Real California Milk Farm Tour

Thrifty Ice Cream Factory Tour

When a “business trip” includes lots of sampling of Thrifty Ice Cream you know your career is heading in the right direction! =)

Thanks to the California Milk Advisory Board I recently enjoyed a short trip to southern California to enjoy lots of delicious milk, cheese and ice cream… and meet some of the happy California cows that make these delicious products possible!

I was part of a lovely group of bloggers including Hayley from The Domestic Rebel, Mique from Thirty Handmade Days, Jen from Yummy Healthy Easy, Valentina from Cooking on the Weekends, Diane from Created by Diane and Chung-Ah Rhee from Damn Delicious.  Our group enjoyed a whirlwind tour of the Thrifty Ice Cream plant, several amazing meals featuring an array of California dairy products, and a tour of Bootsma Dairy in Lakeview, CA.

Thrifty Ice Cream Tour

The tour kicked off with a trip to the Thrifty Ice Cream plant.  As a California girl, I’ve enjoyed Thrifty Ice Cream as long as I can remember!  It was so fun to see exactly how this delicious ice cream is made!  And as the conscientious food bloggers we are… Hayley and I just had to do a little “quality control” and taste the cookies that go into Thrifty’s cookies and cream ice cream!  =)  We approve!

Thrifty Ice Cream Tour

After the factory tour, we had an ice cream sampling… this is about the point when I have to smile ask myself, how did I get so lucky to have this be my job?!  =)

Needless to say, every flavor we tried was delicious… but Chocolate Malted Crunch remains my all time favorite!

Real California Milk Farm Tour

We enjoyed two especially amazing meals while on our trip… an incredible dinner at Eatery in Pasadena, and then a gorgeous lunch at The Salted Pig in Riverside (pictured above).  Both meals were artfully prepared and included some of the most delicious milk and cheese dishes imaginable!

The final stop on our California Milk tour was at Bootsma Dairy in Lakeview.  I was struck by both the geographical beauty, and the peaceful feel of this family-owned business.  The Bootsma Dairy has nearly 2,000 cow and yet is run just the way any smaller dairy would be.  Each and every cow is given individual care at some point in the day.  Nearly around the clock care is invested to make sure these cows are happy and healthy.

Real California Milk Farm Tour


Real California Milk Farm Tour


Real California Milk Farm Tour

My friend Hayley did her best to figure out how this little calf might fit in her luggage!  =)

Real California Milk Farm Tour

As a final send-off we enjoyed a few more dairy treats, including this gorgeous cheese board.  I’m super inspired to recreate this for one of my next parties!

Thanks to the wonderful people at California Milk for including me on this tour and giving me so many more reasons to love California dairy products!

What is your favorite dairy product?  Is it milk?  Cheese?  Yogurt?  Ice Cream?  I love them all… but ice cream certainly tops the list for me!

This post is sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board.  All images, text and opinions are my own.  I am very selective about the brands and products I share on my site and only work with companies I love.


  1. How exciting! I love many dairy products as well–yogurt, cheeses, milk and most definitely ice cream! I also grew up eating Thrifty Ice Cream–many are delicious, but my favorite is Medieval Madness and a great appreciation for some basic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. I also love the pineapple coconut sherbet. There is a long history with Thrifty Ice Cream as my mom really craved it when she was pregnant, especially with my younger sister (3 years younger). She’d put my little brother and I in the stroller and walk to Thrifty Drugstore and buy us cones. Nice little trip down memory lane.

  2. caspiterina,non saprei proprio da dove cominciare!!

  3. We’re so glad you were able to share the day with us!

  4. I was pretty excited with the ice cream pictures but then the cheese one. Yum!

  5. So much fun! I LOVE Thrifty ice cream! We are big fans of the black cherry and birthday cake flavors! What a fun experience to be able to tour their facility!

  6. what a fun trip, I;m more than a little jealous 🙂 and I am all about the cheese, and then of course ice cream

  7. That looks like a great trip! And that cheese tray – my goodness!

  8. I love thrifty ice cream! I’m so glad they still make it so we can enjoy it. Chocolate malted crunch is also me favorite! It looks like you had a great time!
    Love you!

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  10. This sounds amazing and easy. I can’t wait to give it a try.

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