Grace’s Cake Decorating Party

I have an extra fun post to share today, my daughter Grace’s 8th birthday party!  Two years ago, I put together a fun Candy Birthday Party for her… it was one of my first blog posts, and will always be a special party to me.  We do “big” parties for our girls every other year (celebrating the “off” year with just one or two friends).  Grace is a girl after my own heart, and chose a “Cake Decorating Party” as this year’s theme.

I prepared a small dessert and snack table for the girls to enjoy.  Chocolate cupcakes in cute polka-dot treat cups (from Shop Sweet Lulu) were frosted with vanilla cream cheese frosting (using a large round tip) and dressed with simple sugarpaste flowers (from Sweet Baking Supply).

I also filled yellow treat cups with fresh fruit, and blue treat cups (both from Shop Sweet Lulu) with chex mix.  A pretty little jar was filled with cute cupcake shaped marshmallows I found at Wal-Mart in the Easter candy section.  A large jar was filled with containers of rainbow heart sprinkles (from Sweet Baking Supply) which each guest took home as a favor.

I baked and (plainly) frosted mini cakes for each guest to decorate as they please.  I baked the cakes in small (4″) pans (from Sweet Baking Supply) and frosted them in either pink or purple vanilla buttercream.  I prepared several piping bags of icing, with assorted tips, for the girls to use to decorate their cakes.  I also supplied them with an assortment of candies, sprinkles and decorations to add to their masterpieces.

The girls decorated their cakes in shifts… while some were decorating cakes, the other girls were in the kitchen making mini pizzas with my husband.  The pizza’s, along with the fresh fruit cups, chex mix and juice completed the simple, yet well received menu.

It was so fun to watch the girls work on their cakes…

I loved seeing all the finished cakes!  Each one was so different, and showed a peek of their personalities as well  =)

Along with a bottle of sprinkles (shown on the dessert/snack table), and the mini cakes themselves, each girl took home an apron that I made as a special favor.  I made each one a bit different, using different color trimmings.  I’ve posted the full tutorial for these Easy Sew Kid Aprons (here).

All set-up, styling and photos by (me) Glory Albin (Glorious Treats)

Additionally, I’ve include links within this post that will direct you to the recipes, techniques or supplies I’ve used.


  1. what a fun party! my daughter would love this idea. Will have to keep it in mind for her next birthday.

  2. Love it! I do parties like these for kids and sometimes adults, too… and they are always SO fun and I'm amazed by how pretty the kids' creations can be.

  3. How adorable!! I'll have to remember this when my daughter gets older 🙂 I also used those cupcake marshmallows from Wal-Mart to decorate my daughter's April birthday party. They are so cute!

  4. Probably the sweetest most well thought through party I've seen! Oh to have a little girl!!! Thanks for all the links, you saved yourself a ton of Q&A; time 🙂 It was so fun to see all the finished cakes, that wild one in the top left corner is a riot, she and I would have been good friends in elementary school 😉

  5. Oh my GOODNESS! This is my kind of party! I love the sprinkles as favors, and the aprons! The cakes turned out so cute! What a mom! 🙂

  6. Adorable! I'm knee-deep in planning for my son's construction truck 3rd birthday next month, but then it's only 3 shot months til my daughter's 5th birthday! i adore the idea. Did I already say that? I'm pinning it now.

    Oh, and I want you to know that your recipes are the absolute best for cakes, cupcakes, frosting. They are my go-to-no-fail recipes.


  7. I'm so excited after reading this post as if I was one of those girls decorating the cake and getting an apron too!
    This is such a wonderful idea. And so much fun too! You plan very interesting parties for your kids! 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness! I am having a bake shoppe themed party in one week for my six yr. old. They are decorating cupcakes, cookies (I will base ice them w/royal icing and they will finish with food color markers) and drawing on marshmallows. I wish I had seen those cupcake marshmallows! All creations will be packaged by them to take home. Oh & we made aprons too, although I'm not sure they are as nice as yours 😉

  9. Such a sweet and simple party that the girls will remember forever! LoVe.

  10. What an awesome party idea! You are amazing. I can't believe you made those adorable aprons and I'm so jealous of all of your beautiful cake stands and jars!

