I’m not perfect…

I'm not perfect, but I am beautiful (a great post on not being perfect) from Glorious Treats

I’m not perfect.

Oh, in some ways that statement really pains me to say.

I’m a perfectionist… it’s how I’m wired.  I like things, life, and myself to be clean, organized, pretty, and perfect.

In some ways this blog has helped me control, or at least channel my perfectionism.  My house is not always in order… ok, let’s be honest, it’s actually rarely in order!  My life does not always go as planned, I say things I wish I didn’t say, and I don’t look exactly the way I wish I did.

This blog is the one place I get to have things just the way I want.  I get to post pretty, edited photos that expose only a couple square feet of my house (and not the mess required to create the “pretty” thing).  I get to sit at my computer and write nice little captions about pretty cupcakes and cookies… all the while sitting at my messy desk, un-showered and in my pajamas.  I get to have one little place in my life, even if it’s a virtual place, that is perfect.

This next week I’ll be attending a big blogging conference in Texas.  This is where my real life and my virtual life collide.  It’s terrifying.  Really, deeply, terrifying!

Next week I’ll be face to face with many people I have only “met” online.  People who only know me for my Hydrangea Cupcakes or Pink Ombre Cake, or decorated cookies.   Things that are pretty, staged, and as perfect as I can possibly create.

The problem is… I’m not much like any of those things.

I mean, I do feel like my site is a reflection of me in many ways… I do love pretty things, I love details, I love making things by hand.  But this site is only a part of me, not the full picture.

I am not perfect.

I am overweight.  I’m 35 and still have acne.  I don’t know what to do with makeup, and rarely wear any.  I don’t know what to do with my hair either… so it’s just there.  Sometimes I talk too loud and say things before I think.  I don’t own anything by Coach or Kate Spade, mostly because I can’t afford them.  My house is 1450 square feet and has one bathroom… it’s the house we can afford, and I am rarely proud of it.

This week I was talking to my dad about my upcoming trip and told him that I was really intimidated by the (people at the) conference.

He asked why.  I said… “Well, my site is so pretty and perfect, and I’m not.”

He said, “You mean you’re afraid people will find out you’re not perfect?”

“Well… yes.”  I replied.

He said, “Let me tell you something… all of the other people going to the conference are imperfect too.”

It was so simple, yet somehow it really hit me.

It’s true.  Somehow I’ve forgotten that.  All of the ladies wearing their colored skinny jeans and chevron print, and statement necklaces… looking like they just stepped out of Pinterest, they’re not perfect.

Now there is a lot to be said for taking good care of yourself, it’s important.  I’m not suggesting we all stop showering and go everywhere in our pajamas.

But if a grown woman (me) with a quite successful blog, many good friends, a supportive and loving family and enough disposable income to fly from California to Texas for a blogging conference, is scared out of her wits to meet a few women… then something is a little off.  I’ve been lying to myself and it needs to stop.  I’ve bought into the idea that I need to be perfect to be beautiful, and that’s bologna.  I’ve told myself that everyone else is more beautiful/successful/confident/cool/fashionable than me, and it’s simply not true.

Sure, we all have different strengths… some women do a beautiful job with their hair and make-up, others are great speakers, some are especially talented photographers, some have great presence in a crowd…

But you know what… I’m pretty awesome just as I am.  I’m smart, hardworking, creative, talented, dependable, honest, kind, funny, and beautiful in my own way.

I’m not perfect, but I am beautiful!

So if you run into me next week (or anytime in the future) try to hide your surprise when you see I’m not perfect…and try to hide your shock that I’m nearly 6′ tall.

I wont be wearing skinny jeans… because I can’t.  I won’t be carrying a designer bag.

But I do truly enjoy meeting new people, and sharing a bit of our lives.  I love meeting people who are smart, funny, creative, and nice.

And hey, if you happen to look great in mint colored skinny jeans, and have a super pretty bag… awesome, go for it.  Rock ’em.

I’m not entirely sure why I felt the need to write this post today.

I guess I’m hoping that my moment of enlightenment will be an encouragement to many of you who may feel the same.  And if by some small chance you were ever intimidated to meet me… please don’t be, I’m not perfect and I’m secretly very glad that you’re not either!

I’d love to hear from you…. what are the qualities that make you beautiful and special?


