Sweet Places {Miette, San Francisco}

Last fall, when my lovely friend Sharnel and I spent some time in San Francisco, we made our way over to a special sweet shop called Miette.  We stopped by on a rainy Saturday morning, and had to walk a couple blocks in a light rain, but it was definitely worth the effort.  Miette is an adorable candy shop and bakery with a beautiful vintage feel.  The shop is full of antique tables and shelves, painted beautiful pastel colors.  Their large variety of sweets are displayed in pretty jars, vintage pottery and gorgeous cake stands!  Pretty sweets and beautiful cake stands in one place… yes, I was in heaven!  The shop is not real large, but they carry a wide variety of sweets.  In addition to the candy, there is a small bakery case where cupcakes and cakes are sold.  While Sharnel and I were buying some pretty pastel malt balls, a lady next to us was buying the same ones and mentioned they were for an Easter photo shoot.  We got to chatting, and found out she is a stylist for Pottery Barn Kids… oh the dream!  If you’re ever in San Francisco, Miette would be a perfect stop for any sweet lover!  For today, you can enjoy the shop here…

Have a sweet day!


  1. Впечатляет !!!
    Замечательный магазин !

  2. I'm going to SF next month and I love seeking out new finds. I'm putting this one on my list. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous! I love those pastel colours too. I want those big jars in my own kitchen one day. A mini sweet shop!

  4. That place looks like my dreams…

  5. This is so breathtaking. I could live here. Really. I cannot wait til u take me here!

  6. Oh I love Miette! I always get their macarons:)

  7. That is a dream of mine to one day own a shop like that. It just seems so magical, lol (:

  8. I'm going to San Francisco next month! Hopefully I'll get to visit!

  9. what a magical place!! Love it :o)

  10. I love Miette! I had the pleasure of visiting it last October while in San Francisco for a marathon! Everything about the shop was absolutely charming from the jars of candy, to the display stands, and of course their cupcakes were amazing too!

  11. I need to go there! It's so pretty! I recognized some of the cake stands in there to!
    Love you!

  12. Just lock me in the store at night and come pick me up the next day!!!

  13. Wow, what a blog you have : ) I found it last night & never got to bed because it was so much to look at. I will "move" in here and look at all the beautfulthings. Have a great day. Cecilie

  14. All those jars of candy! It all looks so great!

  15. I could spend all day in the shop. Great photos.

    Plan B

  16. I love all those jars of gorgeous colors and candy! How do you buy the candy. Just reach in? Is it done by weight?

  17. I just found your blog and it is beautiful and inspiring! I have been browsing trying to find out what tip you use to get the pretty swirl on your cupcakes. Are you willing to share the process?

  18. Michelle- Lots of the candy was sold in pre-made bags that were 1/4 pound of candy. Or you could ask one the girls working there and they would scoop some out and weigh it.

    Anonymous- For frosting cupcakes I almost always use a Wilton 1M tip. I get quite a few questions on this topic, so I will try to do a post soon! Thanks for your sweet words too!

  19. This place looks devine! I'm originally from SF and I've never been here but I'm definitely stopping there next time I'm in town! I love cupcakes!!!

  20. Oh.My.Gosh!!!!! Simply ….. heaven : )

  21. I just saw this post of yours and i don't know if i'm elated or totally jealous! did you see my post that it was closed when we visited last weekend? guess i'll have to live vicariously for a little while longer.

  22. This place looks awesome! Love all the glass apothecary jars!!

  23. That place looks like Heaven. I so want to go there!

  24. I want to live here!

  25. The graham crackers melt in your mouth. So perfect for a cold rainy Saturday in December. If you’re ever in SF, stop by The Ferry Building and indulge in Miette.

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