Curly Ribbon and Things To Come

I had plans for a “real” post today, but life has gotten a bit out of control this week… I’m sure none of you know what that feels like!
I just wanted to stop in and remind you to enter the giveaway I posted earlier this week for some beautiful products from Little beane Boutique.  The giveaway ends this Saturday (at 7pm Pacific time). 
And although this week got a bit away from me, I do want to let you know that I have some really fun things planned for the next couple months!  I’ll be sharing a fun craft project that involves the pretty ribbons in the photo above.  This project is part of a party I’m planning in the same colors, so there will be some party planning and then party photos (in June). 
I also have another craft project to share.  It’s a project that can be adjusted to fit any party theme, or occasion.
And of course, I have several posts for you that involve sugar! 
Now, just to tease you, I got a box in the mail today that I was very excited to open.  It was fun to open the box, but the contents aren’t for me… they’re for you (well, one of you!).  Only if you’d like another giveaway… if not, I’d be happy to keep it!
Have a great weekend, and a very happy Mother’s Day!
I’ll be back Monday with this weeks giveaway winner.
Now, I’ll head back to my curly ribbon project…


  1. Love your blog! Thank you for sharing your work and ideas. 🙂
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Years ago, when my oldest daughter was very young, I used to make and sell hair bands, bows, and clothes with curled ribbon. I haven't done it in year, is it still knitting needles in a low oven? You are bringing back memories for me 🙂

  3. Glory the photo of the curly ribbon is simply stunning!

  4. Love your blog. So happy to have found you!

  5. I love curly ribbons!! My girls wore them when they were younger… fun colors, Glory!

  6. Great minds think alike…I was making curly ribbons several weeks ago, yours are lovely.

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