Fun Summer Cookies {Cookie Decorating}

Ahh the joys of summer…. the sun, the pool, and the cookies?  Well, when you’re as cookie obsessed as me, any season is a good excuse to make cookies!  Here are a few cookies that celebrate the joys of summer.  This weekend could be the perfect time to try a new design or improve your cookie skills.  As with any craft, cookie decorating takes quite a bit of practice to master, but the nice thing is, it’s usually easy to find people willing to eat your “practice.”

To get you started, I’ve posted my favorite cookie recipe HERE

And a couple decorating tutorials are HERE and HERE.

(See additional links below for how-to’s on specific designs)

How to Decorate Shell and Pineapple Cookies

How to Decorate Watermelon Cookies

(Above)  These cookies are from a pretty Luau Dessert Table shown HERE.

  How to Decorate Hibiscus Cookies

How to Decorate Margarita Cookies

 Happy Cookie Decorating and Happy Summer!


  1. Brilliant! So summery and happy!

  2. My oh my the bikini and margarita cookies are adorable! You are seriously so talented. Have a good weekend!

  3. These literally define summer! Love the pineapples and the swim trunks! so colorful and bright!

  4. I am missing summer, it's freeze in this side of the world. Your cookies makes me feel warm today. THANKS…!!!

  5. I cant pick a favorite! I love them all! You are a true artist!

  6. How could anyone eat such works of art! I think I would put them all in a big shadow box and place it on my wall as a piece of art!

    Happy baking, Katie from

  7. Your cookies are adorable! You have a real talent. I especially like the pineapples and watermelon slices. Happy summer!

  8. Where I just LOVE your treats <3
    I'm from Denmark, and right now, im in the hospital (very sad) 🙁
    I really like baking, myself, and you are giving me a lot of inspiration.
    I just thought, you should know, and I really look forward to see all the upcoming posts…
    If you love this so much (it seems like you do), I think, you should go further with it, you could really come far 🙂
    Well, it's up to yourself, and I know that everyone around you are very happy to eat your cakes and cookies.
    Have a good summer!

  9. I discovered your blog and wouaouh!
    That ideas and creativity!
    I live in France and impossible to find such … The punches do you buy in a shop on-line?
    Would you have a good address on the net?
    In advance thank you



  10. Once again, you inspire me to make more and more cookies. I also wonder where you buy the bathing suit/bikini cookie cutters? My local stores only sell flip flops, martini glass and sunglasses. Thx in advance and kudos!!! Keep up the great work!

  11. Dany and Jackie R.- I have such a collection of cookie cutters, I can't be sure where I bought individual ones, sorry! Here is a post where I've added several links to some of my favorite cookie cutter sites,

  12. I love all of your summer cookies

  13. So cute! Love the bikini 🙂 Reminded me of the one I made. Yours are much cuter!


  14. These looks so fun!! Makes me want to go home and bake up some cookies and make my own summer themed cookies!!

  15. Too Cute. They look sensational!

  16. You have done it again!!! These are all fantastic, took my breath away. Can't wait to try making them. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!!

  17. These are all amazing! I wish I had the patience to bake and decorate sugar cookies! Not to mention the central air conditioning to bake at all during the summer! I think I'll just enjoy looking at yours! Love you!

  18. Gorgeous and fun! Just the way summer should be. It is always a pleasure to see your cookies and edible art

  19. These are adorable!!

    Great work 🙂

  20. Thanks so much for posting these on your facebook. I have a summer themed cake to do and this will definitely inspire me. You do such beautiful work!

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