  1. I absolutely adore you just as you are! Seriously, I think you are crazy fabulous. Are you headed my way? Let’s plan!!!

  2. Although I follow several blogs, I am not one to leave lots of comments. This post, however, deserves a hundred plus comments! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Thank you for your candid post. It really touched a nerve with me. I am one of those who often feels ixnferior wondering if everybody else lives in the beautiful “reality” created for us on images in blogs, pinterest, and even facebook posts. Your blog is beautiful but you, as a creative, down to earth, honest, trasnparent blogger, you are not only beautiful in God’s eyes, but also in mine. And, on top of it all, you just got a million brownie points of respect!

  3. What a beautifully written post. We all get caught up sometimes in all the perfection we see around us and being perfect doesn’t always mean being happy. So good on you, you are a talented, beautiful woman and have brought smiles to so many through your blog and book. Thank you for always being encouraging and have a great time on your trip. I’m sure everyone’s going to be thrilled to meet you.

  4. This post just made my day -no!- month! Thanks for your honesty, a lot of ladies feel the same, you just had the balls to post it. You are so talented with an amazing blog and you are going to continue to be a rock star in skinny jeans or not.
    Fan for life!

  5. Incredibly inspirational post. Rock on sista!

  6. oh glory…your dad is absolutely spot on,when he said,no one is perfect…you are right we all need to see our positives,n focus on that.i can totally relate to your sentiments,though i’m sitting thousands of miles away from you,n dont know you personally…i’ve been my biggest self critic throughout my life too,n forgot to see that i was a good mom,doctor,supportive sister,daughter,soldier,cook,driver,wife…all rolled in one,this is what being to hard on yourself does to you…so many people love you for the great work you do ( i know,coz i’m one of them 😛 )…i’m sure they’ll only love you more when they actually meet you…loads of prayers for your trip…have fun …ALLAH HAFIZ 🙂

  7. OMG – the voices in my head are so much meaner than anyone else has ever been to me. Great post – hold your head up for you are truely wonderful!

  8. Hi Glory!
    Great post! I am here to tell you that it took me 50 years to settle back and feel comfortable in my skin with my imperfect body, unruly hair, my quirky and geeky mind, and all the foibles that comprise my life. Your Dad is so right on! Your Blog is amazing; your cakes and cookies and treats are AMAZING; and you are just as amazing as so many others have already exclaimed. And, FYI…New York and Co sells a product called “Curvy-Skinny Jeans”!! They rock!
    Much love and respect,

  9. I too am a perfectionist. I just went to my first blog conference last weekend and I was so nervous that people wouldn’t like the real me, but just the me they see on the blog, but once I got there my nerves went away quickly because everyone was so sweet and accepting and encouraging of one another. And we all had so much to talk about because we all love food & blogging! Just remember that none of us are perfect! Right now my house is a complete wreck and my laundry is piled high! 🙂 Hope the conference goes great!

  10. While I was reading your description of yourself I thought to myself that you were probably describing most of the people who will be at the conference , and most of your blog followers, too. We’re not that different, no matter what our jobs or weight are. I follow a lof of blogs but yours is by far the best. I’ll always open it and read it before any of the other because it is so good. If we were to list all you have going for you we’d be here all day. I think you’re great, and I love that you share this small corner of your life with us.

  11. I love honesty. Your post was just what most people are thinking. Now you need to watch Brene Brown on Ted Talks. It will help you. Ive watched it multiple times. Have fun at the conference. And thanks again for being true.

  12. What a beautiful and honest post, Glory. I totally relate to the blogging insecurities one can have when faced with something in real life. Being a guy in the decorating cookie world presents its own self-doubts. Plus, I’m a balding 31-year-old who doesn’t even have a profile picture on my blog due to my insecurities. But I’m remedying that! (hats help) Your dad is awesome and on-point with his advice. No one is perfect and we should stop dwelling on the negatives. You’re beautiful, talented, and smart. You’re going to rock that conference! Have Fun!

  13. Glory – I subscribe to many blogs but yours is the only one I actually read…why…because it begs to be read with its awesome photos and terrific writing.! You are talented, bright, creative and funny and it shows in your blog. A designer bag or designer jeans does not make a person. Isn’t it funny how we all feel the need to explain why we are the way we are…God made all of us…PERFECT, unfortunately we too often forget that important fact.

