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Happy Spring!  I know I still owe you a post on decorating cookies (to follow up on the sugar cookie recipe post), but today I just wanted to share a bit of spring decorating.  Last week I followed the links to the blog of one of my readers (Jennifer) and found this fun Easter arrangement.  I’ve seen many similar ones before, but for some reason this time I was extra inspired by it.

Yesterday, I was pulling the flowers out of the arrangements I made for Grace’s Candy Party and thought I could rework it into a pretty new arrangement for spring.  I knew I already had two really pretty hand painted Easter eggs, so I went (to the garage) and got those.  Then I wandered around the house looking for white, cream or pastel colored containers.  Next, I went outside and looked in my front and back yard for some tree branches I could cut and add to the curly willow and bear grass that were left from the original arrangement.  We don’t have a huge yard, but even the most humble of gardens usually contain several trees or bushes that could be trimmed a bit for this type of arrangement.  Once I had gathered the materials (vases, pots, linens and branches) that I already owned, I could then decide what I still need to buy.  I headed off to Michael’s, and then was back home soon with the new items to finish my spring display.  I’d bought some glittery butterflies, a couple inexpensive beaded pastel eggs, a bag of moss (this variety is called reindeer moss), and a sweet little bird and nest.  Since the vast majority of the display was made from things I already owned, the total display cost me under $16.00.

This general look would be beautiful altered just a bit for a fairy themed party.  Replacing the Easter eggs with more butterflies, then adding some mushrooms, stones or a pretty little fairy perched on one of the moss pots and you’d have a gorgeous fairy party centerpiece.


  1. wv- So glad you're enjoying the site! Any recipes you want to print, just highlight the text, then copy and print. Happy Baking!

  2. I love your website!!! What inspiration and excatly what I have spent years searching for. How do I print off the recipies and pictures so i can closely follow them and get them correct?

  3. Thank you for sending me this post! Loved it!!
    Here is how we used our centerpieces for our annual Easter Egg Hunt!

    Thanks again for sharing this with me…made my day!!

    All my best!

  4. Very Pretty. I love the bird in his nest.

  5. That centerpiece is adorable! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Super cute… i might just have to try it with the one you left here. Oh and I fixed the link to you. Thanks for telling me.

  7. Can't believe that's all you spent! Came out adorable – love the butterflies!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

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