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Oh how I love chocolate!  In fact, when I was recently contacted by zChocolat and asked if I’d like to receive some samples… it took me exactly 2 seconds to say yes!  I’ll admit, I’ve enjoyed more than my fair share of chocolate in my lifetime, and long ago I moved beyond the average candy bar quality… but I was still taken back when I received my package from zChocolate!   It was the most luxurious and beautifully packaged box of chocolates I’d ever seen!  The gorgeous mahogany box the chocolates arrived in could have been a gift on its own!  And then when I actually sat down to enjoy a few chocolates… I understood that the beautiful packaging was just the beginning!  Each chocolate is rich and complex, with flavor varieties from classic (milk chocolate and Valencia almonds) to exotic (dark chocolate with mango and passion fruit)

Now of course I wouldn’t go on and on about zChocolat and not share with you!

zChocolat had offered to send one of their Diamond Box Premium French Chocolates to one lucky Glorious Treats reader!

The winner of this incredible box of chocolates (a $189.00 value!!) will feel like pure royalty when their package arrives!

To enter…

Simply leave a comment below with your favorite kind of chocolate (milk, white, dark), or your favorite chocolate flavor combo (chocolate & coconut for example).


Details – One entry per person.  Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.  Giveaway ends Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 9pm Pacific.  Prize provided by zChocolat.

Find zChocolat at on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


********************* Giveaway Closed **********************

Winning comment #34 Karla


  1. love salted caramel dark chocolate

  2. Without a doubt I’m a Turtle fan. So chocolate, caramel and pecans!

  3. My favorite is bittersweet 70%.

  4. anything chocolate is yummy, but milk chocolate & caramel is my favorite combo!

  5. I love coffee chocolate ( mocca) and dark chocolate best but wouldn’t pass up other varieties!

  6. Oh, z-chocolates…I LOVE dark chocolate and love the combination of chocolate and coconut and chocolate with any kind of fruit, is another favorite combination. I have been a chocolate lover as far back as I can remember and it always makes everything seem better and makes me feel better!

  7. I love dark chocolate.

  8. 70% dark chocolate!!! And my favourite combination…. the original caramel and chocolate, there’s nothing better

  9. chocolate & mint or chocolate & peanut butter

  10. Dark chocolate heaven on earth

  11. That’s hard. Dark chocolate and mint might be top of the list for me. Either dark or milk with chewy caramel.

  12. Milk chocolate with caramel……heavenly!

  13. I have a serious addiction to all chocolate. I kinda like chocolate with cherries most ,or caramel/chocolate. This box of chocolates is amazing.

  14. Milk chocolate with caramel is my favorite! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I love dark chocolate with hazelnuts!

  16. I love any milk chocolate yum!!!

  17. Dark chocolate with raspberry

  18. Love milk and dark chocolate with nuts!

  19. I must say I love dark chocolate with hazelnuts. It’s a great combo. Thank you Glory!

  20. There is nothing like true artisan quality chocolate. I would love to share this box with my family!!

  21. I like milk chocolate, plain, or with almonds, caramel, or a little sea salt. Mmmm.

  22. No doubt about it, Dark Chocolate wins hands down with me.

  23. I prefer milk chocolate and when paired with peanut butter, that makes it even better.

  24. I love dark chocolate, especially when mixed with caramel or cherries.

    I had a dream that I won this giveaway and wouldn’t share any with my family! Perhaps I should ‘t be allowed to win. . .

    Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  25. My favourite is dark chocolate, especially with nuts.

  26. I love both milk and dark chocolate with caramel or peanut butter.

  27. ooo…dark chocolate always wins – the darker the better! a little sea salt is yummy too!

  28. Chocolate makes my day!

  29. Milk chocolate and anything with chocolate and peanut butter is good in my book!

  30. My favorite is milk chocolate!! Mmm
    My favorite chocolate combination is a chocolate and toffee also chocolate and nuts!!!

  31. The chocolate looks so good. Love the Dark Chocolate!

  32. I love dark chocolate…esp Paris Chocolate…..

  33. My favourite kind of chocolate is milk chocolate and my favourite flavour combo is mint and milk!

  34. I love dark chocolate with spices like cinnamon and chilies!

  35. Dark chocolate is my absolute favorite!

  36. I like dark chocolate. 🙂

  37. Milk chocolate with almonds

  38. Yum! Honestly, I think it’s a tie between dark chocolate + coconut, and milk chocolate + peanut butter. I can’t choose one!

  39. Milk chocolate is my favorite….especially paired with nuts!

  40. I love milk chocolate with coconut!

  41. I love chocolate and caramel!

  42. I absolutely love dark chocolate

  43. milk chocolate….yum!

  44. I love dark chocolate!

  45. White Chocolate pls.. 🙂

  46. I Love Dark Chocolate And Rasberry

  47. I love Dark chocolate, and there was this limited edition catching Fire collection and there was a Dark chocolate Arabic coffee with salt collection and I ate no joke like 10, it was District 3 by the way. I also Love Dark Chocolate With raspberry. But Since you love chocolate as well I recommend you to try it was by “Wild Ophelia” and if you’ve tried it what did you think about it?

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