    Enjoy the conference – I for one would be making a fast dash if there was a “meet and greet the blogHers” line to meet you…way before I read this post taday.\

  14. Love, love, love this post. You are every woman and, yet, you are truly unique. I appreciate your vulnerability. YOU ARE TRULY BEAUTIFUL, not in spite of how you look or who you are, but because of how you look and who you are! You go girl!!! Thank you for sharing yourself and have a blast at the conference.

  15. YOU ARE PERFECT!!!!! You are just what GOD wanted you to be! Your true spirit shines through all of your work! You are a talented, caring and fun woman! Wish I could meet you! You are an inspiration to all of us that read your Blog! YOU GIRL! Go…touch lives and have fun!!!!!

  16. It’s what’ it is on the inside that matters the most. Something can look perfectly beautiful on the outside and be completely rotten on the inside. God made you beautiful and He gave you a good heart. All the best to you.

  17. Thank you!

  18. Glory I’m so proud of you, I keep seeing you in Women’s World all the time — you’re famous! I think that is SO COOL. I’m not beautiful, either, and I know it, and I keep telling myself that, and I need to stop. Bad words. Keep up the great work, and keep your beautiful chin high!!

  19. You made my day! – I soooo needed your post! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time – I totally admire your creativity – everything here looks soooooo PERFECT – and my little perfectionist me LOVES every bit of it to pieces and my big imperfect me was totally intimidated by it since it felt so impossible to ever achieve. I am just relieved to know that you are just as normally imperfect as me and feel just as insecure as I do about oh so many silly things 😉 – how dumb of me to ever doubt that 😉
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us – you rock!
    Have dun in Texas – I’m sure you’ll have a blast!
    Greetings from Germany! 🙂

  20. Hi! I am writing from Uruguay, South America, and even here you feel the same way… you will always want to be the best of you, to show how proud you are of yourself but sometimes, in the middle, we get nervous, we lose self confident and let fear to appear, but gladly you have come with a great result, you are beautiful we all are! And WITH THIS AWESOME BLOG YOU HAVE EVER DOUBT OF YOURSELF?! COME ON YOU ARE AWESOME AND YOU WILL ROCK ON THAT CONFERENCE! Best of luck! (sorry for my english I am a little bit rusty)

  21. And neither are the rest of us. The old adage is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder … in this case ourselves. Our love for me.myself and I (three of us) is what counts. For you, the creations are amazing and they are as beautiful as you.

    I love your talent. You may have acne but I have icing that separate, can make anything taste good but not so good as always making it look good.

    We each have our space, time in the sun, spotlight. Doesn’t need to look the same as everyone else’s.

  22. Totally needed to hear this today! I’m so glad you decided to put this in words because I’m sure that insecurity of not fitting in or not being good enough is VERY prevalent, especially among bloggers. Thanks for posting!

  23. Glory! You are wonderful and I love reading all the kind words your friends and followers have to say about you because they are all true. I love you dear friend and I confess that I do own a pair of mint green skinny jeans! Ha! I couldn’t resist them. Love you!


    • Hehe, I’m sure you look great in the mint jeans! Maybe I’ll have it as a goal to someday where a pair… but for now I’ll work on being confident with myself even if I can’t! Of course it’s love from you and a few others that are where I draw much of my self confidence… knowing if someone as awesome as you like me… I must be pretty cool =) Love you tons!

  24. Hi Glory!
    I was surprised and excited to win a presenter’s choice award at Cookie Con, from YOU! And another from Pam! Still this is amazing to me. Just wanted to say this so you would know who I am. Anyway, thanks for posting this for all of us! I am a stay home mom, previously, I was a full-time interior designer. Now, at age 52, I have a son who will be a junior in college, and my daughter at home is 17, and is now a high school senior. I am SO blessed! Still trying to accept the yo-yo dieting person I am, and go for being healthy vs. thin. Now my daughter is wearing the exact sizes I did at her age, and has this beautiful body, and at her age, I thought I was too fat/had big thighs/ etc. Now I see how beautiful I was, and I like myself more now than I did then. The older I get, the more self-accepting I become, and the less I care what others may think of me (because we rarely find out, anyway, unless we hear a compliment). Being a stay home mom, you lose the feedback you get working in the outside world, also. So you have to hang in there, and invest in your kids, and hope what you are doing will “stick”! Guess what? It does! And what a fun job, getting there! My kids are pretty much grown, and they are great people.
    YOU are a very gifted speaker, also, I SO loved your presentations! What a natural you are, so funny, I just loved you! Thanks for taking the time to be a blogger, it takes amazing commitment, talent, initiative, innovation, and so much more. I started a blog, years ago, and it is very neglected, my talents and joy from doing comes from other things, and that’s okay. We are all okay, and I love this great post of yours that celebrates that! Nancy

