Spring Rice Krispies Pops

There is a special place in my heart (or maybe stomach) for Rice Krispies Treats.  They are just so easy and delicious and most every time I make them I think..”why don’t I make these more often?”

This week I wanted to make a batch, but I only had strawberry marshmallows on hand… so I make pink Rice Krispies Treats!  Then, since I love to dress up my desserts… I cut the treats into thin rectangles, pushed them onto 6″ lollipop sticks, dipped in white chocolate and added some spring colored sprinkles.

Voila!  Super cute and super easy spring Rice Krispies pops!

If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can add a bit of ribbon to the stick.  Or wrap them in small cellophane bags to make cute favors, or perfect additions to Easter baskets.

Happy Spring!


  1. Oh Glory…these are just so perfect! Now I'm cravy RKTs! I'm off to the store for marshmallows!! :o)

  2. I'm going to make strawberry RKT's this weekend. These look great! good job 🙂

  3. I heart Rice Krispie Treats too! Love the adorable spin on them. ☺

  4. You are amazing!!! Every time you do something new it is fantastic …….wow !!

  5. Soooo cute!! YUM – I love this time of year and the pretty colors on all the sweets!

  6. so cute…you can't have a holiday withoug RCT!!!!

  7. They are adorable with their little ribbons and sprinkles! Love them!

  8. I made some last night! I think this is what I'll hr making for baskets myself!!!

  9. So cute. What a great idea!!

  10. adorable! I am going to make some this week. Linking back to you!

  11. So cute and so enticing!

  12. Oh kids would love these! They are so cute and bright.

  13. Very cute. They're like little RKT wands. My princess daughter would love them!

  14. these look just too yummy to even eat. my kids would love these too.

  15. love your jazzed up crispie treats. Kids would love helping to dip them and decorate too.

    They look cute on the lolly sticks 🙂

    Lovely photos

  16. PINK krispie treats? Be still my beating heart! theenchantedoven.blogspot.com

  17. Oh, these are adorable! Would make the prettiest party decorations AND favors in one!

  18. These are so "Springy" I love them! Mine always taste stale even with brand new ingredients. Does that happen to anyone else?

  19. That is just too darling!! I love them!! Will have to make some for my boys' baskets!

  20. Love the pink and sprinkles. These would be super cute party favors for my little girl's birthday. Thanks for a great idea!

  21. I'm not too big of a rice krispie treat fan but those look yummy! Avery and Adia said they were SO GOOD!

  22. BTW – I'm starting to be more impressed with your photography than your treats. It's not really fair that you have all the talents I want. Can you sing good too?

  23. OMG – SOOOO cute!! Only I can't make rkt's on account of me eating them all before anyone else discovers them…

  24. Wow! So perfect and delicious!
    you might consider following my blog!



  25. Those photos are gloriously gorgeous! I feel like these are too pretty to eat and trust me, I thought I would never say that about a rice krispie treat! They are usually so messy and gooey. Beautiful idea!

  26. I made these yesterday and took them to school for my daughter's class today and they were such a hit 🙂 I even got a notecard from the teacher thanking me and a $10 Mary Kay giftcard!!!! You are awesome 🙂 I have finally attained Super Mom status, lol…

  27. These were tasty! Mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as yours, but were still cute! Thanks 🙂

  28. Ohhh I think I will have a go at these for an easter party I am throwing!

  29. Love these! Such a cute idea x

  30. Cutest idea! I may just try it! Thanks!

  31. So sweet and cute! What do you use for the white chocolate to dip the rice krispies into? Candy Melts? Ghiradeli White Chocolate Bar? etc? Thank you.

  32. @Foever 44- I used melted white chocolate (Ghirardelli brand), but you could use another brand, or try candy melts.

  33. hola! la golosina de arroz como se hace? o es comprada?

  34. hola! la golosina de arroz como se hace? o es comprada?

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  36. How Fun! And so easy to make. I”m going to make some for Halloween.

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  38. Glory! These are so cute!..and perfect for Easter!
    This is my first time to your blog…oh my gosh, what have I been missing?
    Saw a link from http://www.buybabydeals.com and it led me here.

    Your photography is outstanding too!!
    Peggy Hunt

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  40. These are so cute! Thanks for making and sharing them!

  41. hi

    where can i find the recipe for these – thanks


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  45. How do I get the receipe 

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