Send some love… or some Grace and Joy

Last week we had family photos taken by friend and photographer Nathan Chilton. We haven’t had family photos taken for a couple years and I’m so happy with them!  Somehow we don’t look a lot like movie stars… but we do look like ourselves, and I think that’s pretty great! 
Above are our two cuties, Grace (blonde) and Joy (brunette). 
Tonight I’ll be pickout out photos for our Christmas cards and place an order with Tiny Prints for some pretty cards.  Tiny Prints is a great on-line shop for invitations and cards and they have an incredible selection of Christmas cards! 
If you’re a bit behind like I am this year and you haven’t ordered cards yet, head over to Tiny Prints and take a look!  Everyday they have a special “deal of the day” listed on the left sidebar of their site!  Hmm, I think I may order a  photo calendar for the Grandma’s this year too!
~ Note ~
Tiny Prints is a sponsor of this blog, but this post is fully my own opion.  I will never write anything on Glorious Treats that is anything other than my heart felt opinon.  I have (and will continue) to even turn down possible sponsors who offer products that I myself would not buy. 


  1. With your recommendation and link I ordered my photo Christmas cards from Tiny Prints – they should arrive today. Thank you for your tip. They have SO many beautiful designs to choose from.

  2. LOVE the picture and the girls that are in it!

  3. the girls are soo adorable!

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