  25. Great post today! I think you are beautiful for accepting the person you are and not worrying about how you are different from the next person. I am intimidated by your ability to make the most beautiful cookies and cakes–little envious also. I also appreciate the time and effort you put into your site. You are talented and you share your knowledge with others. On those days you doubt yourself, come back to this blog and see how some many other women are inspired and impressed by you. That is why you are beautiful.

  26. Glory – I have met you IN PERSON twice and I think you’re perfect! Not only are you humorous and sweet, you are beatiful inside and out! Plus, you really do make the most amazing sweets and you’re photography is over the top!! Wish I were going to the Blog conference to see you again! 🙂

  27. What a lovely post… It takes much courage to let your guard down, placing your “imperfections” at the forefront for all to see. But often times what we view as imperfections within ourselves are what others admire most about us!

    I am 22 years old, and have been very sick for 10 years now. At times I feel broken, and can’t help but focus on my dreams that I have been unable to experience due to my limitations. But the reality is that I have been blessed with a beautifully unique life! Instead of thinking about the negative aspects of my illness, I strive to use my story for something good, and hope to help others in the process.

    As a fledgling blogger, I find inspiration in your pretty posts and eloquent writing. Your inner beauty always shines through!

  28. One of my favourite poems is Desiderata. If you are not familiar with it, I encourage you to read it. I have read and re-read it throughout my life more times than I can count. None of us are perfect and the vast majority of us are insecure. A gathering such as a blogging conference somehow manages to cause all our fears and insecurities to rise to the surface and the words of this poem, just like your wise father’s words are just what we need to read and remember before taking a deep breath and walking into the room with your head held high.

    I applaud your honesty in publishing this post. You have echoed the feelings of many but more so, you are still attending the conference and not letting your fears hold you back. Have a wonderful time, you will be admired, respected and loved in real life just as you are here on your site.

  29. “I may not be perfect, but I’ve always been me.” I don’t remember where or when I saw that little quip, but it sure helps to keep things in perspective. There really isn’t anyone else like me, warts and all, but it takes all kinds to make a world and I am happy to do my bit. So, next time you start feeling those negative thoughts creeping in, think of that little quote and know the rest of us are happy you’re YOU!

  30. Thank you for this post…especially today. I am a teacher and made a pretty significant paperwork mistake today. I mean I was devastated. Because, I, like you, like everything I do to be perfect. My principal was amazing and said it was not big deal, but it was to me. I have a job I love, in a place I love, with people I respect and admire. I strive to always do my very best and 99% of the time I do. It is just that 1% when you know you have failed that makes you feel bad. It should not be that way. So, thank you. I needed to hear these words today.

  31. This is a great and touching post Glory. As a blogger I’m always comparing myself to others. My blog is not as pretty as theirs. My pics are not as nice as theirs. They are so perfect. I’m overweight (the biggest I’ve ever weighed in my life) and 36. I feel old and tired and not perfect but your post reminds me that I am beautiful. I am a great friend and would give someone the shirt off my back if needed. I’m funny, caring and giving. I’m also a perfectionist but sometimes my house is a complete wreck. I have a hard time balancing work, my blog and my medical problems. I would love to attend a blog conference but I get too nervous. I should look at everyone as people just like me and not picture perfect. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

  32. Thank you, thank you for your post! I’m so glad that you followed your heart to share your thoughts because they really helped me just now. May your trip to the conference be a wonderful time!

