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With the holiday season quickly bearing down on us I’ve been thinking about all the ingredients I need to buy get my kitchen well stocked for lots of baking and entertaining!

I usually keep pretty well stocked with baking essentials (and yes, 5 bags of chocolate chips counts as “essentials”), but during November and December it seems I go through ingredients twice as fast!

Today I’m teaming up with my friends at Challenge Butter to help you prepare for a busy baking season!

The Challenge Butter website is a great resource for holiday recipes, from sweet to savory!  Here are a few of my favorites from their site…

Chocolate and Cranberry Biscotti -

Cocoa and Cranberry Biscotti

Pumpkin Caramels Recipe -

Pumpkin Caramels

Cranberry Pecan Tart -

Cranberry Pecan Tart

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms -

Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms

Now here’s the extra fun part…

Challenge Butter has a $50 Visa Giftcard and 5 pounds of their new butter spreads ready to send to one lucky Glorious Treats reader!


To enter to win..

Simply leave a comment below (on this blog post) telling me what baking ingredients you stock up on around the holidays.


And remember to keep up with Glorious Treats on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Details – One entry per person.  Giveaway open to U.S. residents.  Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 12th, 2013, 9pm Pacific.  Winner will be chosen using and will be contacted within 2 days of the giveaway close.  Giveaway sponsored by Challenge Butter.  All text and opinions are my own.

************************************** Giveaway Closed **************************************

Winner – #323 Joy A.


  1. Peanut butter-sugar-nuts-24 sticks of butter!!! Sugar
    Flour, chocolate chips- m and m’s- Reese’s- eggs!- vanilla- corn syrup-oatmeal
    Cream-brown sugar…

  2. Lots of powdered sugar!

  3. I stock up on brown sugar, confectionary sugar, chocolate chips, almonds, flour.

  4. Butter, flour and chocolate!!!!!!

  5. Flour, sugar, eggs, powdered sugar, almond flour, spices, butter. Love baking for the holidays!

  6. I stock up on butter, sugar, flour and vanilla around now so I’m all set for my holiday baking extravaganza! I bake all year but kinda go nuts at this time of year.

  7. I stock up on butter and chocolate – of course, the other ingredients are necessary too!

  8. I always stock up on sugar, butter and eggs. Usually I do a costco run right before thanksgiving and then cross my fingers that I got enough to last the season 🙂

  9. I always stock up on butter, various sugars, flours, eggs, chocolate chips, heavy cream, pumpkin, and walnuts or pecans. 🙂

  10. Definitely butter…if I get below 2 pounds at any time throughout the year I panic — it’s even worse at Christmas time! I’ve got to have LOTS at all times, just in case!

  11. It’s always butter, flour, sugar and chocolate.

  12. Butter for sure and pecans!! Can’t wait to try and do the pumpkin caramels though!

  13. I definitely stock up on butter! And lots of flour/spices etc. But this year I’ve been going through my sugar faster than ever! So LOTS of sugar!

  14. Butter, sugar, powdered sugar, flour, cream

  15. Butter, flour, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, brown sugar, and lots of different spices! I go through a lot of everything during the holidays!

  16. Chocolate chips and walnuts!

  17. Nuts, confectioners sugar, brown sugar, eggs, and butter, butter, butter!

  18. I stock up on butter, sugar, flour, chocolate, sprinkles, pecans (my husband is a Southerner–gotta have some pecans for pies and things), pretzels (for the cutsie kid holiday treats), vanilla, and waxed paper!!!

  19. I stock up on all the basics. Flour, white and brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, powder sugar and lots of cream cheese and butter!

  20. I stock up on butter, shortening, flour, sugar ( brown, granulated, powder), food dye, decorated candies, chocolate chips, cake mixes, jello and gelatin. I also buy pie fillings to last me through the winter months. Pumpkin pie filling is my favorite to make pies, doughnuts, muffins, and breads from. This year I’m gonna try making different kinds of cheesecakes. So cream cheese with be on my list!

  21. I try to stock up on powdered sugar, different nuts, butter (I freeze it when I find a good deal), brown sugar (I always run out!), and chocolate chips.

  22. For the holidays I try to stock up on butter, sugar, flour, brown and powdered sugars, vanilla, cream cheese, frozen berries. Also chocolate chips, nuts, cocoa, shortening, coconut oil. Also make sure to have lots of fun, stamina and patience. I love baking for family and friends. Thank you.

  23. I always keep butter and chocolate chips on hand!

  24. Butter and eggs!! I keep a good stock of flour, sugars, and various extracts, but 5 lbs of butter would really put me ahead if the game!

  25. I stock up on pumpkin puree, cream cheese, and chocolate chips.

  26. Butter, eggs, and sugar! Essentials for my baking 🙂

  27. I make sure I have butter, eggs, flour, sugar, confectioners sugar, chocolate chips, cream cheese and cocoa.

  28. I have been buying lots of butter and various spices/emulsions since there are so many cookies I want to try. This is my 1st set of big holidays as a cookie hobbyist and really want to do lots of creations. Could definitely use this giveaway!

  29. Definitely butter, sugar and flour!!

  30. Until this past year butter would be #1 on my list. But with reading about better health and eating by incorporating whole foods into my diet. So before I used to consume margarine throughout the year and butter when I wanted to splurge on baking for the holidays. Now I purchase nuts and pumpkin for my Swedish nut and pumpkin breads for gifts.

  31. We are a family of chocolate lovers, so definitely chocolate chips and baking chocolate. Otherwise, can’t have enough flour, sugar, and butter!

  32. Butter, flour, powdered sugar and spices.

  33. Butter, of course, and molasses, brown sugar, cloves, ginger, and allspice.

  34. things I get for up coming holidays are butter, eggs, flour different flavored chips, buttermilk, vanilla, fruits, veggies, spices ,fresh baking soda, fresh baking powder, food coloring and different flavored extracts

  35. Butter, eggs, nut butters, and sugars.

  36. I stock up on butter, all types of chocolate and nuts.

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