Cake Stands, Cookbook & Mystery Box Giveaway!

Cake Stand & Cookbook Giveaway!

I could create quite a long list of things in this life that I love and am passionate about… baking, crafting, photography, party planning, those would all be on the list.  But the items on the very top of my list would be God, my husband and our two daughters.

I have only mentioned this once before, but the number one reason I started this blog was with the plan and hope of being able to make enough money to send my daughters to private Christian school.  I have met that goal and feel so thankful everyday!   I feel so amazingly blessed to have a job I love, one that allows me to use my creative gifts, and can provide for my girls to attend an amazing school.

Our school is small and it has been a perfect fit for our family.  The level of passion, love and commitment from each teacher and staff member is really amazing!  The character qualities I see being built in our children, and the other students at our school makes me feel hopeful that these children will make a positive impact on our world.

Because our school is small and private (and as such receives no government funding), it is very difficult (near impossible) to balance the school budget on tuition alone.  We have to rely on a couple yearly fundraisers to keep our school afloat.

I’ve written and re-written this post several times.  I want to defend our choice to send our girls to private school… I want to assure you we are not rich snobs raising entitled children… I want to share with you the personal (and financial) sacrifices our family makes so our girls can attend a school we deeply love and believe in.

But I think this post can be much simpler than that.

Do you love this blog?  Do you feel like you’ve gained something from my site?  Do you appreciate the ideas I share here?

If the answer is yes, might you be willing to participate in something that is deeply important to me, simply because I am asking?

Would you partner with me in raising money for our school?

I hope your answer is yes… but I’m prepared to sweeten my request =)

What you can win…

I’ve gathered some of my favorite baking supplies, ingredients, props and pretty packaging items and filled a box full!  The exact contents is a mystery (to you), but I am quite confident the recipient will have fun with all of these goodies!  In addition, I purchased a set of two pretty scalloped cake stands, and I have a signed copy of my book to add to the heap of fun!


How to help our school…

You may simply use the button below to donate money in any amount ($5, $10, $50, etc).


Using the donate button above will send money to my personal pay-pal account. As soon as the giveaway ends I will write a check directly to our school with 100% of any money donated.

Our school is a non-profit organization, and as such you can donate directly to the school to receive a tax write off.  If you would like to receive the tax write off for your donation, leave a comment below with the amount you’d like to donate. You do not need to leave your e-mail address in the (public) comment section, because I can see it (on my end) from the comment form itself.  You will receive an e-mail where you can easily donate directly to the school, along with the school’s tax id for your records.

If you have any questions about our school (Summit Christian School, located in Fair Oaks, California), please e-mail me directly at and I would love to chat with you about this school I deeply love.


How to enter the giveaway…

Simply leave a comment below with what you hope is in the mystery giveaway box.
Also, please feel free to mention if you were able to donate.


Giveaway details – Giveaway ends Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 9pm Pacific.  The winner will be chosen using  Due to shipping costs, the giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.  One entry per person.  Donating money is greatly appreciated, but is not required to enter.

Thank you in advance for partnering with me to support a charity that is deeply important to me!  Any amount donated, however small is greatly appreciated!


  1. great school .Kids seem so happy learning and the teachers act like they really want the be their.My best part is the band. The teacher is wonderful and the kids learn so

  2. I love surprises and as a follower of your blog, I am sure you picked some really cute things to put into the box!

  3. I’d love to get some chocolate in there.

  4. Hope there are some decorating tools or cute cookie cutters.:)

  5. Maybe there are some tongs (okay, yeah, I need to go buy some anyway) or some cute cupcake papers!

  6. I hope a cake stand is in the mystery box!

  7. What a great thing to be passionate about, we do the same for our daughter, it’s a financial sacrifice but has such a great payoff in every way! Thanks for sharing.

  8. cookie cutters?

  9. What would I love in the mystery box? Well, I recently tossed out all my cake/cupcake/cookie decors and sugars, etc because we suddenly got overrun by ants. (It was a very dry summer, I think they might have been looking for water, we don’t normally have ants.) Also, I always love cake stands & cake plates!

  10. Maybe some cute holiday cookies cutters and sprinkles!!!

  11. I would be happy with anything that is in the box. It would be nice if it was kitchen items or healthy snacks.

  12. Cookie cutters!!!!!!

  13. cool baking supplies

  14. I’d guess some cute decorative bags or boxes for giving baked goods away. Thanks!

  15. Honestly, I’d be good with the pretty cake stands and of course the cookbook but I would hope that there might be some baking ingredients in the box or some festive cupcake wrappers. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  16. I’m a product of a Christian education, and I think it’s great that your kids are in a Christian school! I hope the contents are sprinkles and fun packaging.

  17. Completely understand your situation. You are a gem! I hope there are awesome baking tools in that box!

  18. Any baking supplies to help with the holidays.

  19. Sprinkles and frosting tips

  20. some pretty baking utensils and sprinkles!

  21. Would love your cookbook 🙂

  22. Cupcake liners and sprinkles! I understand completely. We are also making significant sacrifices to send our two kids to a small private Christian school. It’s been hard, but it’s worth it.

  23. Thank you for sharing. I think it is great that your kids are able to attend Christian school. I can not donate until the end of Oct,will be happy to then. I would love too win your wonderful prize. I love all things kitchen.

  24. Cupcake liners would be great! Your book alone would be great to win though!

  25. I love all baking supplies, but sprinkles make me extra happy.

  26. I think holiday baking supplies!

  27. Piping bags and tips! 🙂

  28. I am so glad you achieved your goal of sending your daughters to a great school!! I would help if could, but alas, this poor college student is on a strict budget. I hope to see Christmas supplies in the box! 🙂

  29. Holiday baking supplies

  30. Love your site. I hope it’s a bunch of assorted bsking supplies 🙂

  31. frosting tips and sprinkles galore!

  32. Your words are inspiring and I completely understand wanting to send your children to private school. (And that does NOT make you a snob)! As for the box, I absolutely adore your blog so I’m sure whatever is in there will be fantastic. Not only are you recipes amazing, but I’m big on presentation and appearance, which is always perfect on your blog. I’m hoping for a piece of Glory in the box 😉

  33. Your cook book and a cake stand! !!!

  34. I hope there’s chocolate in the box!

  35. Great giveaway, thanks. A cookie scoop would be cool. I don’t know why I’ve never bought one as much as I make cookies.

  36. I bet it contains cookie cutters! And maybe some spatulas too? Good luck with the fundraiser!

  37. Love your site need to make the brownies !

  38. I’m hoping it contains a third (larger) cake stand to complete the set! Maybe piled high with your cookies?

    Excellent cause, good luck!

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