  33. What a great post, Glory!!! I am glad that you are so honest and remain the same after all your success! You are fabulous as you are, and many of your inspiring creations are as perfect as can be. You’ve also focused on giving your family a better school instead of spending on luxury bags and such. That is money well spent!! I remember reading about how Amish Quilters leave mistakes on their quilts, just to prove they are not perfect and God is… Have a great time at the conference!! xo

  34. Glory! How did you get inside my brain! THANKYOU for putting words to what so many of is feel. i thoroughly enjoyed you at CookieCon and felt an instant kinship. I am a self taught cookier – doing so by endless nights staring at so many blogs and tutorials. I feel so centered and relaxed when I’m baking – it’s the Therapy of it all. I was at it full guns baking for a year and a half but have recently had to put the “business” and busy-ness of it on hold because of family issues… It’s like removing my right foot- I’m all off balance. However- when I do bake ,especially something special I go right back to GLORIOUS TREATS for some inspiration! Thank you for such a heartfelt blog – and showing all of us to embrace what we have – whatever our talents!!! Me? I’m embracing my gray hair and my flabby arms because they don’t change the fact that I make AWESOME Mimosa cupcakes and my cheesecakes are to die for!!!

  35. This post.. just what I needed today! Everyone else always does seem so perfect and I feel like the opposite! Thank you for the reminder that every person is different and absolutely beautiful and talented in their own way. And it’s a good thing too, because the world would be an awfly boring place if everyone were perfect and exactly alike!!

    You’re AMAZING! Such an inspiration to me. The first cookies I saw and said “I want to do that” and now I do. So thank you 🙂

  36. *awfully* I’m also an awesome speller apparently!

  37. Glory, I’m probably never going to meet you in “real life”, but this digital world is kind of real, isn’t it? I love everything you post, I’ve been reading you for more than a year now and I have found tons of inspiration here, yours is one of my favorite blogs. I just wanted to tell that as you, I’m not perfect and actually I don’t aspire to be, probably a perfect life would be very boring and full of salads and vegetables to be able to fit into skinny jeans… I prefer cakes and cookies and cupcakes and a lot of other treats in my life, all instead of perfect. I just hope some day I can get perfection in my cookies and make it look as beautiful as yours! I’m from Costa Rica and I’m guessing that you have touched the heart of more people than you imagine and have reached to more places than imagined. Why someone would need perfection? 🙂

  38. I’ve been to 2 cookie conferences and both times was so pensive about these amazing cookie bloggers…that’s you. Let me tell you, I was so happy meeting you and the others, your willingness to share your vast knowledge, and your down to earth attitude. I told my best friend from childhood in Iowa I met her twin, you. If your not good enough for any of those folks, it’s their loss. And dad was right. We are all imperfect. Kate Spade can hide some things, but it is no indicator of a person…

  39. Glory,
    You have been a blessing to many people, some you will never meet in your lifetime. Thank you for a wonderful post, for sharing your thoughts, time and talent. You are an inspiration to me, I have always wanted to have a talent as yours!
    Enjoy your conference!!

  40. That was very nicely put! It’s all about progress not perfection! Thanks for being so open and honest! 🙂

  41. This is a wonderful post Glory! It so clearly captures what I’m sure so many women around the globe feel at different times. You and your blog were a major inspiration for me in my own baking journey and you gave me the motivation to reach for my dream in creating my own label and bakery. Nobody is perfect, or the best, or the most beautiful but something I’ve learned is that you can strive to be your best SELF, the most beautiful YOU and in accepting and loving your own person, you become the perfect you. I’m 27, tip just over 200lb, am 5’11 with flaming red hair and I’m proud to say I love me. And I’m absolutely sure that if I ever met you in my travels, I’d think you were awesome 🙂

  42. A quick read of all of these posts should be all you need for a giant dose of self esteem!! You are clearly admired by thousands if this many took the time to comment.

    Everyone seems “perfect” from the outside… I have a 4000 sq ft house … you know how many piles of junk I can hide in that much space?? Wanna know how many chips are in in my walls with 4 kids that need painting in this huge lovely home??
    Oh and I wear skinny jeans… Lots of them in all sorts of colors cause all so cal girls wear them 😉 …But wanna see what a freakin disaster my closet is? My fridge needs to be cleaned, my toenails painted, and my “designer bag” is from TJ Maxx… But that’s ok… See we’re all in the same boat just trying to keep it all together.
    So girl… You just keep doing your thing because it seems to be making a lot of people happy out there… Even without a designer handbag!!

