Grace’s Cake Decorating Party

I have an extra fun post to share today, my daughter Grace’s 8th birthday party!  Two years ago, I put together a fun Candy Birthday Party for her… it was one of my first blog posts, and will always be a special party to me.  We do “big” parties for our girls every other year (celebrating the “off” year with just one or two friends).  Grace is a girl after my own heart, and chose a “Cake Decorating Party” as this year’s theme.

I prepared a small dessert and snack table for the girls to enjoy.  Chocolate cupcakes in cute polka-dot treat cups (from Shop Sweet Lulu) were frosted with vanilla cream cheese frosting (using a large round tip) and dressed with simple sugarpaste flowers (from Sweet Baking Supply).

I also filled yellow treat cups with fresh fruit, and blue treat cups (both from Shop Sweet Lulu) with chex mix.  A pretty little jar was filled with cute cupcake shaped marshmallows I found at Wal-Mart in the Easter candy section.  A large jar was filled with containers of rainbow heart sprinkles (from Sweet Baking Supply) which each guest took home as a favor.

I baked and (plainly) frosted mini cakes for each guest to decorate as they please.  I baked the cakes in small (4″) pans (from Sweet Baking Supply) and frosted them in either pink or purple vanilla buttercream.  I prepared several piping bags of icing, with assorted tips, for the girls to use to decorate their cakes.  I also supplied them with an assortment of candies, sprinkles and decorations to add to their masterpieces.

The girls decorated their cakes in shifts… while some were decorating cakes, the other girls were in the kitchen making mini pizzas with my husband.  The pizza’s, along with the fresh fruit cups, chex mix and juice completed the simple, yet well received menu.

It was so fun to watch the girls work on their cakes…

I loved seeing all the finished cakes!  Each one was so different, and showed a peek of their personalities as well  =)

Along with a bottle of sprinkles (shown on the dessert/snack table), and the mini cakes themselves, each girl took home an apron that I made as a special favor.  I made each one a bit different, using different color trimmings.  I’ve posted the full tutorial for these Easy Sew Kid Aprons (here).

All set-up, styling and photos by (me) Glory Albin (Glorious Treats)

Additionally, I’ve include links within this post that will direct you to the recipes, techniques or supplies I’ve used.


  1. I love this idea and want to do it for my daughter. I. see you made the cakes for each girl. I have the 4″ baking pans. Did you do 1 or 2 layers?

    • I’ll have to admit, I’m racking my brain and really can’t remember if I made them 1 or 2 layers! You can do them either way, and certainly a single layer would be the simplest.

  2. I also go all out for my daughters’ birthday parties. They tell me what theme they want and I take it from there. My youngest wants a Strawberry Shortcake party and I figured a baking party goes perfectly with the theme. We had to recently move to another state. At first I was disappointed bc I had everything planned out, but I didn’t let that stop me. I was able to find a location that will host the Strawberry Shortcake baking party for 5 year olds!  Each child will get a chef hat, apron, their decorated cakes, toy cooking utensils, and other toys that’s related to the Strawberry Shortcake characters.

  3. Great idea and best cake stand i like your blog >Thanks for sharing nice information.

  4. I followed your idea and organized a cake decorating party for my daughter’s 10th birthday. It was wonderful. I made my buttercream frosting too stiff and it was a little difficult for the girls to squeeze the frosting out of the bags. So I would recommend making the frosting soft. Also it is quite time consuming to bake all those little cakes as I only had 2 6-inche cake pans.

  5. Thank you for answering my question so promptly!

  6. Hi! I’m planning a cake decorating party for my daughter next week and was wondering where you purchased those mini flower decorations for the cake? Thank you so much in advance, this is one of the cutest parties ever!

  7. Love the set-up. Wondering where you buy your fancy plates and cake stand? I love it all especially the yellow plate.

    • Thanks Cristina, I’m sorry I don’t remember where the yellow plate is from, I’ve had it quite a while. I buy a lot of my plates and props from Home Goods, World Market, Pier One and Target.

  8. What a great party theme for little girls. With all the cooking shows these days, going to a party to create their very own cake would be something to look forward to. Excellent party favor choices.

  9. Son fabulosos…. Cada detalle es increíble….

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