  11. Glory…you are the best Mama!!! What a wonderful idea for a sweet party. My oldest will be celebrating her 8th birthday next week too! I bet the girls had a fabulous time…love all the decorating and the aprons….what a sweet and adorable favor! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures….your daughter is precious!!!!

  12. Wow, so cute!! I love it all. Such a clever idea & all of the touches look so awesome!!

  13. They must have had SO much fun, I know I would! 🙂

  14. Love the idea!!!! So much fun.

  15. This is so adorable!

  16. SO cute! I love their little aprons!

  17. This looks like so much fun! Reminds me of the birthday parties my parents used to throw me. 🙂 Those aprons are adorable, too!

  18. How adorable! I want a birthday party like that for myself!

  19. Wow…what a lucky girl! What an adorable idea. Any thoughts on having one for us big ladies? LOL!

  20. Such a cute idea Glory! I bet they loved it!

  21. How fun! I'll keep this in mind for when my girl gets a little older! 🙂

  22. This is the cutest thing ever!

  23. cute party.. love love that cake!!!

  24. Absolutely gorgeous! I have four daughters (6,4,2,and 6 months) – I'm sure at least one of them would love a party like this at some point. What great ideas! You pulled it off perfectly.

  25. Genial !

  26. That looks like so much fun – I'm 33 next week and I'd like a party like this! I love the pink and purple colours together too.

  27. What a great idea! It's amazing how lovely those little cakes are, congratulations to the birthday girl, the mommy and all the girls!

  28. What a gorgeous idea for a party – makes me want to have kids of my own!!

  29. Que maravilla!! preciosas las tartas y sus creadoras. Apuntan a que serán unas expertas en estas artes. Bss!!

  30. What a cute idea!! I'm sure the girls loved this!

  31. Wonderful party theme! My daughter would love this! She turns 8 this year too. The aprons are a pretty and useful party favor. So much better than the party bags full of plastic toys that inevitably end up in the trash bin. Love your ideas!

  32. Oh Glory this is beoyond words adorable!! LOVE

  33. Looks like a great time!

  34. What an adorable idea. I bet the kids had so much fun and everything turned out sooo cute!

  35. I absolutely adore this idea, and also the girls all look soo happy! I guess that's a sign of a job well done!

  36. So fun, I love it!! I love the crepe paper backdrop (if that's what it is!) so simple, but what a great impact! I seriously want some of your cake plates too!

  37. You always leave me speachless. AMAZING JOB!!

  38. What a cutie! This is such a great idea and I adore the aprons. How did you get so dang awesome? Those cupcakes are to die for perfect!

  39. Amazing and beautiful!! I love it!!

  40. Completely adorable! The "decorate your own cake" is something i love! Wonderful ideas! 🙂

  41. Oh my goodness — I love ALL of it! I am especially obsessed with that colored streamer background!! I've spent all morning trying to devise a reason to make one in my own house. What a fun, gorgeous party!!

  42. Oh my goodness — I love ALL of it! I am especially obsessed with that colored streamer background!! I've spent all morning trying to devise a reason to make one in my own house. What a fun, gorgeous party!!

  43. what a fun party! i want you to host my next birthday 🙂

  44. OH please share the apron tutoril!!! My daughter's 11th birthday is in June and this post will be my inspiration. I'm dying from the cuteness!

  45. This is such an adorable party. I bet the girls just loved decorating their own cake and making their own pizza. I love how you used the cupcake cups for the snacks too.

  46. Hi Grace , Lovely idea and am sure the girls had a wonderful time. The table is so colorful yet so soft n peaceful. I liked the cups the cupcakes r in. Do u bake in them? Whats the material coz i cant c it stained with the oil/butter of the cupie?

    DO all cupcake liners become oily? infact iv ur cupcake pictures n the liners loook brand new. But even thouhg i use wilton , they still absorb and show the oily effect. plz guide me. itl be very helpful for me. Thanx.


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