  43. Your post was so beautiful. You have said what I am sure so many women feel. I don’t know you personally, but I love your work. Anyone who can do such wonderful things has to be wonderful too. Don’t worry about your ‘appearance’, I don’t and I have special friends who love me for being me. Keep up the good work and don’t worry about what others might think. I have a lovely home, size wise, but I don’t always look after it, and like Vedette, I can store lots of ‘stuff’. Take care of yourself and continue doing what you love.

  44. Thank you for not being perfect. Then I don’t have to be either! Let’s just be ourselves and enjoy our perfectly imperfect lives!

  45. I am 57(almost58! ouch) years old and I have spent my life trying to be something I am not. Through the years I have come to realize that learning to accept oneself for what we are and being happy with it is an ongoing process and I, for one, will be continuing that process until my last day. I have made many strides forward, then back, then forward again, but keep working at it on a daily basis. Your words hit home so poignantly and I applaud you for posting them.

  46. You still amaze me each step you climb in your life journey, balancing it all-marriage, parenting, baking and blogging, milestones of notoriety in magazines and so much more. Please remember ‘God doesn’t make junk.’ Your candidness took courage, and obviously hit some tender nerves, including mine. I can stand tall next to you and with you, and see only your inner light glowing from a happy heart. Keep repeating…I am beautiful! HUGS!

  47. Gloria!I not just love You,I adore you!You my constant source of inspiration,my incentive to improve!Thanks you I can create a small holidays and more for your family and friends! I’m a perfectionist too…But in real life I can’t go this even less than you I can… subscribe almost every your строчкой.Я I live in Russia,I have a husband and a daughter!I I live in a tiny apartment with a tiny kitchen and a small stove,but…I love to cook,I love cooking,I love life and I always wanted to collect flowers in букеты.Уже not the first year, I consider the book,forms and a lot of things that you can buy on AMAZON.COM,but it does not make delivery in Россию.Но I have your site,your advice,your recipes and photography and I am eternally grateful to You for это.Impossible be the best in everything…of course we should strive for!I would be very happy to meet with You! Meet with Gloria true,with that which I love and which I восхищаюсь.Перевод probably will be awful,but I unfortunately don’t speak freely английским.Я I wish You happiness,confidence in its beauty and uniqueness and all the best. Natalia

  48. This post is truley amazing. You have manged to put into words something I have been struggling to do for years. I’m constantly battling with my less than perfect self. I say things I don’t mean to, I wish I was better at this and that, I wish I had better hair etc. But you are right, nobody is perfect. It’s hard to remember that somtimes but this post has encouraged me to embrace my imperfect self

    Thank you

  49. Glory — You have NO IDEA what this topic means to me, nor how much I needed to hear it. I was fortunate to meet you in Louisville last year, and you were definitely one of my favorites. I LOVE YOUR STYLE. I’ve decided that PERFECT is a bad word, because it sets all of us up for disappointment, because none of us can achieve it, in any area, period. I’ve had to swallow my pride and I’m LEARNING TO RUN, outside, in my plus-sized shorts and t-shirts. So what. No matter how slow I go, I’m running laps around everyone who’s sitting on the couch. You are amazing and priceless, just the way you are. Now go rock the bloggers conference in Texas. You belong, and you are fabulous.

  50. I will admit I do not follow your blog, or any, for that matter. But your site regularily comes up when I am doing searches for recipies or inspiration pictures, and I “like” you on facebook, which is where the link to this blog came for me.. when I read your post, I cried. As I sit here in my work clothes (pajamas) at my office desk (dining room table) that is perfectly organized (piled with bags of sugar, flour, and stacks of cake pans!!) I can totally relate!! I make cakes, but I seldom go to the events that they are for. I dont like the limelight, and I hate it when people complement me on my work, makes me want to crawl under a table!! I am in my mid 40`s, have fought with my weight my entire life, have red hair that I have a love/hate relationship with, as, eventhough it is the IN color at the moment, I was mocked for it my entire childhood. But I have two BEAUTIFUL children, a daughter who has just completed her first year of nursing school, and a son who will graduate highschool soon, I realize I AM a success!! As hard as it is, I am learning to overcome my insecurities. It isnt easy, and it is a work in progress, but I can do it, and so can you!
    Best of luck at your conference!!
    Oh… and I live in a 2200 sq ft house with 3 bathrooms… OVERRATED!! We have rooms that only the dog ever goes in, but they still need to be dusted and vaccumed weekly, and I HATE cleaning the bathrooms!!!!

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