I’ve been busy… here’s why

I’ve recently been buying quite a few new photo props.

And also somewhat ridiculous amounts of ingredients…

Both of these things are not really that out of the ordinary.  But, if you’ve noticed, I haven’t been posting much in the way of new posts recently.

So, what am I doing with my new plates, and all that butter?

Well, I assure you I’ve been making things.  Certainly, the almost constant mess in my kitchen would suggest so!

And yet, I still have nothing to show for it.  Well, nothing yet.

The things I’ve been making are for a book.  My book.  Yep, I just said it.  I was going to drag it out a bit longer, but I hate being strung along, so I couldn’t do it to you any longer!

I’m writing a book.

Over the past few years of blogging I’ve received quite a few notes from sweet readers asking when I was going to write a book,  promising they’d be first in line to buy one.

Well, I hope they were serious, or the joke’s on me.

So… for the past 6 weeks (and for the next few) I have been working nearly constantly on this project.  For a variety of reasons (which I will likely explain in more detail later) I’ve been given a very tight deadline to complete the book.  Very tight!

At some point when I realized I was in over my head (to write the book and keep up with the blog) I enlisted the help of several friends (who also happen to be awesome bloggers) to prepare blog posts for me.  This has been the only way I’ve been able to post anything on the blog at all!

So, for the next couple weeks I have a few more friends who have been working hard to prepare some beautiful treats to share here.

And hopefully by the end of April I’ll be back with some new posts of my own.

Please show lots of love to the bloggers who have worked hard to prepared special things for me (and you!).

And for now, I’ll get back to doing lots of this…

No, that’s not me.  And yes, I normally take all my own photos.  I’ll give you all the details on this set up soon.

For now, you can keep up with me on Instagram (@glorioustreats), which seems to be the only place I have time to snap a quick photo to share!

I’m sure you may have lots of questions, but if you could refrain from them asking just for now.  I will be glad to share lots more details on this project, and the process, but for now… I have to finish it!

One last note…

Glorious Treats is currently in the running for a local contest (put on by our local news station) for “best local blogger”.  I would love to do well (and yes, win), but I need your votes to win!  You do not have to be local to vote, anyone can vote!  Here’s the link to vote in the KCRA A-list “best local blogger” contest.  When you vote, you do have to enter your e-mail address (just for the contest, you shouldn’t expect any spam), then you have to click “vote” and then also click on a second (pop up) screen for the category “best local blogger”.  A third pop-up gives you the option to write a “tip”, this is optional.

If you can get all that worked out, feel free to leave a comment below (here on my blog post) that you’ve voted, and I’ll randomly pick one comment and send you a little surprise goodie box (nothing huge, just a little thanks).  Vote HERE.


  1. Hi Glory! I am excited for you writing a book! I will definitely buy a copy. I have followed your blog for the past couple years and I love it!! I have had great luck with everything I have made. This week I made your red velvet cupcakes for my son’t teacher’s birthday (I am the room mother). I also did the cream cheese icing with the fondant roses! So pretty! It was my first time to use fondant but thanks to your great instructions it was a breeze! You are awesome 🙂

  2. Glory–I was so excited about your red velvet cupcakes and fondant roses I forgot to tell you I voted also! Thank you!!

  3. Glory, I’m SO excited that you’re going to publish a book!! I will definitely be buyng a copy as soon as it’s available. I cast a vote for you….GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Congratulations Glory! I’m so happy for you — can’t wait to see it!

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  6. I voted. I really look forward to your blog and am excited about the book.

  7. Congratulations on your book! I’ll be getting a copy for sure!

    I voted since the first time you posted about it, I hope you win!

  8. I voted. Looking forward to the book!

  9. Congrats Glory! What exciting news! Can’t wait for your book! XO!

  10. Glory: Best of luck with your book. Your sweet confections are fabulous. How will you choose the perfect cupcake for the book’s cover? Your swirls are sooo perfect. Enjoy!

  11. I voted for you for your local best blog…your blog is amazing and you are such an inspiration!! I love your work!!

  12. I voted. Good luck!

  13. Have you thought about using kickstarter (www.kickstarter,com
    ) for your book? That would give us a chance to pre-purchase your book and you would be give you the money to publish your book upfront.

  14. I voted for you. I hope you win!

  15. I voted for you and I will be buying your book! Good for you!!! I know that book will be beautiful! Even if I never get around to making the recipes I will sure enjoy the pictures and lovely ideas. 🙂

  16. I voted and am looking forward to your book.

  17. I voted. Good luck! I can’t wait for your book to come out.

  18. I voted. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!!

  19. So excited for you Glory & can’t wait to see (and purchase) the finished book. I voted for you too 🙂

  20. I voted! Good Luck and congratulations for your book I am wating for it!!

  21. So excited for ya!! xoxo

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  24. Congrats on your book and I can relate to living, breathing, and basically existing for your book and getting it completed! Hope it’s smooth sailing til you turn in the manuscript!

  25. Hi Glory,
    For Glory to win – I voted! I was trilled to vote for you, it’s the very least I can do for all that you have taught me about cookies. Your almost there, I hope you win!
    Congrats, can’t wait to see the cookbook.

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  27. Congrats Glory! What a fabulous opportunity! So very excited for you!

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