounded the points off with a pizza cutter*

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